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The art of designing and constructing buildings is complex and unique. Need a house architect, a residential building architect, or a hotel architect? WorldBuild365 is an online directory listing house and office projects too.
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The art of designing and constructing buildings is complex and unique. Architects are:

Highly skilled and can turn aspirations into reality.

Able to apply impartial and creative thinking to any design project.

Capable of adding value to the marketability of any building.

WorldBuild365 is a business platform for residential projects, the design of industrial buildings, house architects, and more...

Residential Projects

When architecture needs to be traditional, modern, or aesthetically pleasing.

Three-storey cottages have a living area of approximately 77 square meters. The first floor comprises an entrance hall, hallway, storage, cellar, and garage. The second floor houses the kitchen, living room, hall and WC. The third floor has three bedrooms, a bathroom and corridor.

One-storey house projects comprise a living room, kitchen, two bedrooms and a WC, with a corridor and boiler room all set on one floor - the entire living space is 64 square meters. A residential building architect will have designed the build to make it functional and safe.

Country house projects are designed for those who want to have their own house constructed in a short space of time. The building area is 100 square meters and comprises of three bedrooms – one on the ground floor – with living room, kitchen, boiler room, and bathroom. A small terrace also comes with the package, and can be open or closed.

Wooden houses each have an individual design created by a house architect. The construction is of profiled timber and logs - shaped timber has a very attractive appearance, and a smooth finish. The logs are durable and environmentally friendly, and also distribute heat effectively, making the house warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. The cost is budget-friendly.

Garage projects comprise of the garage building with a canopy, and extra storage space. See listings for a garage architect here on our digital platform.

Commercial and Industrial Projects

For structures intended for business activities.

Hotel architects are vital for assessing current conditions, and designing wise developments in the hotel industry. New hotels must be built in compliance with rules and regulations, but also make the best use of space, and how it all fits together ergonomically. As rooms become smaller in cities, the main challenge is offering luxury elements despite the size.

Office projects performed by a qualified office building architect involve aiming to improve the acoustic characteristics of the environment. Any other requirements will be taken into account, as well as issues such as budget, safety, building regulations, and planning laws. Once a design is agreed, technical plans will be produced, and estimates provided for materials.

Full-fledged building projects involve the planning, engineering, manufacturing, delivery and installation of all metal elements and walling. Projects include the implementation of stadiums, large-span buildings, large industrial complexes, and high-rise buildings.

Design of Industrial Buildings

Produce the look and functions of buildings by...

Project design is based on accuracy, and the future of the system is dependent on preparation. Highly qualified specialists are able to produce all necessary working documents, and are responsible for the design solutions and development. Provision is made for all diagrams, estimates, and general explanatory notes.

Architectural design is offered to clients to fulfill any construction projects, as well as designing for administrative buildings, non-residential facilities, and with full designing estimates provided. The office building architect will focus on the actual design, researching the project and discussing requirements.

Design and development of municipal and industrial heating systems ensures the project documentation is implemented with the use of modern energy-saving technologies and highly efficient equipment. The development incorporates the compact design of modular heating units, pumping systems, and water supply.