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Find an interior design service or other operation to fill a specific need. An interior design service for public spaces such as restaurants & shopping centres can be found on WorldBuild365, in addition to other engineering services

Construction Engineering Services Are Just a Few Clicks Away

  • Engineering

    Engineering encompasses the general design of the production line, size calculations, the general layout drawings, the process flow sheet, flow simulations and layout in 3D.

  • Gravotek Printing Shaft
    Gravotek Printing Shaft

    Durable and reliable Printing Shaft, produced by Gravotek, can be repaired on made to order.

  • Engineering

    Creating projects of engineering systems at the level of the latest global trends and taking into account the building regulations of Russia.

  • Designing systems
    Designing systems
    Design and Installation Company Teplovent

    The design department of the company provides a full range of services, including all stages of the design: · Design works; · Technical support for installation and commissioning of a facility; · Design of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning.

  • Consulting and Design Services
    Consulting and Design Services

    The company provides specialized services in the design of underground communication systems for water, gas, ergonomics and telecommunications and consulting services.

  • Planning and Engineering Solutions Osmos Complect
    Planning and Engineering Solutions Osmos Complect
    Osmos Complect

    Osmos Complect offers the best technological and engineering solutions, and moreover a professional implementation of various projects related to the preparation and purification of water at domestic and drinking and industrial enterprises. The company will provide a well-functioning service, its own design office, modern production.

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These engineering services cover...

Professional designs of production lines, public properties like restaurants, and more.

Total visualizations of projects using modern software.

Expert installations of heating, ventilation, and other systems.

Find an interior design service or other operation to fill a specific need by looking below:

Engineering of Specific Systems and Interior Design Works

Look through the following services and find the most appropriate:

Food and steel production unit engineering services are comprehensive. They include a full design of the intended production line, as well as precise size calculations, carefully drawn layouts on paper and in 3D, and the creation of process flow sheets and simulations. This specific type of service is suitable for fields including ceramics, those that require automatic handling machinery, computerized supervision software, and automatic process control for kilns and dryers – the robotics engineering companies on this site can also offer their assistance.

Energy saving system engineering services are performed by technicians who take into account the latest global trends in order to create buildings that can match all manner of expectations – they’re highly qualified, hugely experienced, and work with modern office equipment which has specialist design software. These construction engineering services focus on energy-saving features, ease of use, and elements that can be further modernized at a later date.

Public space interior design services can be used in restaurants, offices, shops, entertainment and shopping centers, as well as corporate buildings. All work will be carried out by a highly regarded interior design company – there are several to choose from on WorldBuild365.

Comparable units and services also available through this directory are robotics for the food industry, production line machinery, energy saving construction work, modern home construction, and a restaurant interior designer.

Design and Installation of Utility Systems

Homes can be made more efficient with the following services:

Heat meter verification services involve preparing equipment for the testing work itself, and then carrying out any calibration that may be required. If needed, batteries can be replaced during an appointment.

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning design services provide a full range of sub services including design work, and technical support during installations and commissions of any needed facilities. A service that involves gas distribution systems will require both licenses and permits.

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning installation services will cover the fittings of all the systems and the maintenance that needs to be performed on them throughout the period where they’re actively used.

Water supply and sewerage installation services are made even more efficient by the use of modern design tools and software. These enable complete visualization of projects before they’re implemented.

Software for managing energy usage, heat loss, and ventilation systems allows total control over losses and gains, energy balances, heating load, and more. This in turn enables great energy efficiency in homes.

Heating installations, ventilation installations, duct installations, air condition installations, heat meter calibration services, water supply jobs, and sewer services can also be arranged through this online catalogue.

Shaft Production

Get a shaft of a particular make and size by picking one of the services below:

Metal-based printing shafts production services are carried out according to designs and drawings provided by the purchaser.

Anilox shaft production services can include the creation of shafts with diameters of between 100 and 410mm, and lengths of up to 2360mm.

Shaft production, recovery, and repair services are suitable for shafts of wide ranging dimensions.

Standard shafts, robust metal shafts, strong metal shafts, anliox shafts, shaft recovery services, shaft repair services, shaft production services, and more can also be bought or booked via this digital platform.