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The providers responsible for the wall partitions category on WorldBuild365 include a sliding doors manufacturer, interior wall suppliers, & many others.

Purchase Decorative Interior Walls Wholesale

  • Wall panel Isobox
    Wall panel Isobox
    Isopan Rus

    Wall panel designed for many types and conditions of application. Available in a wide range of thicknesses, it combines the features of economy, practicality and functionality.

  • Wall panel Isopiano
    Wall panel Isopiano
    Isopan Rus

    A panel designed for wall use, to meet the aesthetic and architectonic requirements of practical and functional internal divisions. The symmetrical section and the flatness of the surfaces make it appropriate for the construction of facades with both a si

  • Aluminium partitions
    Aluminium partitions

    ORMAN company develops, produces and sells aluminum frame office partitions. The popularity of this product is due to reasonable price and still high decorative properties.

  • Mobile partitions
    Mobile partitions

    ORMAN company offers affordable and easy to use mobile office partitions. With their production we use high quality materials and modern technology.

  • Transformable Partitions
    Transformable Partitions

    The company offers a sliding partitions ORMAN own production, that will organize the space as comfortable as possible. Convertible design was appreciated by many owners of residential and commercial properties.

  • Sanitary partitions
    Sanitary partitions

    ORMAN company manufactures attractive and functional plumbing walls. They are modern aluminum products.

  • Sliding Doors Barausse
    Sliding Doors Barausse

    Barausse offers innovative solutions for sliding doors. Clients can chose from different design of the sliding doors available in this new collection. Maximum height of the door is up to 3 m.

  • Black Art Wall Partitions
    Black Art Wall Partitions
    Epart Office Partitions Systems

    EPART BLACK ART single glazing demount-able wall system. This single glass with horizontal and vertical sections where simple yet rich designs bring minimalist interior design to the fore.

  • Arkeon
    Epart Office Partitions Systems

    EPART ARKEON single glazing system. For living and working areas that need the application of a single glazing (glass-on- glass) system. The colourful system uses allows for the use of a variety of glass types such as sand blasted glass and has a minimal wall thickness profile, thereby forming moderate lines where transparency is used to its maximum effect.

  • Variant
    Epart Office Partitions Systems

    VARIANT Double Glazing System. The need for double glazing and glass-on- glass applications has appeared in order to increase sound insulation in modern living and working environments. The system offers a variety of colored and glass types such as sandblasted and has a minimal wall thickness profile, thereby forming moderate lines where transparency is used at to its maximum effect.

  • Vip Lego
    Vip Lego
    Epart Office Partitions Systems

    EPART VIP LEGO The mono block glazed or full units prepared in the factory are assembled on top of each other or side by side to form the system. The profiles used within the system allow access to installation cables and the installation of electricity armatures may be performed on the furniture base profiles upon request.

  • Vip Nova
    Vip Nova
    Epart Office Partitions Systems

    VIP NOVA system The mono block units manufactured with 8-10mm tempered single glass prepared in our factory are assembled on top of each other or side by side to form the system. The floor base profiles used within the system allow access to installation cables and the insallation of electricity armatures.

  • E-frame 70/100
    E-frame 70/100
    Epart Office Partitions Systems

    E-FRAME 70/100 system The system does not require preproduction; production and assembly are completed at the construction site after shipment of the material. The system allows for an active environment, catches distinctive aesthetic touches and creates modest yet effective designs.

  • E-Frame Wood
    E-Frame Wood
    Epart Office Partitions Systems

    The E FRAME WOOD system does not require pre-production; production and assembly are completed at the construction site aftershipment of the material. The combination of natural wood veneer profiles and enamel painted glass create suitable conceptual designs with esthtic lines.

Decorative wall board suppliers and other providers create wall partitions which...

Can enable easy zoning of spaces in domestic and commercial environments.

Allow occupants to maintain privacy at home or at work.

Change the dimensions and layouts of any given room quickly and easily.

See some of the exact items a transformable partitions supplier can manufacture below:

Traditional, Transformable, Sanitary, and Artistic Wall Partitions

Get access to a partition walls supplier who can deliver:

Traditional plastic wall partitions are hygienic and sanitary. These attributes make them suitable for use in hospital environments.

Aluminum wall partitions are some of the most popular on today’s market. This is because of their excellent quality to price ratio – they’ll stay standing for a long time but don’t cost as much as items like artistic wall partitions.

Transformable wall partitions are suitable for both domestic and commercial environments, including offices, retail spaces, halls, and private houses and apartments. They have a simple yet elegant design which allows them to create zones in any given space. The unique element of these particular partitions is their ability to be converted, and merge or divide a room whenever required – the room’s size can be changed at any time.

Artistic wall partitions are not only aesthetically pleasing, but structurally robust too. They’ll bring benefits like superior sound insulation to any space in which they’re fitted. Find a wall partitions manufacturer who can supply this specific type of item on WorldBuild365 today.

Sanitary bathroom wall partitions can act as bathroom and shower walls in public buildings. They have a durable aluminum frame that has undergone anodization, as well as possessing a high level of water resistance.

Mobile wall systems, wall panels, open wall panels, wall partitions for open spaces, single layer glass wall partitions, wall partitions made of glass, wall partitions made of aluminum, wall frame partitions, and wall partitions that can be moved, are also available from the manufacturers in this massive online directory.

Wall Partitions Designed for Office Environments

Choose from:

Glass wall partitions come in single layers and are ideal for office environments. These de-mountable high glass walls are fixed to a structure made entirely of robust, extruded aluminum. The doors attached to these partitions can be hinged or sliding, and made out of wood or glass according to specific requirements.

Open space wall partitions are perfect for large work spaces where there’s no chance of installing walls that reach from the floor to the ceiling. In these cases they function as cubicles for individual employees. Note: many of the manufacturers on this site can provide these interior walls wholesale.

Mobile office wall partitions allow for easy, quick alterations of work spaces. These partitions don’t feature any elements that attach them to floors or ceilings, which makes them very simple to move around. If necessary they can also be rapidly assembled or disassembled. This makes them suitable for use when offices need to be changed into meeting rooms or conference areas.

You can also source creative office partitions, office partitions, wall partitions designed for office spaces, office cubicles and partitions, partitioning materials for offices, business wall partitions, glazed office partitions, attractive office partitions, and stylish office partitions here.

Decorative Interior Walls and Sliding Doors

Pick between:

Innovative sliding doors can be provided in a variety of different designs and styles, but are usually made out of aluminum. The maximum height of these doors is three meters, and a sliding doors manufacturer would say that the installation process is easy regardless of the skill level of the installer.

Decorative interior walls enable visual zoning of space, and are perfect for small-scale residential properties such as studio apartments. The providers on this site can supply these decorative interior walls wholesale in wood, acrylic, or PVC. Several different colors are also available, with the exact options depending on the particular company who provides the units.

Sliding doors for domestic properties, sliding doors for commercial properties, sliding doors for offices, sliding doors for homes, interior sliding doors, decorative walls for interior design, interior design walls, textured interior walls, and accented interior walls can also be bought via this online directory.