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Acoustic panel manufacturers know the importance of keeping exterior sounds out of a property. It's for this reason they provide dense fiberboards & more.

Get Access to Manufacturers Capable of Delivering Sound Insulation Wholesale

  • Schöck Tronsole®
    Schöck Tronsole®

    Good soundproofing today among the most important parameters, the quality of the building. First of all the stairwells of apartment buildings it has long evolved from a luxury to a necessity, which is also noted in DIN 1049 Annex 2.

  • Izovol Noise Protection
    Izovol Noise Protection

    It has increased sound insulation characteristics, completely satisfying the requirements of normative documents for noise protection

  • Tubes Energoflex® Acoustic
    Tubes Energoflex® Acoustic
    Rols Isomarket

    Soundproofing Energoflex® Acoustic specifically designed to improve the acoustic comfort of buildings.

  • Murexin Multi-Layer Acoustic Plate
    Murexin Multi-Layer Acoustic Plate

    A multi-layer separating acoustic plate with rubber filler intended for use in interior works, separation layer devices before tiling of walls and floors, before laying floor coverings (including parquet).

On WorldBuild365 there are soundproofing suppliers, an acoustic board supplier, and many other expert providers of items which...

Help prevent unwelcome sounds from entering a property.

Allow for total privacy at a given premises.

Don’t affect the aesthetic value of any wall or other surface in which they’re fitted.

Discover further details about the items leading acoustic panel manufacturers can supply below:

Panels and Boards for Soundproofing

Reach out to acoustical wall panel manufacturers who can produce:

Green board panels are made up of entirely natural materials. They enable sound insulation and fantastic levels of sound absorption, not to mention good thermal insulation. The providers on this site can sell this type of sound insulation wholesale – they’re suitable for most structures.

High-density acoustic boards are constructed using coniferous breeds of wood as well as white cement. They have several highly desirable attributes, including excellent sound absorption and high strength. These attributes are a direct result of the natural ingredients in their composition. These boards are appropriate for many different applications, including the ceilings and walls of sports complexes, in addition to galleries, theaters, restaurants, hotels, and similar structures.

High-density fiberboards should be used in thermostat hydro-climates due to their incredible thermal conductivity properties and acoustic performance levels. They can be used as insulation and noise reducing measures in walls, partitions, and ceilings.

Soundproof panels feature extruded polystyrene and reinforced mesh. They can soundproof walls, floors, and ceilings, and will prevent any and all noises from neighboring structures from penetrating a given property. These panels are very rigid, highly durable, and can withstand high humidity levels.

Ceiling acoustic insulation panels, wall acoustic insulation panels, floor acoustic insulation panels, fiberboards designed for soundproofing, panels made for soundproofing, soundproof wall panels, materials for soundproof rooms, acoustic insulating panels, sound dampening panels, anti-noise panels, and anti-sound panels are also available via WorldBuild365.

Sound Reducing Options for Floors, Staircases, Cars, and More


Vibration sound insulation materials for cars will stop any passengers from feeling uncomfortable in the areas of a vehicle that vibrate as they travel.

Sound insulation membranes are highly efficient synthetic materials which won’t need to be glued during the application process. Most providers can deliver this type of sound insulation membrane wholesale.

Sound reducing flooring provides excellent sound insulation and resistance regardless of whether the noise is airborne or caused by an impact. This flooring is water and rot proof, and does not only have excellent mechanical strength, but dynamic stiffness too – this combination guarantees long-lasting durability.

Sound reducing staircases protect against airborne and impact noise. What’s more, due to their specialist design they’re easy to install and will ensure optimum insulation levels.

Anti-sound floors, quiet floors, anti-noise stairs, anti-sound stairs, quiet stairs, silent stairs, silent floors, sound insulation items for cars, anti-noise items for cars, membranes which protect against sound, and anti-noise membranes can also be purchased.

Specialist Materials for Sound Insulation


Vibration control materials are made up of many different polymers. These combine to create items which can almost entirely dampen sound.

Soundproofing materials have toothed profiles in their inner surface which can significantly reduce noise absorption in structures. This particular type of acoustical material supply item can easily be found using WorldBuild365.

You can also find materials for vibration control, materials for soundproofing, anti-noise materials, and anti-sound materials in this directory.