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Any work equipment needed to lift and lower loads must be fit for purpose. Search for mobile crane manufacturers, lifting equipment suppliers, and where to buy forklifts wholesale in WorldBuild365’s online directory. WorldBuild365 is a comprehensive guide for sourcing manufacturers, wholesalers, & suppliers of lifting equipment & forklifts - make contact online today!

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Any work equipment needed to lift and lower loads must be fit for purpose. Search for mobile crane manufacturers, lifting equipment suppliers, and where to buy forklifts wholesale in WorldBuild365’s online directory. It‘s essential that lifting gear is:

Safe and reliable.

Designed for light and heavy lifting operations.

Strong and stable.


Move heavy objects by suspending them from a beam...

Truck cranes from the hydraulic crane manufacturers found on this site have a maximum lifting capacity of 30 tonnes provided they’re standing on firm, level ground. The main boom equipped with a fly jib offers a maximum lifting height of 48 meters. Cranes are extremely important in the construction industry as they’re specifically designed for lifting tasks. These machines stand for powerful performance, stability, and excellent lifting results.

Crawler cranes have a load capacity of 4.9 tonnes and a lift height with jib of 20 meters. The crane is easy to operate, with a clear display showing the weight of the lifted load, and maximum load positions. There’s a useful pre-programming function that allows operations to be carried out in confined areas. The cabin is air-conditioned to make working conditions comfortable. The undercarriage is reliable, and the crane has almost zero overhang, making it extremely safe.

Lifting and Conveying Equipment

Lifting, lowering, and rotating...

Lifting equipment used for the transfer and transportation of concrete products can be readily purchased from a trusted lifting equipment supplier. The gear is controlled by a single operator by means of mobile beams. This ensures no damage will be caused to the concrete structures by lifting hooks or spring suspensions. Take a look at a wide range of hoist equipment suppliers on this site.

Conveying equipment in the form of a rubber belt conveyer is available in different belt widths. This piece of mechanical handling equipment is especially useful in applications involving the transportation of heavy or bulky materials.

Formworks and Platforms

Equipment for raising levels...

Self-climbing formwork is a support structure for the construction of walls and other vertical structures without using cranes. The climbing process is flexible and versatile for all types of high-rise buildings. Working platforms and formwork can be simultaneously lifted and construction is extremely fast. There’s safe access to large and protected working platforms as climbing brackets are anchored to the walls. Adverse weather conditions don’t affect the operations.

Unloading platforms are temporary devices for transfer of loads between different locations, in particular at varying building levels. The platform is manufactured from steel and rolled steel sheet, ensuring high strength and rigidity. Steel welding joins the load bearing structures, and platform railings are screwed together. The entire structure is protected by orange chlorinated rubber paint which guarantees a longer life, and provides good visibility at the construction site.

Wheel Loaders, Excavators, and Trucks

Heavy equipment for pushing, lifting, and loading...

Wheel loaders used in construction are designed to move aside or load materials such as demolition debris, logs, raw minerals, and rock. The versatile shovels easily transport loads from stockpiles to trucks, or around job sites. Caterpillar wheels make handling and loading jobs safe, fast, and precise. Different types of wheel loaders can be selected depending on the job requirements.

Choose a wheel loader supplier listed on this site to get more details about Bobcat, Caterpillar, JCB, and Komatsu wheel loaders.

Excavators are designed for a wide range of work on construction sites, and in urban environments. Any excavator supplier found on this site will offer industry leading loader lift capacity and reach, and high class cab visibility. A self-leveling mechanism during the lifting phase makes for greater productivity, and provides better driving comfort.

Mini excavator details can also be found in this online product directory, and bought from any reliable excavator manufacturer.

Autograders are designed for surface leveling and earth moving on construction sites.

Cross-lifting trucks are able to move casing pallets by positioning them exactly. The pallets are raised hydraulically and driven to the next pallet position, and then put down on roller blocks, or set-down blocks. Immediately, the transverse carriage is ready to move the next casing pallet. You'll find a lifting equipment manufacturer on this site quickly and easily.

Mini Series

Compact equipment for working flexibility...

Mini cranes can lift loads significantly exceeding their own weight. With a carrying capacity of 2.8 tonnes, and a hook lifting height of 8 meters, these cranes are ideal for smaller construction work. Many of the hydraulic crane manufacturers on this site offer cranes with a diesel engine and electric motor, equipped with remote control and programmable torque limiter.

Mini crawler cranes with tracks provide an alternative solution to work that needs to be carried out in limited and confined spaces. Equipped with an electric motor, the compact crane spider is practically noiseless - the slim body makes the crane maneuverable and stable.

Hand Wheel Barrows

Suitable for all construction projects, and DIY as well as professional needs...

Hand wheel barrows with plastic trays are made from high quality stainless steel. The load capacity of the barrow is between 100-160kg. Wheel barrows are pushed from behind making them easy to control and maneuver. Buying a hand wheel barrow wholesale is simple – get details on this site.