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Temporary structures used to support a work crew and materials to aid construction are provided by an aluminum scaffolding manufacturer who can be found on WorldBuild365. Look no further for scaffolding systems & ladders - this comprehensive online directory features wholesalers, suppliers & manufacturers.

Select Your Aluminum Scaffolding Suppliers Via WorldBuild365

  • Aluminium single ladders S
    Aluminium single ladders S
    Centaure-Haemmerlin CDH Group

    PRODUCT BENEFITS - Long lasting aluminium box stiles. - Slightly oval shaped rungs, more comfortable to the feet by climbing up and down. - Large non-slip feet composed of 2 materials : one black non-slip foot with tread wear indicators strengthened

  • HSE tours Radian - Alpha
    HSE tours Radian - Alpha

    The tower of a series of "Radian". For work at low altitudes, both outside and indoors. Short ties form a large operating window, allowing to carry out work on the entire height of the tower due to the large operating window.

  • Three-section ladder
    Three-section ladder

    The section with the extension provides stability on any basis. Reliable, comfortable, lightweight. Allows you to work at a height of 10 meters.

  • Doka Xtra
    Doka Xtra
    Doka Rus

    Fast manual assembly system with an integrated logic of form removal

  • Scaffolding frame LR-40
    Scaffolding frame LR-40

    Forests of LR-40 are forest frame construction ladders (the forest), made in accordance with GOST 27321-87 and designed for finishing work on the facades of buildings up to 40 meters.

  • Wall Formwork
    Wall Formwork

    Wall formwork is designed for the construction of monolithic concrete frame of residential and industrial buildings, bridges and tunnels. Decking the walls consists of linear panels, corner pieces, brackets scaffolding and fencing, wedge locks.

  • Wooden Girdered Formwork System WOODSET
    Wooden Girdered Formwork System WOODSET

    WOODSET Wooden Girdered Formwork System is used as wall, circular wall, onesided wall, adjustable column formwork in different structures like industrial buildings, infrastructure constructions, residence constructions. This system includes 3 main components which are plywood, wooden beam and steel waler. System is a flexible that can be adjusted to the different projects, heights and strengths.

  • Climbing Formwork System WOODSET
    Climbing Formwork System WOODSET

    WS Climbing Formwork System is formed by adding climbing equipment and accessories to wall system. Climbing Console is fixed to concrete with climbing cone and is interconnected. So, platform is created for formwork installation.

  • Panel Formwork System FRAMESET
    Panel Formwork System FRAMESET

    Panel Formwork System FRAMESET is used with crane as wall and column formwork. Panel Formwork System FRAMESET contains steel profiles and plywood surfaced panels. The straight of FRAMESET Panel Formwork System is 80 kN/m2.

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Temporary structures used to support a work crew and materials to aid construction are provided by an aluminum scaffolding manufacturer who can be found on WorldBuild365. Use this online directory to source an aluminum ladder manufacturer, and where to buy scaffolding wholesale. A reputable scaffolding supplier will ensure scaffolding is:

Tested for high safety levels.

Reliable, in order to avoid costly delays.

Adhering to respective guidelines.


Get ladders wholesale via this product catalogue...

Ladders for roof work are designed specifically for a variety of roof work with typical slopes, and can also be used for work in the attic. Ladder lengths vary from 2.0m to 2.8m to 4.2m.

Multi-section wall ladders provided by a trusted ladders manufacturer have narrow serrated steps with an edging, and are made of stainless steel.

Mobile ladders have removable railings and handrails on both sides. Step widths are variable, and a swing door is optional.

Folding ladders feature non-slip surface steps and platforms with a recommended load weight of 120kg.

Straight ladders have rungs riveted to the vertical strut by a recessed screw, giving an enhanced bracing strength for added safety. The ladders are made of aluminum and are silver in color.

Mounting ladders are designed to provide a comfortable working position at a low altitude for installation and servicing tasks.

Aluminum three section ladders are used for a wide range of applications. They’re able to withstand heavy loads, and allow work at a high level. The total length of the ladder is 3.36m.

Aluminum single ladders, single ladders with splayed legs, and single ladders in steel can all be found on this digital platform.

Folding step ladders are easy to use, and compact to store. They’re made of iron with plastic platforms, and are powder coated black and white in color. The standing height is 965mm, and the load capacity is 100kg. Some ladders have an extra top step with galvanized rectangular steel legs. The specially designed steps avoid slipping, and the feet have an anti-skidding protection. They fold away, and so are practical as well as decorative for home use.

Fold out aluminum ladders, attic metal stairs, stairways, multipurpose ladders, aluminum sided ladders, attached ladders, and modular aluminum towers can all be found in WorldBuild365’s online catalogue.


Formwork system suppliers, aluminum formwork manufacturers, and concrete formwork supplies are all easy to find on WorldBuild365.

Wooden girdered formwork systems are used in different structures, such as industrial buildings and residential construction. The systems are flexible, and can be adjusted to suit different heights and dimensions. The panels are easily transported, and the installation is fast and safe. The surface of the formwork is wide, straight, and smooth.

Climbing formwork systems add climbing equipment and accessories to the wall. A platform is created which can be circulated with the assembled console or moved separately. Source concrete formwork suppliers and formwork manufacturers on this site.

Panel formwork systems provide high formwork circulation, with the panels being transported by cranes. The panels are all ready to use, and can be connected together with an easy clamping system.

Frame formwork and scaffolding frame profiles can be sourced on this site - see details of aluminum formwork system manufacturers and formwork supplies here too.


Cuplock scaffolding manufacturers, aluminum scaffolding manufacturers, and scaffolding products manufacturers are all listed on this digital site.

Cuplock scaffolding systems are composed of vertical and horizontal components with connections made of cast headings to prevent buckling. The system can be settled securely at the desired height, and can be assembled and disassembled with a single hammer strike. The steel decks are produced with a perforated surface for safety, and have a special connection hook for safe assembling.

Scaffolding frames bought from direct scaffolding supplies are designed for finishing work on facades of buildings up to 40 meters high. The frames are constructed from steel pipe, and the decks can be stacked on each tier.

Tower tour building frames are mainly used for internal work up to seven meters in height. They’re reliable and safe, and easy to assemble without tools - castors are attached for extra maneuverability. Radian towers are designed for work at low altitudes, both indoors and outside. The large operating window is easy to assemble, and is structurally reliable with additional stability – available from scaffolding equipment suppliers found on this site.

It’s straightforward to source scaffolding fittings suppliers, scaffolding fittings manufacturers, and scaffolding materials suppliers on this business platform.

Heavy duty supporting systems are multi-functional due to the wide ranging modular system. They can be adapted to different situations, from stand-alone struts to heavy duty shoring towers. They can transfer very heavy loads, and are cost-effective and extremely safe.

Stair Cases and Accessories

Spiral stairs - choose a spiral stairs manufacturer listed on this site for models available in zinc with a galvanized heat finish in black, white, or grey, amongst many other options.

Many scaffolding accessories manufactures can provide clinker stages, ledger end pieces, and more - see more details on this site.