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Shutters and blinds manufacturing is a complex process. WorldBuild365 is a comprehensive online product directory providing information on shutters & blinds manufacturing, suppliers & wholesalers - look now!
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Select Where To Buy Shutters Manufacturing Equipment Wholesale

  • The machine SA 25-08
    The machine SA 25-08

    The machine is intended for processing varnished aluminium strips. The machine provides shaping, cutting of required holes, cutting to the required length, or threading slats to the ladder.

  • The machine RSU 25-09
    The machine RSU 25-09

    The machines are intended for processing the upper and lower profile for interior horizontal blinds. The machines provide cutting of required holes, cutting to the required length, or automatic inserting of plastic parts, including profile descriptions.

  • The machine VT 12 START
    The machine VT 12 START

    A single-purpose rolling line for the production of one horizontal exterior blind type. This rolling line can process aluminium sheet up to 0.5 mm thick.The VT 12 START model is designed as an affordable alternative for starting or small manufacturers. However, the lower purchase price has not been achieved at the expense of the quality of the product to be manufactured in any way.

Shutters and blinds manufacturing is a complex process. That’s one reason why WorldBuild365 has access to quality shutter manufacturing equipment, and professional shutters and blinds manufacturing. Machines must be:

Controlled to increase production.

Efficient and accurate.

Able to provide actionable information.

Manufacturing Machines

The production of merchandise from a trusted blind making machine supplier...

Horizontal exterior blind machines have a welded machine frame, and are a single purpose rolling line for the production of one exterior blind. The machine can process aluminum sheet up to 0.5mm thick. Features include the easy adjustment of rolling speed, a stackable table with fixed stacking stands, and a control system with a touch panel.

The pneumatic drill punches holes without edging, but with a side guide. Entering of slat dimensions is simple, and the production rate is 4-5 slats, and 3 holes per minute. This machine is ideal for small manufacturers as it has a low purchase price but still produces quality products.

Horizontal interior blind machines are intended for processing the upper and lower profile for interior horizontal blinds. This machine, which can be purchased from a shutters cutting machine supplier sourced on this site, cuts the required holes and the required length of the slats, and automatically inserts the plastic parts. Benefits of this machine include a simple stop system, a high tool lifetime, and easy maintenance. This is the basic model for starting companies or small production companies.

Varnished aluminum strips processing machines are basic and designed for small interior blind manufacturers. All work operations are performed manually, and the punching tools can be changed very easily. The aluminum slats are inserted into the machine and shaped. Holes are then cut into the slats by using the fixing guide and control mechanism. The machine drive is provided by two electric motors for the movement of slats and cutting. This machine features a simple construction, variability, and continuously adjustable speed.

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A shutters production machine manufacturer found on this digital platform will ensure machines are designed with the proper bandings and smooth curves to the sheets. Machines are able to work for long hours consistently, and are offered with different specifications and safe operations – robust construction and longevity are another two key features. All production processes conform to industrial standards which ensure quality output by utilizing the resources to an optimum level.

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