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WorldBuild365 is an online directory that lists a large number of water treatment plants manufacturers & other experts who produce processing machinery. Discover suppliers and wholesalers of safe, well-made, and durable processing machinery ideal for construction work and other projects.

Grinding Machines and Other Professionals Units Are Available from Manufacturers

  • Eirich Mixer Batchwise
    Eirich Mixer Batchwise
    Maschinenfabrik Gustav Eirich

    Eirich Mixer Batchwise - universal mixing system that allows you to flip the material during one revolution of the mixing vessel.

  • OPA 540/D Automatic Rotary Press
    OPA 540/D Automatic Rotary Press

    Includes adjustable vibration of the molds and total installed capacity of 18 kW.

  • Waterjet Cutting System Aquatec
    Waterjet Cutting System Aquatec
    CMS SpA

    Waterjet cutting machine is used for metals, advanced materials, stone and glass of any size and shapes. Field of application: aviation, interior / outdoor furniture, the automotive sector, mechanical engineering, etc.

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Processing machinery is key to construction work and other projects. These items must be:

Safe, and have features that'll keep users safe while they’re active.

Well-made, and last for a long period of time even with almost continuous use.

Durable and resistant to different temperatures and potentially harmful environments, such as in mines.

The marble polishing machine manufacturers, grinding machine manufacturers, water treatment plant suppliers, and other professionals on WorldBuild365 know the importance of these benefits. And they can provide...

Conveyors, Polishers, and Plants

This includes:

Belt conveyors which have been designed for use in environments where there’s combustible gas and coal dust. The main benefit of the devices the belt conveyors manufacturers and suppliers listed on this site provide is precision control – the units can be set to different standard speeds, but they can also be equipped with a continuous speed device. It should be noted that as standard, the components supplied include guiding roller frames, inserted belt cover magazines, tensioners, and much more.

Marble polishing machines made to function in small and middle class laboratories. These machines feature specialist calibrating spindles constructed out of robust steel structures and ground chrome-plated tubes. Also included is a high quality calibrating plate and electric motor – the devices require a sequential start-up.

Water treatment plants of four different types: de-ionizing, reverse osmosis, iron removal, and water softening. Note: the industry standard equipment needed to keep these plants clean can be delivered by the water treatment plants manufacturers in this online directory. This covers oil separators for cleansing the degreasing tanks, and sludge separators to filter out any solid waste.

Refrigeration compressors that can provide cooling to large-scale facilities and construction equipment. And they’ve have been engineered for higher efficiency, lower sound, levels, superior durability, and unsurpassed reliability. Wholesale orders of these refrigeration units can be made and will be fulfilled by expert refrigeration manufacturers and suppliers.

Discs, Presses, Crushers, Grinders, and Burners

This comprises:

Cutting discs that have a 15% higher cutting speed and 25% longer cutting lifecycle than other discs currently on the market. Moreover, the units produced by the cutting disc manufacturers and suppliers in this online catalogue allow greater accuracy when cutting, and result in less dust and vibration when they’re used.

Filter presses that make it easy to both cleanse and filter cloth. And in addition, a special auto plate design means it can run automatically without user input – when activated, these units have very high solids capture. Filter press manufacturers and suppliers can provide many different types, including high temperature membrane presses and more.

Mobile crushers that can be used for almost every application including construction rubble, asphalt, concrete, medium-to-hard natural stone, and much more. These units have optimized impact plate geometry that results in a high throughput. This in turn results in a very highly quality homogeneous aggregate which can be reused immediately. Also, the mobile crusher manufacturers listed on WorldBuild365 will include power packs in orders.

Grinders of many different variations. The products on offer from the professional grinding machine suppliers we work with include, but aren’t limited to, items such as high output plastic grinders that can make small particles of plastic waste, recycle hard plastic, and even cut imported steel.

Burners of fuel oil, diesel, and gas. These devices have kits that include flange gaskets as well as electrical connectors. Manual adjustments of air flow can be made. In fact, the gas burner manufacturers and suppliers in this directory can offer products which enable the most complete burning of gas in the regulation.

Mineral Wool and Glass

Also on offer are:

Mineral wool products such as panels, mats, fleeces, film, paper. These items can be laminated and coated by mineral wool manufacturers and suppliers according to individual requirements.

Glass products, decorative items, and container enamels. Wholesale orders of these glass items can be made from both the glass manufacturers and suppliers on WorldBuild365.