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Services Architectural Design is the term used for the design process of urban landscapes and buildings. The main goal of architectural designers is to focus on the elements of a structure and unify them into a coherent and functioning whole.
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  • Investment promotion
    Investment promotion
    The Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia

    The purpose of the Ministry of Trade is to facilitate, encourage, enhance and promote commercial life and activity in Indonesia by acting as a service and support structure for the domestic and international commercial and trading sector. It will do so by the vigorous pursuit of policies that will develop and maintain a correct framework for a vibrant and productive enterprise sector within the br

  • Exhibition

    Exhibition in Singapore at Singapore Expo on the 18th to 20th of October, 2016.

  • Gasification
    Design and Installation Company Teplovent

    We offer a full range of installation work with the delivery of a facility into operation. Our experts will carry out the establishment of the installed equipment and its maintenance during operation.

  • Designing systems
    Designing systems
    Design and Installation Company Teplovent

    The design department of the company provides a full range of services, including all stages of the design: · Design works; · Technical support for installation and commissioning of a facility; · Design of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning.

  • Architectual design
    Architectual design

    Poject-construction bureau of Remix offers its clients whole range of designing works including agreement of designing estimates, designing both living quarters and non-residential facilities, designing Moscow buildings, administrative building, cottages etc.

  • Design
    Smart Rain

    Design - rather complex and multidimensional process. This development of a conceptual object the functioning of the scheme, including portion of the study, hydraulic calculations, power supply system, the balance of the equipment with a miscalculation of technical parameters, as well as details of the calculation for the plants precipitation.

  • Trade fair services
    Trade fair services
    Arvelin International

    Through us, our customers can participate in international exhibitions, at either joint or individual stands. Joint stands offer companies the best visibility and location as well as delivering cost savings.

  • Series М111-90 houses
    Series М111-90 houses

    A series of is constantly improved since 1997. Current models are the 16 and 19 storey high-rise building with corner balconies.

  • The hotel is based on the M 464-U1
    The hotel is based on the M 464-U1

    Design of the hotel is similar to a series of houses M464-U1, which is being built since 2002. A permanent modernization of the series. The hotel has a 9-10-storey multi-sectional design.

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What is Architectural Design?

Architectural Design is the term used for the design process of urban landscapes and buildings. The main goal of architectural designers is to focus on the elements of a structure and unify them into a coherent and functioning whole.


Architectural Design Services

Creating architectural design requires science, engineering and teamwork. It brings together a vast range of skills, professions and expertise. Organisation and planning are crucial for timely completion of any architectural design project. Construction data and inspection, as well as on-site assessment and concept design, are important parts of the future success of any project. There are many architectural design services providing professional help and proven methods for carrying out the building work. 


Engineering services are also used throughout the entire architectural design process. CAD Services or also called Architectural Drafting & Detailing includes numerous procedures such as construction documentation, 2D drafting, space planning, interior design planning, 3D rendering, landscape design planning, site analysis, cost estimation, project management, building information model and sketch-up modelling. All these service can make sure the company and all stakeholders convert their ideas into reality in the most cost –efficient way.


Building maintenance services are required to keep a structure in good condition and in line with health and safety standards. There are three main types of building repair works and services: special repairs and maintenance, day-to-day maintenance services, and scheduled annual repairs. 


Day to day repairs are most often plumbing or electrical repairs to remove drainage blockages, or repair electric faults. Regular garden maintenance services can also be requested which may include watering plants, mowing lawns, tree pruning, etc. 


Annual repairs usually focus on the appearance of the building – painting, whitewashing, distempering, etc.


Special maintenance services include the repair or replacement of different building parts. They are necessary in order to prevent future damage and also restore the building to its original conditions.


Construction Services

Construction services are part of civil engineering and architectural design. Usually, construction services are supervised by a construction engineer and project architect and managed by a project manager. Construction projects range from industrial building construction to heavy or civil construction. 


Any construction project, whether residential, industrial, commercial or public, requires specialised professional construction skills, thorough planning and well-developed architectural design.