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There are many methods of pipe manufacturing, producing tubes which are designed for a variety of purposes. Use WorldBuild365's online directory to source polyethylene pipes manufacturers, steel pipes suppliers, & fulfill more associated pipe manufacturing needs.

Find Out Where To Buy Pipes Wholesale

There are many methods of pipe manufacturing, producing tubes which are designed for a variety of purposes. Use WorldBuild365’s comprehensive online directory to source steel pipes manufacturers and polyethylene pipes manufacturers. When installing quality pipes the benefits are:

Dependability – pipes provide long-term tensile strength.

Wear resistance – maintaining water quality.

Favorable cost – energy efficient systems.


Plastic pipe production lines utilize various polymers such as polyethylene, polypropylene, and PVC to produce high quality pipes at low prices.

Line for round drainage pipe system production consists of equipment intended specifically for production of round drainpipes. Thin-sheet galvanized metal is used and coated with plastisol. Production of drainpipes from steel, aluminum or copper is a service that pays attention to quality, acquisition, delivery, and maintenance of production equipment.

Epak 1200, concrete pipe machines, multifunctional gas controllers, and multifunctional valves can all be found on this digital platform.

Compact rotor systems allow for the rapid production of pipe with maximum concrete density, producing pipe at a rate of more than one per minute. The fully automatic plant layout is designed for continuous production with post-processing, including joint ring removal, cleaning, storage, and retrieval. Also included are testing and marking, and product handling with automatic finished pipe feed out and sorting.

Welding Equipment

Electrofusion welding is an automated welding process that makes pipe joining fast and easy. The welding is performed on the outside of the tube, so the inside remains smooth, allowing high flow quality. This also prevents incrustation and scaling on the pipe interior. The many advantages of this method include anti-corrosion features, soundproofing, quick and simple installation, and a long service life.

Welding equipment sets, tube material, and pipe benders may also be of interest when searching for this kind of equipment.

Butt fusion for pressure pipes enables management of the welding process in a semi-automatic way. The electronic system guarantees the continuous repeat of the welding cycles, and automatic control of the preset parameters, so the operator only needs to validate the welding phases. The user-friendly graphics allows for quick settings. Accessories are available upon request.


Asbestos cement pipes purchased from any of the many asbestos cement pipe manufacturers found on this site can provide high quality pipes for low costs. Three types of pipe are available: pressure chrysotile cement, pressure free chrysotile, and pipe chute devices. These pipes are not only environmentally safe, but have a high technical performance and long service life. They’re resistant to corrosion, precipitation, and extreme temperatures.

Corrugated pipes are produced at specialist plants by corrugated pipe manufacturers. High quality raw materials are selected for the production process. The pipe consists of three layers – the inside layer is made from high density polyethylene, the middle layer from steel and adhesive polyethylene, and the final layer from 100% high density polyethylene, resulting in a smooth finish. The porous surface is resistant to tension, distortion, and corrosion. Find more details about corrugated pipe suppliers on this site.

Polyethylene pipes are produced for water supply, drainage, and the supply of gas. This high density type of piping is rugged and durable, and has outstanding chemical and environmental stress crack resistance. Another advantage is the resistance to biological growth, as well as corrosion, providing a long service life with few additional maintenance costs. The most commonly used methods for coupling the pipes include butt welding, flange coupling, and mechanical coupling.

Steel pipes from many steel pipes suppliers found on this site are of high quality and meet all international standards. These pipes can be used for the transportation of raw oil, natural gas, and water, and are commonly found in oil refinery plants. The hollow structure of the pipe is beneficial for strength, durability, and high resistance to internal and external pressures. Where complicated bending and installation is required these pipes are essential.