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Services Architectural Design is the term used for the design process of urban landscapes and buildings. The main goal of architectural designers is to focus on the elements of a structure and unify them into a coherent and functioning whole.
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  • Technological Design of Structures
    Technological Design of Structures
    GB Technologijos

    The company is engaged in the technological design of structures for public buildings, industrial and other facilities.

  • Planning and Engineering Solutions Osmos Complect
    Planning and Engineering Solutions Osmos Complect
    Osmos Complect

    Osmos Complect offers the best technological and engineering solutions, and moreover a professional implementation of various projects related to the preparation and purification of water at domestic and drinking and industrial enterprises. The company will provide a well-functioning service, its own design office, modern production.

  •  Parp ClusterFY
    Parp ClusterFY

    ClusterFY promotes projects in KET-related sectors. Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) are central to strengthening Europe's capacity for industrial renewal and innovation.

  • Konkey Technology "Double cantilever"
    Konkey Technology "Double cantilever"

    To produce and construct the wooden houses the company Knkey uses the technology "Double beam" (the second name is "Insulated beams"), which made from only environmentally friendly materials.

  • Konkey Wooden Windows
    Konkey Wooden Windows

    Windows are made from Eurobrus. Eurobrus is three glued together with a different direction of the fibers of the bar, in which all the defects of the wood are removed.

  • OEM Products
    OEM Products

    Colcom manufactures OEM products along with door, shower and glass wall manufacturers and develops individual products. Thanks to the accumulated experience over 50 years of activity, and continuous innovation, the company has modern solutions and ideas for your projects.

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What is Architectural Design?

Architectural Design is the term used for the design process of urban landscapes and buildings. The main goal of architectural designers is to focus on the elements of a structure and unify them into a coherent and functioning whole.


Architectural Design Services

Creating architectural design requires science, engineering and teamwork. It brings together a vast range of skills, professions and expertise. Organisation and planning are crucial for timely completion of any architectural design project. Construction data and inspection, as well as on-site assessment and concept design, are important parts of the future success of any project. There are many architectural design services providing professional help and proven methods for carrying out the building work. 


Engineering services are also used throughout the entire architectural design process. CAD Services or also called Architectural Drafting & Detailing includes numerous procedures such as construction documentation, 2D drafting, space planning, interior design planning, 3D rendering, landscape design planning, site analysis, cost estimation, project management, building information model and sketch-up modelling. All these service can make sure the company and all stakeholders convert their ideas into reality in the most cost –efficient way.


Building maintenance services are required to keep a structure in good condition and in line with health and safety standards. There are three main types of building repair works and services: special repairs and maintenance, day-to-day maintenance services, and scheduled annual repairs. 


Day to day repairs are most often plumbing or electrical repairs to remove drainage blockages, or repair electric faults. Regular garden maintenance services can also be requested which may include watering plants, mowing lawns, tree pruning, etc. 


Annual repairs usually focus on the appearance of the building – painting, whitewashing, distempering, etc.


Special maintenance services include the repair or replacement of different building parts. They are necessary in order to prevent future damage and also restore the building to its original conditions.


Construction Services

Construction services are part of civil engineering and architectural design. Usually, construction services are supervised by a construction engineer and project architect and managed by a project manager. Construction projects range from industrial building construction to heavy or civil construction. 


Any construction project, whether residential, industrial, commercial or public, requires specialised professional construction skills, thorough planning and well-developed architectural design.