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Visit the extensive WorldBuild365 online product directory when you need to buy acrylic paint wholesale, or find reputable interior paints manufacturers. Here you will find the acrylic paint supplier that's right for you, and a vast range of other companies that stock paint of all colors & shades and all quantities.

Find a Reliable Acrylic Paint Manufacturer With a Great Range

  • Lunanuova Decorative Finishing
    Lunanuova Decorative Finishing
    Colorificio San Marco

    LUNANUOVA is a transparent decorative finish that creates surfaces with a distinctive slightly rough texture, pleasant to the touch and enriched by multi-colored reflective crystals.

  • Acrylic Spray Paint
    Acrylic Spray Paint

    Acrylic paints in the form of aerosols gained great popularity due to its ease of use, wide range of colors, low price and outstanding performance. They go to great for any types of surfaces - metal, wood.

  • "R3" Acrylic
    "R3" Acrylic

    Cloth matt paint based on acrylic. It has high hiding power and economical consumption.

  • Paint-koler «Palizh»
    Paint-koler «Palizh»
    Novy Dom

    It can be used as a color scheme for the paint and coating as an independent; suitable for decorating wood, plaster, drywall and other surfaces; 70% tints- color scheme can not be exposed to sunlight

  • Universal pigment concentrate UPC
    Universal pigment concentrate UPC
    Novy Dom

    Benefits: compatibility with a wide range of water and alkyd systems extended color gamut of products stable and tightly controlled properties: composition, rheology, hue and color saturation High light resistance and optimum viscosity excellent thermal stability and resistance to frost high concentration and low consumption uniform staining of the finished product

  • Biora Balance
    Biora Balance
    Teknos Deko

    Колеруемая, полностью матовая акрилатная краска для сухих помещений; материал относится к категории М1 строительных материалов по выбросам вредных веществ. Подходит для внутренних стен и потолка, например, в детских, спальных и гостинных комнатах, а также в других внутренних помещениях. Краской BIORA BALANCE можно окрашивать деревянные, бетонные, оштукатуренные, зашпатлеванные и кирпичные поверх

  • Babilonia Frescoes
    Babilonia Frescoes

    Babilonia (Italy) offers over 2000 types of frescos, various in style, sizes and subjects (landscapes, animals, ornaments, etc.).

  • Parade W5 professional
    Parade W5 professional

    Interior super resistant acrylic-based paint Acrylic water-dispersion paint. It forms a durable matt coating withstand frequent wet cleaning. The durability of the coating subject technology - more than 7 years.

  • Acrylic paint for walls and wallpaper iQ123 resistant to washing
    Acrylic paint for walls and wallpaper iQ123 resistant to washing

    Deep water aqua-dispersion acrylic paint is designed for painting walls and wallpapers in rooms with a moderate level of humidity. The finely dispersed filler and special additives that make up the material perfectly emphasize the texture of the surface, including the wallpaper, while still not hiding the pattern.

  • My_Art Topcoat
    My_Art Topcoat
    Colorificio San Marco

    MY_ART is a finish able to create a wide range of customizable decorations. Can be realized transparency effects characterized by the presence of micro crystals with delicate shade multi color.

  • Dyosan

    Акриловая матовая интерьерная краска премиум класса

  • Paint for ceilings
    Paint for ceilings

    Snow white paint for ceilings is recommended for premises with a small area. Paint hides small surface defects.

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Whenever you need to contact the decorative paints manufacturers that stock the kind you need, you'll find them here. Our online directory contains the acrylic paint supplier that's right for you, and a vast range of other companies that stock paint of...

All colors and shades - to match the decor and color-scheme in any project you're undertaking.

All quantities, suitable for projects of all scales and sizes.

Extra beneficial effects, such as water and weather-proofing, with a huge range available from a broad array of suppliers.

Buy acrylic paint wholesale and get in touch with reputable companies who supply a huge range of standard and specialty paints and finishes, here in the WorldBuild365 directory...

Paint For Walls and Ceilings

Choose the acrylic paint supplier or the material coating company that provides the precise product you're after...

Acrylic paint is available in almost any shade. Your acrylic paint manufacturer will supply a product that is water-based, composed of acrylic resins dispersed in water. It is perhaps the most widely used type of paint in the construction and painting and decorating industries. It has good coating qualities, superb surface application, is breathable, and easy to care for and maintain.

Silicon-based paints and resins come in a broad range of colors, and are manufactured with the goal of being easy to apply, yet resistant to water vapor and other dampness. In addition, they offer easy coverage, with the color remaining clear even in poorly lit areas.

Textured wall coating is made to coat masonry, plasterboard, cement, and masonite. It has excellent adhesive qualities in order to be able to do so. It also offers good beathability and resistance to alkaline mixtures. It contains plastic.

Decorative wall coating is similar to textured wall coating, but is specifically designed to not change the surface appearance of a material too greatly. It is perfect for rooms where humidity or general dampness might otherwise result in strange color effects if more standard paints were used.

Specialty Paint

Made by wall paint manufacturers to coat or create unusual surfaces, and more...

Blackboard paint turns any metallic or wooden surface into an instant blackboard! Though it can take up to three days for this paint to dry at reasonable humidity levels. All tools used to apply this paint should be rinsed thoroughly and immediately.

Protective paints are also available from many decorative paint manufacturers. They're specifically for use on surfaces, usually interior surfaces,, which can be damaged by daily use. The thin film layer of paint creates a non-reversible barrier which allows easy cleaning and washing without ruining the aesthetic effect of the paint.

Acrylic enamel for radiators is designed to withstand repeated thermal differences, and is ideal for all types of radiator as well as hot water pipes.

Varnish, Waxes, and Oils

Create the perfect finishing coat for any project...

Varnish of all kinds is commonly available from the interior paint manufacturers you'll find here on the WorldBuild365 directory. They generally take the form of alkyd pitches which occasionally have colour pigments added. Some are specially designed for different wooden surfaces.

Wood wax finish is of course designed to give a satin, translucent finish to any woodwork. It can also be provided in various shades and pigmentations. Safe for humans, plants, and animals, it gives a coat which is water and stain-resistant, and is also wipe-proof. There's no need to sand between coats with most of the products available in this directory.

Hardwax-oil is manufactured with the aim of providing the most heavy duty and durable finish for all kinds of wooden flooring and furniture. It creates a surface layer that is resistant to dirt, water, and abrasion.

Teak oil is for the protection of teak and other wooden surfaces from oxidization and other potentially damaging environmental factors.