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Source a concrete handling system manufacturer with zero hassle. Make floor production wholesale by purchasing top of the line concrete handling equipment & moving floor systems! All through the WorldBuild365 directory.

Find a Floor Production and Concrete Handling Equipment Supplier

Source a concrete handling system manufacturer with zero hassle, via the WorldBuild365 product directory. Top industry names showcase their products here, enabling users to find a vast array of items - all of which are constantly updated to show the latest ranges of all the leading suppliers. You'll find everything you need in order to:

Produce your own concrete items - using high grade manufacturing equipment.

Cure and dry concrete at a steady but accelerated pace.

Build an entire production line, suitable for making floor production wholesale!

A quick search through the ever-expanding list of products, suppliers, and manufacturers of concrete handling systems and other devices that you'll find here is all it takes...

Concrete Handling Systems

Select from amongst precision manufacturing equipment suitable for concrete floor production...

Moving floor systems will have been created by your moving floor systems supplier for the purpose of curing concrete floors. These advanced systems bring concrete into a heat and humidity-controlled environment which enables it to be cured quickly and evenly. The process generally takes between six and eight hours, after which you can handle your concrete with confidence. Some modern systems are equipped with pallet identifiers - usually accomplished by RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) - so different products can be easily tracked, as well as variable speed rubber drive wheels which allow for safe and protected moving of any and all concrete products.

Pre-cast floor production equipment will come from your chosen floor production equipment manufacturer having been designed to turn the raw materials of concrete into the hollow-core, ribbed, and half slabs of pre-cast floors. The slabs come out of the machine ready for installation. These machines come in various sizes, suitable for larger and smaller desired production capacities. More advanced units will allow the creation of T-beams and slipformed slabs, as well as for the entire process to be automated.

Complete floor creation systems are total production systems which are usually controlled by CAD or CAM technology. This type of unit can usually be set up automatically, and will allow the dimensions of the flooring products it produces to be quickly and simply altered via an integrated monitor screen.


Get the molds and other forms you need in order to make sure your machinery is producing just the right type of slab...

Paving slab forms are used in the creation of paving slabs. They come in many different sizes and dimensions, and for use in various models of machine. For example, your concrete handling equipment supplier may provide forms suitable for vibrocasting.