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A host of specialist wall panels suppliers are listed in our online directory - they can offer panels for all different kinds of applications & projects. The sandwich panel manufacturers, wall panels manufacturers, wall panels suppliers, and fiber cement panels manufacturers listed on WorldBuild365 can offer products that feature better durability, minimal maintenance and easy installation.

Highly Durable Products from Sandwich and Other Panel Manfacuters

  • Sloplast HPL panels
    Sloplast HPL panels

    Plates made of High Pressure Laminate are a practical and aesthetic option for both building facades and interiors.

  • Green Oсean MDF Panels
    Green Oсean MDF Panels

    MDF panel from U-Plast can be used for interior finishing of premises characterized by high humidity: bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, toilets, etc. Due to the moisture repellent impregnation, which contains natural resins and oils, the panel base becomes difficult to ignite and strong.

  • Viprok Wall panels
    Viprok Wall panels

    The Wall panels by Viprok company represent a ready-made decorative element. With its help you can decorate your interior without resorting to traditional plastering and painting works. Panels produced by the industrial method are distinguished by improved quality of decoration, decorative and maintenance properties.

  • MDF Wall Panel stone imitations
    MDF Wall Panel stone imitations

    Wall panel textured stone masonry, stone. Panel size 1,22х2,44m (area of one sheet of 2.98 sq. m.) Thickness is 6mm. the weight of the system - 16kg. The speed and ease of installation, allows you to quickly transform the interior.

  • Early Autumn Printing Panels
    Early Autumn Printing Panels

    Photopan with the image of the autumn courtyard with its brightness of colors will bring comfort and warmth to your home. This panel is made by applying digital printing on the laminated panel "Flax Gray" which allows creating a canvas simulation on the panel.

  • PM-103 Gypsum Panel
    PM-103 Gypsum Panel
    Deco Line

    The PM-103 gypsum panel is a unique finishing material for your home. PM-103 belongs to the Printography series of the company Deco Line.

  • Modern M-01 Gypsum Panel
    Modern M-01 Gypsum Panel
    Deco Line

    Modern M-01 is a gypsum panel of the highest quality. The main purpose of the model is the creation of a continuous sculptural panel.

  • B-01 Bas-relief
    B-01 Bas-relief
    Deco Line

    Just a few decades ago, the bas-relief was accessible to a few connoisseurs. Today, this ancient art has come to the masses and is accessible to a wide range of consumers.

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Wall panels can be fitted over almost any pre-existing cladding and offer...

Easy installations because they feature a tongue and groove or clip and rail system.

Better durability for any walls they are fixed to.

Minimal maintenance requirements because they’ve been purposely designed to resist damage.

The sandwich panel manufacturers, wall panels manufacturers, wall panels suppliers, and fiber cement panels manufacturers listed on WorldBuild365 can offer products that have all these attributes and more. More information about the items they can produce and supply can be found below:

PVC, Acrylic, Aluminium Composite, and Metal Paneling

The wall cladding suppliers on this site can provide:

PVC panels that are highly durable, low maintenance, and can come in a variety of designs and styles. In fact, the PVC panels manufacturers in this directory can provide models with a totally smooth finish and high resistance to moisture and color change. Moreover, these panels are ideal for vertical, horizontal, and diagonal installations. This is because of their tongue-in-groove profiles which have been designed specifically to be easy to fit.

Acrylic panels that can be easily fitted using adhesive over solid walls. These items need little maintenance and are suitable for use in wet rooms due to their leak-proof base. In addition, the material allows an excellent resistance to ultra violet radiation, and there’s a whole gamut of colors to choose from.

Aluminium composite panels that have a non-toxic plastic core, full waterproofing, total heat and sound insulation, as well as high corrosion, pollution, and wear resistance. These attributes are due to a robust composite structure consisting of a polyethylene core, two aluminum sheets, and PVDF. The panels can be used in a wide range of applications including not only interior walls, but on fascias, ceilings, beams, and much more.

Metal panels that can be fitted over almost any other type of pre-installed cladding such as bricks, blocks, concrete, stucco, and that’s not all. It should be noted that these metal panels are so resistant and durable that they’ll last for up to 50 years. They’re also highly energy efficient and suitable for recycling.

MDF, Wood, Fiber Cement, and Sandwich Paneling

Wall cladding manufacturers can produce:

MDF panels which are dense, made of a high grade composite, and stable – the MDF won’t contract or expand to a large degree when changes in temperature occur. These panels are also available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses.

Wood panels which are sturdy, smooth, and attractive to view. They can effectively conceal flaws in walls and act as a natural insulator – offering both good thermal and acoustic insulation. What’s more, if the surface of a panel is damaged at any point, it can easily be sanded down and resealed, negating the need for a replacement.

Fiber cement panels which are lightweight, reliable, easy to install, and suitable for all different kinds of projects. The wall panel manufacturers on this site can offer these panels in a huge range of different colors. Over 2000 in fact!

Sandwich panels consist of highly durable bonding layers. This covers extruded polystyrene in the interior and stiff sheet materials on the exterior. These panels can be used for many different jobs, such as finishing the inside and outside of balconies, the slopes of doors and windows, and so on.

3D and Fire Resistant Paneling

Other items that can be supplied include:

3D panels that are ideal for large spaces such as shopping and business centers. These panels can come in a variety of eye catching, attractive designs that will make any structure stand out.

Fire resistant panels that have been specially made to protect dry linings from fire. Consequently, they offer fantastic protection in the event of an emergency.