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ervices provided for contracting and construction need to be realistic, controlled, and systematic. For contracting & construction services from cottage manufacturers or a prefabricated houses supplier, see listings on WorldBuild365 - the business platform.

Log House Builders and More Are Listed On WorldBuild365

  • Konkey Technology "Double cantilever"
    Konkey Technology "Double cantilever"

    To produce and construct the wooden houses the company Knkey uses the technology "Double beam" (the second name is "Insulated beams"), which made from only environmentally friendly materials.

  • Konkey Wooden Windows
    Konkey Wooden Windows

    Windows are made from Eurobrus. Eurobrus is three glued together with a different direction of the fibers of the bar, in which all the defects of the wood are removed.

  • BMW-Сenter Object of Construction
    BMW-Сenter Object of Construction

    The company provides services for the full construction and installation of objects of varying complexity. The object was built with using aluminum composite panels by company Sibalux.

  • Vertikal Finishing structures and equipment
    Vertikal Finishing structures and equipment

    Perform a variety of work of any complexity at your sites. We are ready to offer our clients the following types of services: installation of flooring and floors, plastering, facing and painting works, facing works.

  • Re-levelling Services
    Re-levelling Services
    Uretek Worldwide

    URETEK re-levelling process provides a fast, accurate and cost-effective remedial solution for subsidence, stabilizing and where possible re-levelling sunken concrete slabs. Applications range from domestic repairs to large industrial and commercial projects, roads and airport runways.

  • Ground Stabilization Services
    Ground Stabilization Services
    Uretek Worldwide

    URETEK Ground Stabilization is an engineered procedure, whereby the bearing capacity of foundation soils may be continuously improved down to considerable depths - or just at a specific depth - by injection of expanding geopolymer resins. The procedure allows densification and compaction of soil directly under a building, without excavation, vibration or mechanical force.

  • Ground Strengthening Services
    Ground Strengthening Services
    Uretek Worldwide

    URETEK ground strengthening solutions consolidate the underlying ground and increase its bearing strength, resulting in long-term foundation support. A unique and patented process, it is a fast and non-disruptive alternative to piling and underpinning.

  • Planer - W35DC
    Planer - W35DC
    Vacutec Moravia

    This type of cutter is widely used in milling, mainly due to their smaller size and maneuverability. Ideal for milling thin but also thick-layered screeds in one step, thereby reducing labor intensity versus electric hammer milling cutters.

  • tesa® 4613 Duct tape
    tesa® 4613 Duct tape
    Tesa Tape

    Spray painting and lacquering work always involves tasks above and beyond the actual repair of the paint itself. From reattaching decorative trim and plastic profiles, bundling cables, and affixing components, to masking off sharp edges – tesa® has the right adhesive tape for any situation. You will find the useful tips&tricks for choosing the right tape on our web-site tesa.com

  • Void Filling
    Void Filling
    Uretek Worldwide

    URETEK Void Filling solutions can be used to fill any size void. URETEK void filling solutions use a super lightweight, multi-purpose, super lightweight, pre-expanded structural geopolymer resin. The geopolymer resin is produced on-site, generates no heat and requires no electricity during works. As it is applied the resin displaces residual liquids and it can be applied underwater.

  • Become a URETEK licensed contractor
    Become a URETEK licensed contractor
    Uretek Worldwide

    GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO BUILD A PROFITABLE BUSINESS WITH A PROVEN TECHNOLOGY URETEK’s pioneering and internationally patented geopolymer technology offers the most advanced and accurate systems for floor and foundation re-levelling, ground stabilization and strengthening as well as void filling and water sealing.

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Services provided for contracting and construction need to be realistic, controlled, and systematic with:

Solutions that delight.

Provision for great value.

Long-term relationships.

Look for cottage manufacturers, frame house manufacturers, and prefabricated houses supplier on WorldBuild365 – a business platform with many contacts.

House Builders

Save substantial time and energy.

Cottages with two storeys are designed for year-round use. This particular design includes a living room with kitchen and dining area, a well-equipped bathroom, and a dressing room and locker room. Upstairs are three bedrooms and an additional family bathroom. Any configuration with optional extras can be chosen from the cottage manufacturer.

Frame houses can be used as a holiday home or guest house all year round, as adequate insulation is provided with the use of modern technology. Foundations consist of support pillars made of concrete blocks. The entrance porch is timber, as are the floor beams and the ceiling rafters. The windows are wooden framed and glazed with a sealant, and the entrance doors are paneled. All required materials will be provided by the frame house manufacturer.

Prefabricated houses can be modeled to suit your requirements. Materials will be delivered to the property on specialized vehicles. Timber is placed onto the foundations in advance, and the construction is fast. The structure is reliable, with high insulation properties, and the finished house is eco-friendly. Prices depend on the number of rooms, ceiling heights, decorative elements, and the number of beams used in the project – ask your prefabricated houses supplier for details.

Wooden houses are built with logs - the timber has a very attractive appearance, and a complex finish. The log house builder will handle the logs manually, removing the bark with a scraper. The outer layer of timber resin will protect the building from weathering, and the build is environmentally friendly. The frames can only be built by specialists.

Garden Projections

Expert proposals and installations.

Private swimming pools will be constructed in full compliance with legal requirements. Pools made from high quality fiberglass are available with modern coatings. Advantages are the affordability and the speed of manufacture, alongside easy maintenance and a smooth, non-abrasive finish. Fiberglass can flex without cracking, and so can accommodate any ground movement. Lengths, widths and heights vary according to requirements.

Garden and park lighting installations are designed for decorative purposes to highlight sculptures, fountains, flowers, and trees, or to illuminate the pathways for pedestrians. Planning the light placements is important for the benefits of security. Staggered lights build a sense of balance, and create pools of light that guides from one point to the next.

Garden paths are built by professionals, fully equipped to pave the way. All customer requirements will be taken into account, and the service will be comprehensive – from design to installation. Paths will need minimum maintenance, and will stay as-new for years.

Specialist Procedures

Leave it to the professionals.

Sewerage and drainage services will provide drainage of specific areas with the collection and removal of rain and melt water. This complex engineering work includes a whole range of drainage systems and facilities, with mandatory rules.

Re-leveling services provide a fast, cost-effective solution for subsidence, stabilizing, and raising sunken slabs. Applications range from domestic repairs to large commercial and industrial projects. These can include roads and airport runways. This type of re-leveling is fast with minimum disruption, and on completion the surface can be used again almost immediately.

Ground stabilization is an engineering procedure which can improve the bearing capacity of foundation soils considerably. The injection of expanding geopolymer resins is the answer, as this allows compaction of the soil under a building without excavation, vibration, or mechanical force. This is a fast and cost-effective alternative to piling and underpinning.