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Paints & Finishes Interior finishes add the final touch to a design project. Choosing the right type of finish needs careful thought, and every aspect of the space and the people spending time there needs to be taken into account.
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Paints and Finishing Products

  • Duratop Wall Panels
    Duratop Wall Panels

    All extrusions are made from heavy duty aluminum and when combined with our high quality panels, you have a very durable interior solution.

  • SprayStone-GT
    Solid Decoration Technology

    Our products are environmentally friendly, cost-saving, and are made from 100% water-based ingredients. Through one spray, multiple sand granules are emitted creating an authentic stone-like look.

  • UltraShield® wall cladding
    UltraShield® wall cladding
    Milan Ecowood

    UltraShield® wall cladding is the ultimate solution for exterior walls because it combines the toughness and longevity of a capped wood plastic composite with an engineered design.

  • Standard Plasterboard
    Standard Plasterboard
    Petrojaya Boral Plasterboard

    Standard - Regular Core Plasterboard Standard is a type of regular core plasterboard. It is encased in a strong 100% recycled paper liner, ideal for a wide range of residential and commercial internal wall and ceiling applications; used where fire resistance ratings, impact and water resistance are not required.

  • Lightweight Panels Wallplus
    Lightweight Panels Wallplus
    Pancuranmas Indo Sejati

    Wallplus designed with precise shape and has two different sides (side to side inside and out) as the connector system, lightweight panels have 90% wallplus finishing. This is in order to simplify the installation process.

  • PVDF Aluminum Panel
    PVDF Aluminum Panel
    Alcatop International

    Aluminum panel is a kind of aluminum decorative material, which can be cut, bent and welded according to the drawing requirements, made into single arc, double arc and many other kinds of complicated shape and is a kind of aluminum product with the strongest modeling ability.

  • Aluminium Composite Panel
    Aluminium Composite Panel
    Mulford Indonesia

    Aluminum Composite Panel is composed of a polyethylene core between two aluminum sheets and coated with extra durable PVDF ( PolyVinyliDene Fluoride ) as a composite structure which features excellent characteristic such as non toxic plastic core, water proof, heat insulated, sound insulated and resistance against corrosion, pollution and wear.

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Interior Finishes

Interior finishes add the final touch to a design project. Choosing the right type of finish needs careful thought, and every aspect of the space and the people spending time there needs to be taken into account. 


Different Techniques for Interior Finishes

Selecting the right technique should start with assessing the condition of the surface – what it is made of, and whether there are holes, cracks or other imperfections. For example, if the wall is old and rough, it can be painted and restyled using rag rolling.


As well as this, many other techniques can create different textures and appearance. One is chalkboard paint, which dries to create a finish exactly like a chalkboard in a variety of colours. Another method for surface finishing is the striae technique, also called stripe effect, which makes a property feel more spacious by giving the impression of a larger room and higher ceiling. This kind of interior finish uses two tones of the same colour alongside white to create stripes.


Floor Coverings and Other Interior Finish Products

Floor coverings are another important aspect of interior finishing. Floor coverings come in a variety of materials, among them vinyl, linoleum, rugs and carpets, ceramic tiles, stone, and wood. Some floor coverings should not be installed below ground level, and moisture and condensation should be taken into account as it can ruin some kinds of wood and laminate flooring.


Ceiling systems are the third area to select interior finish products. In terms of types, metal suspended ceilings are largely used in modern buildings due to their high performance and lifespan. They can easily be integrated with any type of ceiling insulation and can also boost the acoustics in a room.


Various other interior architectural elements are available to improve interior design. Bannisters, cornices and interior items can set the entire tone of a room, while using natural materials such as wood and stone can make a space softer or more cosy.