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The production of heavy clay ceramics must be done carefully with appropriate high-end machinery. In this online directory - WorldBuild365 - you will find a comprehensive list of tunnel kiln manufacturers, as well as other specialists skilled in heavy clay ceramics.

Items from Expert Heavy Clay Ceramics Suppliers and Manufacturers

  • Block Machine QFT10G Automatic Block Making Machine
    Block Machine QFT10G Automatic Block Making Machine
    Fujian Qunfeng Machinery

    QFT10G fully automatic block making machine is a high-efficiency model that is jointly developed by Qunfeng and German engineers. It is designed to match the various customer requirements, such as special-shape cement products, hollow bricks, paving bricks, curb stones and solid bricks, etc... and with features of easy operation, big capacity, high quality, high stability and low running costs.

  • Ceramics: Heavy Clay
    Ceramics: Heavy Clay

    The strong points of the service offered by Sacmi are minimising energy consumption and environmental impact.

  • Shuttle kiln
    Shuttle kiln

    Thanks to the type of insulation applied, particularly ceramic fibre, shuttle kilns are equipments of great flexibility, allowing short or long cycles, depending of the firing product.

  • Roller kiln
    Roller kiln

    Kilns for continuous production and more homogeneous loads, capable of faster firing cycles than shuttle kilns. These kilns are also more efficient, with significantly lower energy consumption than shuttle kilns, considering the same production capacity.

  • Tunnel kiln
    Tunnel kiln

    Tunnel kilns are normally designed for continuous production and more homogeneous loads, capable of faster firing cycles than shuttle kilns. These kilns are also more efficient, with significantly lower energy consumption than shuttle kilns, considering the same production capacity.

  • Furnace

    Gas or electrical kilns for metal heat treating (tempering, annealing and hardening) or other materials, such as fine chemicals.

  • Dryers

    Capaccioli answers better the constraints of drying regarding efficiency and economy, while developing its own equipment on ventilation.

  • Kilns

    Our technical staff is able to give the best technological solutions for the firing cycles , according to the analysis of raw materials which are also carried out in our equipped laboratory.

  • Kiln measuring system
    Kiln measuring system
    Bernini Impianti

    The BKS scanner is the easiest way in order to obtain a precise temperature profiling.Temperature profiling is the process of recording and interpreting temperatures of products and/or air through a conveyorized process.

  • Jetdryer Dryer
    Jetdryer Dryer

    Ideal for drying low-concentration and thin-wall pieces, the JETDRYER provides a 3 to 8 hour drying cycle. This high performance allows the optimisation of resources allocated to the drying process.

  • Mestral Dryer
    Mestral Dryer

    Suitable for drying all kinds of ceramic pieces, the MESTRAL dryer also adapts to the requirements of all clay types. This flexibility is by no means incompatible with rational use of energy resources.

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The production of heavy clay ceramics must be done carefully with appropriate high-end machinery. These items should be...

Highly efficient and able to press, fire, or dry ceramics as quickly and effectively as possible

Strong and able to handle large loads

Versatile and able to produce anything from masonry blocks to roof tiles

These attributes have been deemed vital by all the block making machine suppliers and manufacturers, tunnel kiln manufacturers, as well as heavy clay ceramics manufacturers and suppliers on WorldBuild365. They can offer...

Block Making Machines

This includes:

Automatic block making machines that are highly efficient. They’ve been designed to fulfill many different requirements including special-shapes, hollow, paving, and solid bricks, as well as curb stones, and much more. They’re easy to operate, have a large capacity, high capacity, and have low running costs.

Block presses that cover items such as single-acting and double-acting sand lime presses. Single-acting presses can produce blocks up to 350mm in height. In fact, these units have been developed specifically for low-height construction and foundation pits. Double-acting presses on the other hand are equipped with an electro-oil-hydraulic drive that enables them to compact blocks from two sides with incredible accuracy and consistent homogeneity. It should be noted that the design of both types of presses have been tried, tested, and deemed reliable. And they’ve got rigid frames and accurate guiding systems that ensure continuous precision.


The kilns listed in this online directory can be used to produce many types of roof tiles, bricks, and other materials. They include but aren’t limited to:

Tunnel kilns which offer high quality and energy-efficient firings. These modern units have software that's set up and designed for each stage of the process. The control devices – burners, data, engines, and more – are regulated by these pieces of software. What’s more, the heat built up in the tunnel kiln that's released during the cooling of the products can be sent directly to a dryer. This will result in a significant decrease in plant energy consumption.

Kiln measuring systems enable a user to accurately analyse the performance of a particular kiln in detail. This includes obtaining a precise temperature profiling – the process of recording and interpreting the temperature of a product throughout a process. This in turn will allow verification of product quality, identification of production problems, and increased throughput. Also, firing curves, car layout, as well as pressure, air, and fuel handling will all be optimized.


The dryer manufacturers in this online catalogue know the importance of efficiency and economy in drying. They can offer:

Eko dryers made of insulated metal sheeting modules and made-to-dry materials on a roller conveyor belt driven by a conical coupling. They feature a specialist hot air drying system that blows air directly onto a material by way of thermo-regulator-controlled burners. In addition, it should be noted that any potentially harmful combustion fumes created during the process are immediately removed by a high powered electric fan.

Radiant dryers ideal for gold, shiny, and ceramic glazes. They come complete with a radiating plate burner, cooling hood, two high powered fans, standard-compliant gas ramp, and electrostatic painted structure. The online height of these dryers can be adjusted according to individual requirements and in order to optimize the technical yield of products that are put through it.

Rapid dryers which can complete a drying process in two to four hours. These dryers have a daily capacity of between 250 and 1200 tons, and are controlled by state-of-the-art regulation systems. This type of driver is mainly suitable for high perforation products.

Cut roller dryers for tile cutting plants. These single-layer gas-fueled devices are of the highest quality and have an effective load of between 600 to 1200mm depending on the capacity required.

Tunnel dryers of many different kinds, including those equipped with reversing fans and those with modern two-side-ventilated multiple-zone dryers.

Chamber dryers for soft mud, extruded, brick, and roof tiles, as well as masonry walls, prefabricated panel systems, and so much more. This type of dryer has low energy consumption and is known for its flexibility.