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A custom paint supplier can provide solutions which will glow in the dark, change color according to temperature, or even imitate a particular material.

Get Special Paints Wholesale

  • Corro Tech Pipeline Coating
    Corro Tech Pipeline Coating
    Clean Coats

    A range of protective coatings for the inner and outer surfaces of pipelines.

  • Texcoat Finish
    Texcoat Finish

    Universal multifunctional paint, which combines an attractive texture and functionality.

  • Powder painting
    Powder painting

    The powder painting of profiles is made in order to protect metal profiles from corrosion and prolong their service life. The decorative-protective coatings obtained in this way are much better than liquid paints and possess a unique complex of properties.

  • TICIANA Acrylic enamel for heating radiators
    TICIANA Acrylic enamel for heating radiators
    ABC Farben

    Enamel acrylic is designed for protective and decorative eco-painting of radiators, water heating pipes and water supply in domestic and building conditions. It is possible to apply enamel to hot radiators.

  • Soppka OSB Fasade Finish Decor
    Soppka OSB Fasade Finish Decor

    High-quality Soppka OSB Fasade Finish Decor was developed for use on the surfaces of OSB, SIP, plywood for decorative finishing. It is a covering coating with a matte effect. The coating is applicable on products made of wood, fiberboard, chipboard.

  • PROSEPT Fungi Stop Admixture for Paint Against Mold
    PROSEPT Fungi Stop Admixture for Paint Against Mold

    Agent for preventing of the development of mold, fungus, moss, algae on any surfaces. Protect from damage of bio organisms different types of building materials and finishing materials: various stones, slate, shingles, concrete, brick, tile, wallpaper, drywall and others. Stops existent bio harm. Suitable for interior and exterior use.

  • Duty Graffiti Cleaner for Graffiti Removal
    Duty Graffiti Cleaner for Graffiti Removal

    Cleaner for removal of different types of resistant impurity: graffiti, oil paint, acrylic paint, pentaphthalic enamel, marks from the marker, pigment, drawings, inscriptions and other from various types of surfaces.

    Sobsan Paints

    Quality acryl copolymer based decorative matte paint for interior works.Perfectly covers painted area.Resistant to destructive impact of sunlight,moisture, rain and salty sea water.Allows painted surfaces to “breath”.It will not fade, chip or blister and gives surfaces matte and decorative look.It can be used on all kinds of interior surfaces and applied on concrete, plaster, and other surfaces.

  • Elcon Smith Blacksmith Paint
    Elcon Smith Blacksmith Paint

    The Elcon Smith blacksmith paint is designed for protective and decorative painting of metal products obtained by forging, stamping, casting of cast iron, steel and non-ferrous metals.

  • Neomid Fireproof Paint for Metal
    Neomid Fireproof Paint for Metal

    Fire retardant paint for metal is used to increase the fire resistance limit. The paint is designed to increase the strength of steel structures, industrial and civil construction.

  • G-2 Ground Penetrating
    G-2 Ground Penetrating

    The soil is impregnated for internal and external works. Water-dispersion soil is used for processing porous surfaces of concrete, plaster, wood, brick , etc., before applying adhesives and paints based on acrylic.

  • Paint for Roads Markings
    Paint for Roads Markings

    AK-511 "Autogistral" Paint for road markings is designed for marking lines on the roadway of the road, for marking on the runways and aerodromes.

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Special paints refer to those that either have superior attributes to regular paints, or which have been made exclusively to suit specific requirements given by a purchaser. These materials are usually produced by a custom paint manufacturer or decorative paints manufacturers. But no matter which company produces them, these paints will...

Come in a wide range of different colors and finishes including, but not limited to, chrome.

Retain their look for much longer than ordinary paints.

Be suitable for application to many different surfaces such as cars, doors, and walls.

To learn more about the types of products a custom paint supplier can offer, look below:

Special Paint Pigments

Pigments are a vital element of the paint creation process – the other components needed being solvents and binding mediums. Paints take on the color of the pigments that were used to make them. In addition, any special attributes the pigments may have had will also be transferred to the finished products. For instance, if a thermochromic pigment is used it will result in a paint that changes colors when it’s exposed to different temperatures. While a phosphorescent pigment can be used to make paint that glows in the dark. The following pigments are both available on WorldBuild365:

Long-lasting black pigments are specially designed to sustain their color levels for many years, and if mixed properly can be used to create paints that imitate many different materials, such as coal and granite.

Color-sustaining red pigments are ideal for making imitation paints. Depending on individual preferences these paints can be utilized to make surfaces look as if they’re constructed out of red bricks or similar materials.

Similar items include pigments for making paints, pigments used in the manufacturing of paints, paint dye pigments, pigments for mixing paints, bags of powdered pigments, powdered pigments, paint pigments, paint pigments with special attributes, and specialist paint pigments.

Paints That Imitate Chrome

The majority of providers can provide the below special paints wholesale:

Chrome paints can come in either spray paint or traditional can form. They’re generally quick drying, and can be used for numerous interior and exterior applications – this covers items like outdoor furniture, household accessories, craft projects, and cars. An experienced chrome paint manufacturer would say that they can be used on anything constructed out of iron, wood, cement, plastic, acrylic, Styrofoam, or even glass too. Plus, as a general rule, these paints are non-corrosive, highly resistant to weather conditions, extremely durable, and very adhesive. These attributes make them extremely desirable, which is why they’re so popular on today’s market – make your purchase from trusted chrome paint suppliers now.

Comparable products are chrome spray paints, chrome spray paints for cars, chrome vehicle spray paints, smooth chrome paints, chrome imitation paints, paints that imitate chrome, and artificial chrome paints.

Paints That Provide Special Effects

The paints here are designed for applications ranging from DIY home projects to full scale industrial decoration jobs:

Special effect paints include those that glow in the dark, those that change color when exposed to both cold and hot temperatures, and much more. Of course, other special effects paints are simply those that have a strong sheen, or which can imitate particular materials such as wood or metal. Note: most companies can sell these sorts of special effect paint wholesale.

Other items like these include premium interior effect paint, paints for special effects, effect paint, decoration and special effect paint, specialist decoration paints, special paints for DIY projects, and domestic special effect paints.