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On WorldBuild365 there are many providers who can offer high-end interior architectural elements, including a ceiling medallion manufacturer & many others.

Identify Suppliers Who Can Provide Architectural Details Wholesale

  • Ceiling outlet
    Ceiling outlet

    Ceiling rosettes of polystyrene are used to decorate the center of the ceiling, as a rule, they are placed under the chandelier.

  • Aluminium/textile blinds
    Aluminium/textile blinds

    A window blind is a type of window covering. A typical window blind is made up of several long horizontal or vertical slats of various types of fabric or metal which are held together by cords that run through the blind slats. Window blinds can be adjusted by rotating them from an open position to a closed position. Different colors and widths are available.

  • Textured finishing profiles
    Textured finishing profiles

    Color range - 28 SKU, Corners length: 2.7m; Dimensions: 15х15/20х20/25х25/30х30/40х40; Qty. in box: 25 pcs; Packing with barcode



  • Window trimmer N5x4CH
    Window trimmer N5x4CH

    Window trimmer is an architectural detail, profiled frame of the window or doorway.

  • Арка межкомнатная "Палермо"
    Арка межкомнатная "Палермо"

    Материал: МДФ, покрытие экошпоном. Цвета: капучино (новинка!), белый ясень, дуб антик, дуб Грей, светлый венге, тиковое дерево, эковенге. размерный ряд: ширина проема от 700 до 1400 мм. толщина стены 200 мм. высота до 2450 мм. Дополнительные опции: изготовление по размерам заказчика.

  • Rezident Arc-Alum Door Arch
    Rezident Arc-Alum Door Arch

    Very often there is no need to separate the room with partitions or doors. However, the doorway requires finishing. For these purposes, the Arc-Alum system have been developed.

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Interior architectural elements cover items such as balusters and precast concrete facade panels. These items are produced by wood stair parts suppliers and similar providers. But no matter who makes them, they’re sure to be...

Robust, as a result of the high quality materials which were used to make them.

Suitable for the facades of both domestic and commercial buildings, as well as stairs and floors.

Aesthetically pleasing and decorative.

Need a banister spindles replacement, or another specific item? Look below and browse through just some of the products these specialists can offer:

Interior Design Elements

The providers listed on this site can supply the following architectural details wholesale:

Façade elements feature thin small molded straps that can radically transform the look and feel of the everyday, monotonous coatings on the exterior of most houses. These ready-made products are dense but lightweight, and offer excellent wear and rain resistance.

Radius elements are used for cladding columns, finishing clean rooms, countertops, as well as a range of interior elements for transport engineering.

Ceiling decoration elements include polystyrene rosettes which can be used to decorate the center of any given ceilings – they’re usually placed under chandeliers. Your ceiling medallion manufacturer will tell you that all these elements are sleek, yet modest, and will create a stylish interior décor in any property.

Decorative wall elements include many items from mascarons suppliers – high relief and bas-relief drawings of the heads of animals or mythical creatures. In addition to this are rosettes, which are architectural elements in the form of a flower or several symmetrical leaves. Many of the providers on this site can supply these rosettes wholesale. They are made of wood, and aren’t only suitable for ceilings.

Other items like these also in the WorldBuild365 directory include ceiling outlets, architectural masacrons, high relief moldings of animals, bas-relief moldings of mythical creatures, decorative elements for ceilings, rosette moldings for ceilings, carved moldings, façade panels, façade panels with moldings, molded façade panels, and column cladding.

Profiles, Trimmers, Coverings, Shelves, and Balusters

Identify an architectural details manufacturer who can deliver:

Textured finishing profiles are specially made to be applied to the corners of walls in a property. They are available in a wide range of different sizes and shapes, and painted on both sides.

Window trimmers are profiled frames ideal for both windows and doorways. The purpose of these items is to close any gaps between a wall and a window, or a door and a door frame. However, they also highlight and underline a window or door and make it stand out. These trimmers are designed to be resistant to both damage and moisture.

Metal coverings include those made out of brass, copper, and bronze. These materials are layered with a shiny or satin transparent varnish if they need to be used in the interior of a building. If they’re required outside, instead they’ll be coated with a fine layer of wax.

Multimedia shelves are prefect for displaying a variety of items, including anything from food to DVDs. A reliable multimedia shelves manufacturer would say that they can be equipped with shelves of many different depths and sizes.

Balusters support the rails found in balconies and staircases. The particular items available in this directory are of the highest quality, and are produced using modern technology – most stair parts suppliers can provide these balusters wholesale.

You can also find custom stair parts, balusters for stairs, stair balusters, shelves that can display multimedia, customizable multi-media shelves, window profiles, door frame profiles, architectural window trimmers, sets of pilasters, and interior rods here.


Contact a provider who can offer:

PVC moldings are made for the frame sections of wall surfaces, and will enhance their aesthetic value. They can be mounted with glue.

Carved moldings cover those specially designed for furniture, those made of wood, and more. The companies on this digital platform can produce these moldings with any wood type specified, and can create them in both rectilinear and curvilinear forms.

Decorative moldings, masterpiece mouldings, crown moldings, classic mouldings, moldings made of PVC, hand-carved mouldings, mouldings for interior design, and architectural moldings can also be sourced via this site.