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Buy ceiling tiles wholesale, or connect with the ceiling tiles supplier that's right for you quickly and easily. No matter the area you need to fit a ceiling to, WorldBuild365 will have the products you need in our online directory.

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  • Albes Rack Ceiling
    Albes Rack Ceiling

    Rack ceiling Albes is multifunctional and of excellent quality. Rack ceilings are suitable for use in office premises, industrial facilities, residential buildings.

  • Xinhe Aluminum Сeiling
    Xinhe Aluminum Сeiling
    Linyi Xinhe Aluminum

    Aluminum ceilings have occupied their niche in the building materials market due to the inexpensive price and ease of installation. Today, aluminum ceiling is an elegant solution that always looks neat and aesthetic.

  • Woodcub Suspended Ceiling
    Woodcub Suspended Ceiling
    Bash Group

    Suspended ceiling rack type can be used in numerous variations ranging from simple solutions and ending with a variety of design projects. Lamels Woodcub is easy to install and maintain. It has a budget price and a great view.


    Panels with an abstract pattern created from simple repeating elements. ALGA FANTAZI panels are suspended both in a separate and over the entire ceiling plane. Use with acoustic material, LED and dot illumination is possible.

  • Pinion Ceilings SPR-84 with a bend
    Pinion Ceilings SPR-84 with a bend
    Firma Bard

    Ceilings can be performed in the "open" version without bulkhead profile, as well as in closed version. Due to the open version of the ceiling will seem higher, increasing the visual space.

  • Coffered ceilings are made of wood.
    Coffered ceilings are made of wood.

    In Russia before the revolution was a powerful school of exclusive finishes and custom furniture manufacturing. Preserving tradition and using the most advanced equipment experts group of companies "LOGART" TM focused on the creation of unique products for their demanding customers.

  • Stretched ceiling film
    Stretched ceiling film

    This film is a PVC based fully recyclable stretch membrane. It is made from a special polyvinyl chloride base that is guaranteed to be cadmium-free. The material is available in almost any color. Finishes including Mat, Satin, High Gloss and Translucent. The material can be printed or painted for additional effects, is 100% waterproof and washable. It can be given virtually any shape.

  • False ceiling (HDF, plastic) Presko
    False ceiling (HDF, plastic) Presko
    Premier Profile

    False ceilings of "PRESKO" have a wide scope: in office administration premises, shopping centers, educational classes, premises, and also where natural ventilation is necessary. The unusual design of our false ceilings, allows to create individual interiors.

  • Curved ceiling system
    Curved ceiling system

    Curved ceiling systems allow the transition between the height difference in the ceiling, framing protruding engineering communications and creating a new ceiling design that combine shape and lighting creating a new ceiling design that combine shape and lighting.

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No matter the area you need to fit a ceiling to, WorldBuild365 will have the products you need in our online directory. Ensure that you can find products which will:

Stand the test of time - we only feature durable and long lasting materials.

Match your specific requirements, with a broad range of tiles and ceiling types on offer.

Be suitable for any property, including domestic, commercial, and industrial builds.

Buy ceiling tiles wholesale, or connect with the ceiling tiles supplier that's right for you quickly and easily. Here's a snippet of the range you'll find here on our online directory...

Ceiling Tiles

Choose the wholesale ceiling tiles for your space by function or material type...

Extruded polystyrene ceiling tiles are generally available from most ceiling tiles manufacturers. Broadly available in white, they can feature most geometric shapes and patterns as designs.

Micro-perforated polystyrene tiles ensure good acoustics in any room.

Metal ceiling tiles suppliers offer vast ranges of modern, functional tiling systems. Aluminum and stainless steel are popular materials used by metal ceiling tiles manufacturers because of their tough, non-stain qualities. Metal ceilings are ideal for use in rooms with high humidity, such as bathrooms, showers, and changing rooms.

Infrared ceiling panels are a specialist variety. They provide radiant heating for sports arenas, gyms, garages, automobile service centers, warehouses, supermarkets, and other similar commercial and industrial buildings.

Other Types of Ceiling

Get an acoustically-sound ceiling for any inside or outside area of a property.

Suspended ceilings combine safety, functionality, and flexibility of design. They're often used in public spaces. Suspended ceiling tiles suppliers offer a wide variety of colors and designs, popular for use in all kinds of corridors, airports, trading centers, and other locations. They can be made entirely out of aluminum for complete fireproofing. They come in hidden, half-hidden, and visible varieties, and always provide benefits in terms of auditory quality in the room they're fitted in.

Aluminum strip ceilings are made by metal ceiling manufacturers from materials of the highest quality. Because of the trim appearance of the coating, they're often used in public and industrial settings. They generally come with all necessary fittings and components supplied.

Rack suspended ceilings are another type of ceiling offered by many suspended ceiling suppliers. They're often made of aluminum panels covered with a matte polymeric or metallic mirror coating. Because of the particular qualities of the materials they're constructed from, they're ideal for use in hot and humid environments like saunas, and for exterior and interior use.

Stretch ceiling manufacturers produce products out of PVC. The PVC membrane is fully recyclable, and available in satin, gloss, high gloss, and translucent finishes in almost any shade or color. It is also completely waterproof and washable, with almost any shape you can imagine being possible to construct. They give the appearance of suspended ceilings while also maintaining a good acoustic environment. Individual components like mounting plates can also be purchased from some stretch ceiling suppliers.

Pinion ceilings are usually used in large, open spaces. They can be fitted "closed", where the bulkhead profiles are visible, and "open" where the bulkheads are hidden behind the fascia to open up the space. They're generally made out of an aluminum alloy with a primer coated outer layer, and galvanized steel fasteners.