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Processing and Industrial Equipment

  • Pressure Heads - With Brakes
    Pressure Heads - With Brakes

    Mechanical-welded pressure head totally reinforced to guarantee a good mechanical performance during extrusion.

  • Complete Ceramic Plants - Fast Dryer
    Complete Ceramic Plants - Fast Dryer
    Physic GM

    In this type of plants, the preparation and moulding stages are alike those of other types. The difference is that the ceramic drying process is carried out within the fast dryer, with drying cycles of less than 8 hours.

  • Lines for Insulated Panels
    Lines for Insulated Panels

    Kronn is a highly qualified team with years of experience in the field of the lines for manufacturing insulated panels. The mechanical processing is executed with CNC machines of the latest generation; the design (with 3D programs) and the electrical and

  • E&L series
    E&L series
    Olivotto Glass Technologies

    Olivotto Glass Technologies is the leader Company in the production of blow-blow machines. The E series, which features the complete electronic process control, has been in production for more than 15 years and it has been the natural evolution of the T s

  • Aluminium single ladders S
    Aluminium single ladders S
    Centaure-Haemmerlin CDH Group

    PRODUCT BENEFITS - Long lasting aluminium box stiles. - Slightly oval shaped rungs, more comfortable to the feet by climbing up and down. - Large non-slip feet composed of 2 materials : one black non-slip foot with tread wear indicators strengthened

  • Tunnel Dryers
    Tunnel Dryers

    SABO constructs a wide range of tunnel dryers starting from conventional ones equipped with reversing fans to modern two-side-ventilated, multiple-zone dryers.

  • Rapid Dryers
    Rapid Dryers

    SABO provides rapid dryers with suspended cars which have a daily capacity of 250 to 1200 tons.

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