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Find metal staircase manufacturers, stainless steel handrail suppliers & firms offering stairs parts supply. Buy spiral staircases from online suppliers. Find complete new units from staircase suppliers - Or arrange stair parts supply from a balustrade manufacturer or from handrail suppliers. Discover products for any location with WorldBuild365.

Compare Staircase Suppliers and Buy Banisters Wholesale

  • Exclusive stainless steel stairs custom made
    Exclusive stainless steel stairs custom made

    Company "RayTar Steel systems" offers the manufacture and installation of stairs (on kosour on rails, screws) and the order of protections for individual projects, as well as profile systems SCHUCO-JANSEN, RP-profile, Forster and others.

  • Staircases

    The staircase is the essential element of any building. The most rigorous requirements concerning quality, reliability and safety are imposed on this object. Besides, the staircase should be convenient not demanding from a person to make efforts to climb it.

  • Spiral staircases
    Spiral staircases

    Spiral staircases are an increasingly popular element of the modern interior design. In addition to its primary function - lift to the second floor, they solve a series of other tasks: decorate the room, save space.

  • Swing glass doors
    Swing glass doors

    Swing glass doors - a special design, with the door frame, and open only in one direction. Their main feature is a snug fit and fabric, as a consequence, a great sound insulation.

  • Flight of stairs
    Flight of stairs

    Stairs Ultrabetona imitating natural stone

  • Semi round stair profile
    Semi round stair profile

    This profile protects the edges of stair steps covered with ceramic tiles. It prevents skidding and gives aesthetic look.

  • Do Up Modular Staircase
    Do Up Modular Staircase
    Mercury Forge

    A brand new development of Belgian company Do-Up is a modular staircase that can be customized to fit any technical requirements or interior space.

  • Banisters

    Stair banisters from wood-polymer material (WPC). The material is the  composition of 60% wood flour and 30% of low pressure polyethylene. Is not burn,  swell, and fade.

  • Black Diamond Line Banisters
    Black Diamond Line Banisters
    Schutt Grande Forge

    The Black colour is a symbol of elegance and dignity. Black permits to emphasise and nuance on details of your interior. Sophistication, luxury, mystery: it’s all about this magic colour. The BLACK DIAMOND range is stamped with crystals cut by STRASS SWAROVSKI. The advantageous contrast of black and sparkling crystals will give a very chic touch to your decoration.

  • Versailles Line Banisters
    Versailles Line Banisters
    Schutt Grande Forge

    The Versailles collection reveals the baroque creations and the veneration of the great palaces. It is defined by complex art lines, all in movement that plunges the audience into dizziness of sensations.

  • Mozart Line Banisters
    Mozart Line Banisters
    Schutt Grande Forge

    The Mozart Line inspired by nature is a unique in the ironwork. You can find here the great imagination of the artist, the excellent interpretation of the blacksmith and the perfect touch of the patinator. Sinuous leafs; delicate flowers, juicy fruits, romantic doves and royal peacock, intertwine in this exceptional range, recreating an original image of ART.

  • Modern Line
    Modern Line
    Schutt Grande Forge

    This sparkling crystal cut by STRASS SWAROVSKI, can become a real family heirloom. Shimmering gold gives a splendor. It looks great in contemporary and classical models.

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Use the WorldBuild365 platform to get everything you need to take you to the next level! Find wooden or metal staircase manufacturers, buy banisters wholesale, or research stainless steel balustrade suppliers.

Choose from a wide range of materials - Wood stair manufacturers, stainless steel stairs suppliers, and stonemasons are all represented within our product directory.

Buy complete new units from staircase suppliers - Or arrange stair parts supply from a balustrade manufacturer or from handrail suppliers.

Find a product for any location - Purchase from spiral staircase suppliers who cater to tight and awkward spaces, or stone or steel staircase manufacturers who provide units for indoor or outdoor use.

Complete Staircases

Stairs for new-builds, renovations, or re-purposing of older buildings.

Rotary Wooden Stairs - Compact and comfortable stairs made of pine or spruce, designed for internal use only. No special tools are required for installation, and the package includes balusters, posts, and handrail. When you're looking for a simple and affordable solution from online wooden stairs suppliers, this option may prove to be exactly what you need.

Concrete Staircase - A functional and durable solution that's fast becoming a chic choice too. Concrete stairway manufacturers offer products for offices, retail premises, public institutions, or private houses. The stairs themselves are suited to interior and exterior locations.

Metal staircases - Functional, and with the right eye to design, this option can suit the most contemporary of buildings where clean lines and integrity of materials are foremost. Metal stairs can be suited to indoor or outdoor locations. Depending on the metal used, a rust inhibitor may be needed for an external setting.

Stone staircases - A practical choice for outdoors, and an option for luxury internal staircases too. Stone types used in the construction of stairs include granite, favored for its frost resistant and durable properties, and marble for a luxury, period appearance.

Stainless steel stairs - It's fair to say that stainless steel staircase manufacturers work at the top of the market. When you're looking for an exclusive stairway to meet a high-spec brief, custom-made stainless steel stairs may suit. Steel stairs often incorporate other materials such as glass and wood veneer for a sleek, up-to-the-minute look.

Spiral staircases - Spiral staircase manufacturers work with a variety of materials, including wood and stainless steel. Space saving and striking in appearance, spiral stairs are an increasingly popular choice in modern interior design.

Banisters and Handrails

The two terms are more or less interchangeable when applied to staircases. Handrails may be found anywhere, when used in a staircase, stair parts suppliers may refer to the handrail by the technically correct term of banister.

Plastic handrails - PVC handrails, correctly fitted, will fulfill all the safety functions required of them at a fraction of the cost of more expensive options.

Wood-polymer banisters - Stair banisters suppliers offer wood-polymer materials handrails as another inexpensive, yet attractive choice.

Metal Handrails - Stainless steel handrails manufacturers offer a luxury product. The greater strength of metal over wood or plastic allows for more elegant and shapely banisters.


Balustrades are the railing systems made up of individual balusters that run from the step to the handrail. Balustrade suppliers work with a variety of materials.

Wooden balusters - The classic design is the cylindrical shape, at it's simplest not much more than a spindle. Manufacturers also offer flat balustrades for compact designs, or to give a more contemporary appearance. Wooden balustrades may be simple and inexpensive, or be intricately carved works of art that command a high price.

Forged balusters - Formed of steel and providing a notable architectural feature, as well as fulfilling a safety func