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Paints and Finishing Products

  • Aerosol ARTON
    Aerosol ARTON

    Aerosol paints «ARTON» are used for graffiti design and artistic works. Line of aerosol paints «ARTON» - is an innovative new generation product from "Polihim-Voronezh".

  • Wall panels MDF Cherry pink 240/6/2700 mm
    Wall panels MDF Cherry pink 240/6/2700 mm
    38 Metrov

    Wall panels MDF Cherry pink 240/6/2700 mm. Low price, delivery - 38 meters. For sale at the price of 155 rubles. the online store 38 meters.

  • Panels LP® SmartSide®
    Panels LP® SmartSide®
    Balt Trade

    Panels LP® SmartSide® used for mounting on the outside of the house. The uniqueness of the panel is that it is both a structural and decorative material.

  • B10-767

    Decorative panel Decomaster B10-767 (100h9h2400mm)

  • Sanitary partitions
    Sanitary partitions

    ORMAN company manufactures attractive and functional plumbing walls. They are modern aluminum products.

  • Aluminium partitions
    Aluminium partitions

    ORMAN company develops, produces and sells aluminum frame office partitions. The popularity of this product is due to reasonable price and still high decorative properties.

  • Mobile partitions
    Mobile partitions

    ORMAN company offers affordable and easy to use mobile office partitions. With their production we use high quality materials and modern technology.

  • Transformable Partitions
    Transformable Partitions

    The company offers a sliding partitions ORMAN own production, that will organize the space as comfortable as possible. Convertible design was appreciated by many owners of residential and commercial properties.

  • Spiral staircases
    Spiral staircases

    Spiral staircases are an increasingly popular element of the modern interior design. In addition to its primary function - lift to the second floor, they solve a series of other tasks: decorate the room, save space.

  • Swing glass doors
    Swing glass doors

    Swing glass doors - a special design, with the door frame, and open only in one direction. Their main feature is a snug fit and fabric, as a consequence, a great sound insulation.

  • Finishing panel
    Finishing panel

    Front panels for cladding the exterior walls of buildings. It differs from the lack of insulated panels of expanded polystyrene layer (Epps).

  • Ceiling outlet
    Ceiling outlet

    Ceiling rosettes of polystyrene are used to decorate the center of the ceiling, as a rule, they are placed under the chandelier.

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