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The export promotion and trade association services on WorldBuild365 work in conjunction with various entities such as the Indonesia Ministry of Trade to offer incentives to various businesses. The entrepreneur assistance services offered by the service providers in this massive online catalogue - WorldBuild365 - can help with all business aspects.

Business Facilitation Services That Can Help Small and Large Organisations

  • Training
    Business Support Center of Tula region

    In the Tula Regional Business Support Center we operate a support program in the form of training of entrepreneurs, registered in the Tula region.

  • Investment promotion
    Investment promotion
    The Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia

    The purpose of the Ministry of Trade is to facilitate, encourage, enhance and promote commercial life and activity in Indonesia by acting as a service and support structure for the domestic and international commercial and trading sector. It will do so by the vigorous pursuit of policies that will develop and maintain a correct framework for a vibrant and productive enterprise sector within the br

  • Exhibition

    Exhibition in Singapore at Singapore Expo on the 18th to 20th of October, 2016.

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The export promotion and trade association services on WorldBuild365 work in conjunction with various entities such as the Indonesia Ministry of Trade to offer incentives to various businesses. This is done with the ultimate aim of improving the economic performance in specific areas. This is done through continual support and assistance via a business support center and other networks. All these promotions are...

Genuine, and have been used by many other firms.

Helpful, and include assistance with advertising at exhibitions.

Comprehensive, covering a full range of different types of consultations.

To get entrepreneur assistance today, search through the business facilitation services below and find the right one for your needs:

Training and Consultations

The service providers in this directory can offer:

Training courses for entrepreneurs are run out of business support centers. These business training services include classes on various subjects that will help trainees in their future careers.

General consulting services are ideal for entrepreneurs who want to get assistance and advice. The professionals who run this operation have a wide knowledge base and can help in many different areas.

Exhibition consultation and assistance services involve advice from experienced specialists who can say which trade fairs are most helpful. What’s more, they include assistance with visa applications, freight transport, hotel stays, and general administration during the overseas visit. Plus, if necessary, stands for the event in question - whether it be an exhibition or show - can be erected.

A business consultant for small business, a consultant team for large businesses, as well as reasonably priced consulting services, entrepreneur training courses, and help from business support centers can be booked and arranged through WorldBuild365.

Support and Supply

The following can all be booked as of now:

Support services during the implementation of business projects are truly comprehensive. A consultant for business development will bring comparable ready business cases to show and assist, and then help select suitable areas for investment. These services cover all aspects and stages of project implementation.

Financial resource supply services can include the supply of loans and various subsidies. This assistance is provided by highly trained and experienced business development service providers.

Comprehensive export assistance services will help with the selection of the most appropriate and reliable foreign investors and partners, and include consultation during any negotiations that take place. These business consulting packages will also extend to the comprehensive study of any external economic contracts and further documentation that these potential investors send. In addition to this, assistance with marketing research, business organization, and goods declaration will be provided. Seminars, workshops, and individual classes can also be arranged if needed.

Business development support services, a business development service, export consultation services, financial consultation services, and financial help for small business can also be worked out through this site.

Specific Examples of Export Promotions

These are all available today:

Investment promotions in Indonesia are provided by the Ministry of Trade and are designed to encourage, enhance, and promote commercial life and activity in the country – the promotions act as a service and support structure for domestic and international partners who wish to trade in the sector.

Solar shading industry promotions in Korea are aimed at improving the overall status of the solar industry by assisting with the development of products that suit the current needs of the market.

Radiator industry promotions in Russia are carried out to ensure that there are equal opportunities among businesses who want to start constructing and selling heating equipment like radiators. Help will be offered with technical and tariff regulations, as well as promotion of products.

Exhibition opportunities in Singapore help businesses advertise and show off the products they’ve made in the country.

Investment assistance services, help with solar units production, assistance with radiator construction, and exhibition consultation services in specific countries can be set up via this online digital platform.