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Services Architectural Design is the term used for the design process of urban landscapes and buildings. The main goal of architectural designers is to focus on the elements of a structure and unify them into a coherent and functioning whole.
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  • Robotic

    CLEIA has already installed more than 300 robots in roofing tile and brick plants.

  • Industrial data processing
    Industrial data processing

    Originally dedicated to the bricks or roof tiles plant the computer data management systems PCCER and OpenCer ensure the user friendly operation control and management of the production site and the control of specific process like clay preparation, dryin

  • Re-levelling Services
    Re-levelling Services
    Uretek Worldwide

    URETEK re-levelling process provides a fast, accurate and cost-effective remedial solution for subsidence, stabilizing and where possible re-levelling sunken concrete slabs. Applications range from domestic repairs to large industrial and commercial projects, roads and airport runways.

  • Ground Stabilization Services
    Ground Stabilization Services
    Uretek Worldwide

    URETEK Ground Stabilization is an engineered procedure, whereby the bearing capacity of foundation soils may be continuously improved down to considerable depths - or just at a specific depth - by injection of expanding geopolymer resins. The procedure allows densification and compaction of soil directly under a building, without excavation, vibration or mechanical force.

  • Ground Strengthening Services
    Ground Strengthening Services
    Uretek Worldwide

    URETEK ground strengthening solutions consolidate the underlying ground and increase its bearing strength, resulting in long-term foundation support. A unique and patented process, it is a fast and non-disruptive alternative to piling and underpinning.

  • Planer - W35DC
    Planer - W35DC
    Vacutec Moravia

    This type of cutter is widely used in milling, mainly due to their smaller size and maneuverability. Ideal for milling thin but also thick-layered screeds in one step, thereby reducing labor intensity versus electric hammer milling cutters.

  • Search goods in China
    Search goods in China

    Today, China - one of the most advanced trading platforms in the world. Only there you will plunge into the world of diversity and be surprised by the fact that in this country "is everything!" That is why a growing number of our clients' requests that direct delivery of goods

  • Transaction support
    Transaction support

    Within the framework of the provision of services in search of goods in China, our company offers additional services: Translation Services \ guide. Procurement of goods; Quality control of goods (with the provision of photo-report); Control of shipment; the cost of these

  • Service

    Service of the plastic processing equipment (guarantee, post-guarantee). Experts will carry out diagnostics and will carry out repair of the Chinese plastic processing equipment, will provide with spare parts, will help "to agree" with electronics.

  • Series M464-U1 houses
    Series M464-U1 houses

    Houses are being built in this series since 2002. A permanent modernization of the series. They have a 9-10-storey multi-sectional design.

  • Project assistance
    Project assistance
    Moscow Design Center

    We provide assistance in developing technical paperwork. Work documents / Construction / Engineering Among our resources there are also qualified engineers, who are able to develop all the paperwork necessary for your projects.

  •  Consultation and Project Management
    Consultation and Project Management

    Consultation and Project Management You would like to get support with planning and implementation of your Cobiax voided flat slab? Don't worry - our associates will assist you during all project phases.

  • NA Magazine
    NA Magazine

    Trade magazine of wall and floor coverings, accessories and equipment for architecture, interirism and bath & kitchen. Bilingual Spanish-English. It is distributed every two months to architects, interior designers, prescribers, construction companies, layers, construction suppliers, hotel chains...

  • tesa® 4613 Duct tape
    tesa® 4613 Duct tape
    Tesa Tape

    Spray painting and lacquering work always involves tasks above and beyond the actual repair of the paint itself. From reattaching decorative trim and plastic profiles, bundling cables, and affixing components, to masking off sharp edges – tesa® has the right adhesive tape for any situation. You will find the useful tips&tricks for choosing the right tape on our web-site tesa.com

  • Void Filling
    Void Filling
    Uretek Worldwide

    URETEK Void Filling solutions can be used to fill any size void. URETEK void filling solutions use a super lightweight, multi-purpose, super lightweight, pre-expanded structural geopolymer resin. The geopolymer resin is produced on-site, generates no heat and requires no electricity during works. As it is applied the resin displaces residual liquids and it can be applied underwater.

  • Become a URETEK licensed contractor
    Become a URETEK licensed contractor
    Uretek Worldwide

    GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO BUILD A PROFITABLE BUSINESS WITH A PROVEN TECHNOLOGY URETEK’s pioneering and internationally patented geopolymer technology offers the most advanced and accurate systems for floor and foundation re-levelling, ground stabilization and strengthening as well as void filling and water sealing.

  • Design

    Design is carried out by the “Interal Engineering Facade Design Institute” at “P” stage in conjunction with the general designer of the object followed by development of metal structures and steel structures details.

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What is Architectural Design?

Architectural Design is the term used for the design process of urban landscapes and buildings. The main goal of architectural designers is to focus on the elements of a structure and unify them into a coherent and functioning whole.


Architectural Design Services

Creating architectural design requires science, engineering and teamwork. It brings together a vast range of skills, professions and expertise. Organisation and planning are crucial for timely completion of any architectural design project. Construction data and inspection, as well as on-site assessment and concept design, are important parts of the future success of any project. There are many architectural design services providing professional help and proven methods for carrying out the building work. 


Engineering services are also used throughout the entire architectural design process. CAD Services or also called Architectural Drafting & Detailing includes numerous procedures such as construction documentation, 2D drafting, space planning, interior design planning, 3D rendering, landscape design planning, site analysis, cost estimation, project management, building information model and sketch-up modelling. All these service can make sure the company and all stakeholders convert their ideas into reality in the most cost –efficient way.


Building maintenance services are required to keep a structure in good condition and in line with health and safety standards. There are three main types of building repair works and services: special repairs and maintenance, day-to-day maintenance services, and scheduled annual repairs. 


Day to day repairs are most often plumbing or electrical repairs to remove drainage blockages, or repair electric faults. Regular garden maintenance services can also be requested which may include watering plants, mowing lawns, tree pruning, etc. 


Annual repairs usually focus on the appearance of the building – painting, whitewashing, distempering, etc.


Special maintenance services include the repair or replacement of different building parts. They are necessary in order to prevent future damage and also restore the building to its original conditions.


Construction Services

Construction services are part of civil engineering and architectural design. Usually, construction services are supervised by a construction engineer and project architect and managed by a project manager. Construction projects range from industrial building construction to heavy or civil construction. 


Any construction project, whether residential, industrial, commercial or public, requires specialised professional construction skills, thorough planning and well-developed architectural design.