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Rust proof paint for metal surfaces has never been easier to source. Navigate to WorldBuild365 - a massive online directory full of trustworthy suppliers.

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  • Certa Paint
    Certa Paint
    NPP Spektr

    Certa paint is heat-resistant.

  • Metallguard UR-1-206 Enamel
    Metallguard UR-1-206 Enamel

    The "Metallguard UR-1-206" enamel is a two-component acrylurethane enamel for painting and protection against corrosion of engineering products, bridges, metal structures and pipelines for various purposes. The enamel promotes a high degree of anticorrosive properties in an open atmosphere.

  • Metalguard Acrylic DTM
    Metalguard Acrylic DTM

    Metal Guard Acrylic DTM is a one component material based on polyacrylic resin and zinc phosphate. A highly-adhesive, quick-drying material used as a direct-to-metal one layer coating for metallic and reinforced-concrete structures in civil and industrial construction. Subzero treatment is acceptable.

  • Metalguard Epoxy Primer
    Metalguard Epoxy Primer

    It is a highly adhesive, thick-layer, quick-drying material, which allows one layer thickness to be achieved up to 200 μm.

  • Metalkid 15-010 Priming-enamel
    Metalkid 15-010 Priming-enamel

    Primer-enamel Metalkid 15-010 is a one-component material based on alkyd-phenolic resin with the addition of zinc phosphate. Forms a homogeneous coating with good protective and decorative properties. It is used as a two-layer coating for the painting of steel structures for civil and industrial construction, cell towers in production conditions and on construction sites.

  • Enagrund EP 010 Primer
    Enagrund EP 010 Primer

    Primer Enagrund EP 010 is a part of the system of anti-corrosion primers. The system consists of the epoxy primer Enagrund EP 012 and the barrier primer Enagrund EP 010.

    Sobsan Paints

    Fast drying. Perfectly covers metal surfaces. Durable to physical and chemical influences. HAMMERTON paint gives to the surface the “hammer” effect, dries quickly and has a high resistance coating, protects metal surfaces from corrosion, prolonging the lifetime of metal products.Can be used on all types of metal surfaces like machine tools, metal cabinets, shelves, electric appliances.

  • Certa Marking
    Certa Marking
    NPP Spektr

    Certa paint for road marking is designed for applying marking lines on highways, parking lots, gas stations for cement-concrete and asphalt-concrete coatings.

  • SAS-150 Certa Solution
    SAS-150 Certa Solution
    NPP Spektr

    The solution of the styrene-acrylic copolymer in organic solvents Certa SAS-150 is used as a binder in the manufacture of weatherproof paints for concrete, asbestos cement, brick and brickwork, metal, paints for road marking.

  • Certa Paint
    Certa Paint
    NPP Spektr

    Heat-resistant paint for metal Certa protects against corrosion, fire and moisture. Quick-drying and not requiring preliminary priming paint well falls on metal, brick, cement, concrete and plastered surfaces.

An industrial paints manufacturer can provide items such as rust proof paint for metal surfaces. These high-strength paints can...

Protect surfaces from undesirable and potentially harmful elements such as rust and rain.

Maintain their levels of protection for years at a time.

Function properly without affecting the look or style of an item to which they’re applied.

Find out more below:

Epoxy Coatings

Choose an epoxy coating supplier who can deliver:

Epoxy coatings – sometimes referred to as epoxy paints – can be used on surfaces like concrete floors. There are many benefits to applying epoxy paint to floors. For one, the overall toughness and durability of the flooring will be enhanced, which will increase its lifespan. For another, this kind of coating will provide an attractive surface complete with a gloss shine which will also be slip-resistant, increasing safety. In addition, a coated floor is more resistant to potentially harmful chemicals found in industrial environments such as manufacturing plants and warehouses. Finally, a rarely considered advantage of having a floor coated in epoxy paint is the reduction in wear on transport vehicles that may travel across it. This will reduce overall costs. Many providers can supply this type of industrial coating wholesale.

Comparable items include epoxy coatings for concrete floors, concrete floor epoxy paint, industrial floor paint, professional epoxy coatings for industrial environments, dry base epoxy floor coatings, durable epoxy floor coatings, and high-strength epoxy coatings.

Anti-Rust Coatings

The majority of anti rust paint suppliers can sell:

Anti-rust paints – also called corrosion resistant coatings or rust preventing paint – will protect many different kinds of metal-based components from potentially harmful elements. This includes moisture, salt sprays, oxidation, and chemicals. This barrier will also increase the abrasion resistance of any item to which it’s applied. All these attributes combine to ensure that metal components last for as long a time as possible. There are many different kinds of anti-rust paints, including fluoropolymers, epoxy paints, phosphate coatings, and much more.

Similar products are coatings that prevent rusting, anti-oxidation coatings, rust-stop paints, anti-rust metal primers, metal protection paints, corrosive epoxies, anti rust paint for steel, anti rust paint for cast iron, anti rust paint for cars, and anti rust paint for metals.

Resistant Coatings

Resistant paints currently on the market include:

Heat-resistant and reflective coatings are paints that can be used to block heat coming from sources such as fireplaces, heaters, radiators, and even direct sunlight. In effect, this type of heat resistant coating will assist pre-installed insulating materials such as fiberglass, fiber-cement, and wool-cement boards.

Water-resistant paints extend the lifespans of components and items that are expected to be regularly exposed to water. Types of water-resistant paints include masonry paint, epoxy paints, acrylic paint, and so on. Most of these paints are totally waterproof.

Moisture-resistant paints will help provide protection to elements that will be exposed to rain, mold, and damp. They're not waterproof, but offer high levels of water resistance.

Wear and abrasion-resistant paints reduce the amount of friction that occurs when metal components wear, grind, or rub together. Consequently these paints will extend the life of metal parts, and decrease overall maintenance costs.

Other items like those above include aqua protection paints, insulating paints, anti-moisture paints, anti-water paints, anti-wear paints, anti-abrasion paints, anti-heat paints, and paints that can resist high temperatures.