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Get in touch with exterior paint manufacturers that supply the best quality products in the business. Find wall paint manufacturers through WorldBuild365. Meet the requirements of any construction or painting and decorating work with products which give you reliable waterproofing, powerful adhesion and a wide color selection.

Get a List of Reliable Exterior Paint Manufacturers

  • Kemstretch Finish
    Kemstretch Finish

    Acrylic coating on latex base, which is able to follow the movements of concrete, literally tightening the cracks.

  • Kemshine Finish
    Kemshine Finish

    A special coating that helps maintain the color of the house, despite the harsh weather conditions and prolonged sunlight.

  • Rustik Fine Texture Paint
    Rustik Fine Texture Paint

    A reliable textured paint with quartz particles of green color.

  • Bolix AZ 18 l
    Bolix AZ 18 l

    Bolix AZ painting with a volume of 18 liters is used for outdoor works on decoration, protection of paint coatings, restoration of the exterior of buildings. After application, the paint forms a colored matte coating with increased resistance to weathering factors, as well as resistance to abrasion.

  • W-25 Exterior Paint Premium
    W-25 Exterior Paint Premium

    W-25 facade paint is used for high-quality outdoor coatings. The paint is characterized by high water-and-water resistance, damp, dry surfaces with low surface permeability.

    Sobsan Paints

    Pure acrylic polymer emulsion based paint for internal and external walls.Glossy appearance.It perfectly adheres to the applited surfaces.Non-cracking and non-stucking.Durable against all types of weather conditions such as rain, moisture,ultraviolet rays and sea salt. Ability to “breathe”reflects moisture on the wall.Non-fading.Allows painted surfaces to “breath”.

  • Kalei Plaster
    Kalei Plaster

    Kalei stucco is designed for outdoor work on ceramic, foam concrete, silicate, sand concrete bricks, concrete and plastered surfaces, artificial stone, clinker tiles and other surfaces.

  • "A100" Latex paint
    "A100" Latex paint

    Matt durable paint for walls and ceilings in rooms with difficult operating conditions (bathrooms, entrances, unheated loggias and balconies, basements, etc.), as well as the faсade surfaces.

  • Acricolor

    ACRICOLOR colored acrylic fixer is a water-based, suitable for use in the processing of both inside and outside the premises.

  • Aerosol ARTON
    Aerosol ARTON

    Aerosol paints «ARTON» are used for graffiti design and artistic works. Line of aerosol paints «ARTON» - is an innovative new generation product from "Polihim-Voronezh".

  • ATLAS ARKOL S - silicate façade paint
    ATLAS ARKOL S - silicate façade paint

    Recommended for façades of buildings particularly exposed to the devastating effects of atmospheric conditions – it is resistant to aggressive components of the substrate and in the environment; for decorative and protective painting.

  • NORDICA EKO House Paint
    NORDICA EKO House Paint
    Teknos Deko

    Glossy paint based on acrylic binder unique dual effect. Application: For new or previously painted wood surfaces, such as exterior walls, planks, awnings and window frames. For structures of logs is recommended WOODEX AQUA CLASSIC glazing antiseptic.

  • Woodex Classic
    Woodex Classic
    Teknos Deko

    Jelly is as easily applied, glazing wood preservatives. Designed for exterior surfaces. It is absorbed into the wood. It contains substances that prevent the formation of rot and blue. In a tinted protects wood from UV radiation.

  • Acrylic exterior paint iQ153
    Acrylic exterior paint iQ153

    Water-dispersive acrylic paint is used for painting facades. The composition of the material includes high-quality raw materials and special additives that provide a high performance coating: weather resistance, resistance to washing, durability.

  • Autolux

    High quality, quick drying enamel paint for metallic surfaces (iron constructions, heavy vehicles, machinery, rails etc). It is certified by European institute with respect to industrial use under difficult weather conditions. For faster drying and hardender film S11 hardener is added 5-10%.

  • Stancolin

    Wood preservative, solvent based, ideal for any kind of wooden surface it provides strong protection against insects, termites, fungus, mould and blue stain. Offered colorless and in 17 shades.

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WorldBuild365 gives you one convenient marketplace to search for the most reliable exterior paint manufacturers in the industry. Get the requirements of any construction or painting and decorating work you're undertaking met, with products which give you:

High grade weatherproofing - to ensure that they'll withstand all environmental conditions.

Powerful adhesion, perfect for properly covering almost any material they might be used on.

A wide color selection, so you can match the requirements of any project you're undertaking.

Because you'll find a broad array of wall paint manufacturers here, you can efficiently and decoratively cover the facade of any building...

Exterior Paint

This broad category covers all kinds of products which can be used to protect, color, and decorate the exterior of structures in all locations and conditions...

Acrylic exterior paint is far more hard wearing than acrylics used for interior walls. It generally contains acrylic co-polymers, and is resistant to air pollution. Available in a wide array of colors, as well as effects ranging from matte through transparent to high gloss, it creates a high quality finish. It has a good level of hiding power when it comes to concealing dirt and other weathering effects on the structure in question, and also provides decent UV light and weather protection.

Latex paint can be both matte and gloss, and is widely used in circumstances where conditions appear unfavorable for painting. The latex paint manufacturers you'll find here on the WorldBuild365 directory supply a broad range of colors and shades. This type of paint is also suitable for use in bathrooms, entranceways, unheated hallways, and balconies, as well as building facades.

Silicate facade paint is for buildings which are expected to be exposed to particularly poor atmospheric conditions. Many wall paint manufacturers provide silicate paint alternatives, as it is tough enough to withstand regular dust and other particulate bombardment while still providing a decorative finish for any facade.

Architectural coatings supply superior protection than standard paints. They're primarily used in industrial settings which are expected to vary between -60°C and 150°C in temperature.

Special enamels are various products supplied for circumstances when unusual protection is called for. These items range from those which offer corrosion resistance and radiation resistance, to high heat resistance. They tend to be based on modified organopolysiloxanes.

Other Supplies

Masking tapes and a variety of finishes are available from a number of paper tape manufacturers and other companies in our online directory...

Paper tape suppliers provide a wide range of outdoor masking tapes for use with the exterior paints you can find in the WorldBuild365 product list. These have powerful adhesive compounds in order to provide powerful adhesion to almost any surface, as well as resistance to all kinds of weather conditions. Varieties include plasticized PVC tape with flat backing, soft PVC tape, and more.

Wood varnish - specifically those suitable for exterior use - are generally based on acrylic. When applied, they result in a transparent, semi-permeable layer with a high elasticity.

Aerosol paints are great for modern decorative techniques like graffiti, murals, and wall art. Aerosol paint cans are available in a stunning range of sizes from the exterior paint manufacturers you'll find in our product directory.

Primer paint is a quick drying alkyd resin used to prepare a surface for the addition of further coats of paint. It's most particularity used on galvanized surfaces like zinc, aluminum, steel, and iron, as well as wood and plastic or PVC materials, which paint might otherwise find it difficult to adhere to.