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Crown molding suppliers are just some of the providers of moldings featured on WorldBuild365. They can supply wall & ceiling molds in many shapes & sizes.

Source Wholesale Moulding Providers

  • RussMold K300 Decorative Column
    RussMold K300 Decorative Column

    Decorative polyurethane column of cylindrical shape with polymer-concrete coating. It is used for finishing the facades of buildings, as masking the supporting elements of structures, for simulating the supports of balconies, awnings and porticoes.

  • RussMold ML250-3 Decorative Molding
    RussMold ML250-3 Decorative Molding

    Decorative molding of the facade decoration, manufactured using unique technologies based on certified raw materials from Canada. It is characterized by high quality, versatility and affordable price.

  • M054-D Moulding
    M054-D Moulding

    The high-quality moulding with the addition of hard charcoal. Is environmentally friendly material.

  • Extruded ceiling mouldings Italstyl I734
    Extruded ceiling mouldings Italstyl I734

    The unmistakable Italian style: extruded mouldings and corner elements used to enhance the ceilings and walls with linear, modern elements recalling the timeless elegance of products made in Italy.

  • Ceiling center Classicstyl CR3307
    Ceiling center Classicstyl CR3307

    Elegance and tradition blend in this line of mouldings, columns, decorations, pilasters and other finishing elements typical of classical art, and perfect for old fashioned environments.

  • Pilaster Classicstyl CL3201
    Pilaster Classicstyl CL3201

    Elegance and tradition blend in this line of mouldings, columns, decorations, pilasters and other finishing elements typical of classical art, and perfect for old fashioned environments.

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It couldn’t be simpler to find a trustworthy mouldings manufacturer, at least not if you use the massive WorldBuild365 online directory. The moldings featured on this site are...

Made out of a range of different materials including travertine and plaster.

Created to form a variety of geometric shapes, as well as animals, and more.

Suitable for application to walls and ceilings in both domestic and commercial properties.

To find out more about the items that an experienced ceiling medallion manufacturer and top crown molding suppliers can provide, take a look below:

Travertine and Plaster Moldings

The wholesale moulding items available include:

Travertine moldings are made out of natural travertine stone, and are ideal for both exterior facades and interior projects. They tend to come in variations of beige. Your mouldings supplier will be pleased to point out that these products have high strength, as well excellent resistance to moisture, frost, and abrasion.

Plaster moldings are natural and artistic. They feature a smooth white surface which is not only durable, but environmentally safe. Other materials used in the process required to produce these moldings include marble, limestone, and granite.

Geometric shape moldings can be used to decorate walls, framed paintings, mirrors, and more. Essentially they can be utilized to highlight and enhance the aesthetic value of any specific area on a given wall.

Mouldings made of plasters, moldings formed into geometric shapes, profiles molded to imitate geometric shapes, mouldings made out of travertine, mouldings made out of plaster, mouldings for exterior facades, and mouldings for interior architecture can also be purchased via this site.

Extruded Moldings for Ceilings, Pilasters, and More

This category is the place to search when you need to get:

Extruded panel moldings are made in an Italian style, and are ideal for enhancing both ceilings and walls. The crown moulding suppliers on WorldBuild365 can provide them in many different shapes and sizes.

Extruded ceiling moldings are specially designed to be applied to ceilings and, like the above extruded panel moldings, can be provided in numerous dimensions according to specific requirements.

Ceiling center moldings are made out of polyurethane, and will give any room a sense of elegance and tradition. They often come in the form of rosettes – flowers – or styled as a group of symmetrical leaves.

Pilaster crown moldings include many different types of moldings which have been designed to gracefully finish a top edge. Quickly identify crown moulding manufacturers on this site today.

Classic pilaster moldings are produced in order to imitate famous designs and pieces of art. Once applied to a pilaster they’ll give any building an antique look and feel.

Extrusion mouldings, picture frame mouldings, moldings for pilasters, moldings formed into panels, mouldings designed for ceilings, mouldings for the center of ceilings, and mouldings for beneath chandeliers are also available.

Inlays and Fretwork

Purchase a whole range of this sort of item, including:

Interior décor inlays are the final flourish in most interior decoration projects. The pattern in the center of these particular inlays is often made of chrome-plated aluminum, and they may have a ribbed surface. These elements combine to make these items extremely attractive.

Interior décor fretwork is made out of polyurethane, and comes in a range of ornamental designs, typically in wood.

Fretwork for interior design projects, inlays for interior design projects, interlaced decorative design moldings, ceiling fretwork, decorative inlays, and decorative fretwork can also be found right here.