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Material handling equipment is used for the movement, storage, control, and protection of products throughout the process of manufacturing. Quality warehouse equipment can be sourced through WorldBuild365's comprehensive online directory. Find warehouse racking manufacturers & so much more.

Select a Reputable Wholesale Supply Warehouse in Birmingham

  • VSELUG Console ™ CA1
    VSELUG Console ™ CA1
    MK Vselug

    Sack handling machine mobile, console, with the rotary section - designed for loading of bags weighing 10 to 50 kg in trucks with open and closed body length up to 14 meters through the tailgate.

  • Hoists WK-1
    Hoists WK-1
    Rexel Poland

    The device is designed to check the horizontal and roll shutters. The lift allows you to check horizontal slats, the mechanisms of lifting and turning, as well as to identify defective slats in horizontal blinds. Check blinds is correct winding cloth on top of the pipe and its correction, if necessary, as well as in identifying the marriage of the web.

  • Abo Slide gates
    Abo Slide gates

    It is used for work with clean or low-contaminated liquids; contaminated liquids with an admixture of solid particles; viscous media, paper pulp, etc.

  • Gravity Storage Racks
    Gravity Storage Racks

    The rack is the main part of the majority of warehouses. Gravity racks allow to use the warehouse area with maximum efficiency.

Material handling equipment is used for the movement, storage, control, and protection of products throughout the process of manufacturing. Warehouse equipment suppliers and warehouse racking manufacturers can be easily sourced via WorldBuild365’s business platform. Find a wholesale supply warehouse that provides:

Efficiency and effectiveness in supply chains.

Positioning of products and services close by.

Optimization strategies.

Warehouse Equipment

Store, pack, and distribute with ease.

Warehouse equipment is provided by specialists who consult, design, supply, and install all types of storage systems. Storage and racking systems provided by the warehouse storage racks manufacturers sourced on this site will provide flexible and efficient storage for almost every industry. Racking systems offer perfect storage solutions and are essential to the smooth running of any warehouse. A well-organized system purchased from reliable warehouse racking suppliers is vital for stock management and customer expectation.

Get more information on pallet racking, wide and narrow aisle racking, and mobile pallet racking from a trusted wholesale warehouse in Birmingham.


Lifting with ropes and pulleys.

Hoists are devices used for lifting and lowering loads, so are ideal for use in the warehouse environment – they may be operated manually, electrically, or pneumatically. The load is attached to the hoist by means of a lifting hook. Hoists are defined by two important characteristics – lifting medium and power type. Construction hoists are commonly used on large scale projects and high-rise buildings.

Hoists with control lifts are designed for the inspection of roller blinds. This control lift allows the checking of the levelness of the slats. Checking the blind ensures that the fabric is properly wound, and any necessary adjustments made. The hoist is foot-controlled, and is fast and efficient to operate. The light and strong construction can be adjusted to suit blinds of different sizes.

Take a look at roller blind control lifts, inspection hoists for exterior shutters, portable hoists, and manual hoists.


Loading made easy.

Sack handling machines are designed for loading bags weighing 10-50kg into trucks up to 14 meters long. The console has a rotary section specifically made to load bags through the truck's tailgate.

Packing bulk goods into soft containers uses a hopper, filling machine, and optional lifting table to get the job done. These machines have an accumulating conveyor as needed and operating height adjustments to suit the dimensions of the containers. Filled containers are transported and stored on pallets.