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Easily search through the ranges of a selection of leading fiberglass products manufacturers. Purchase the production equipment, and fiberglass and resin supplies, you need to finish or create your own fiberglass items from scratch. Locate a whole range of fiberglass materials & supplies though the WorldBuild365 directory. Buy wholesale fiberglass from companies with trusted reputations

Fiberglass Products Suppliers - Get Materials and Manufacturing Machinery

  • STM Bending & Tempering Line
    STM Bending & Tempering Line
    STM Technologies

    Bending & Tempering Lines are used for manufacturing tempered automotive glass (backlite and sidelite) and architectural glass.

Easily search through the ranges of a selection of leading fiberglass products manufacturers. Purchase the production equipment, and fiberglass and resin supplies, you need to finish or create your own fiberglass items from scratch. Using the WorldBuild365 directory you'll find:

World-leading fiberglass manufacturing companies - with constantly updated records of their latest products.

Resins for every purpose, so you can create your own items, and perform swift repairs on all kinds of building and vehicles.

Products suited to any budget, with many companies offering wholesale fiberglass purchases.

Buying any given quantity of wholesale fiberglass has never been simpler. Enter your search terms into the box, and see what the latest offerings are from the top names in the industry...

Fiberglass Products

Find a ready source of any kind of pre-made fibreglass item...

Fiberglass rods are durable, strong, lightweight, and resistant to bending. They're a type of fiberglass product which contains a large amount of uni-directional fiberglass in a polyester resin matrix. They're generally used in agriculture, transport, sailing, concrete reinforcement, and model making.

Fiberglass tubes, similar in construction to the above rods, are usually designed for use in boat and other vehicle repair jobs, but do have other applications. There are a variety of different diameters and thicknesses of material available.

Van lining kits come in a ready-made pack to be used to toughen up the interior of any vehicle. Giving your van a fibreglass interior makes it simple to clean and maintain. Plus of course, the material is highly durable, and resistant to chemicals and water - perfect for vans which arrive from the manufacturer equipped with plywood-lined cargo spaces.

Fiberglass repair kits, sometimes called laminating kits, are built with the express purpose of providing everything you need for low-intensity repairs of all kinds of vehicles and buildings, including sailing boats, canoes, surf boards, skylights, roofs, car bodies, bumpers and fenders, and many others. There are a variety of models available, including those provided with and without tools.

Fiberglass Manufacturing Equipment and Supplies

Get all of the items needed for fibreglass manufacture, including glass fibre supplies, and a whole lot more...

Fiberglass polishers are large pieces of equipment which have burners fitted inside. These can glaze any internal or external part of any given product that's fed through them. These machines play a key part in manufacturing fiberglass, and most companies which stock fiberglass materials and supplies have different scales of machine on offer for use in making different products. Optional extras available with many models include devices which can rotate the product being treated by the machine, allowing all parts of it to be properly polished.

Fiberglass resins are used in a huge number of industries and projects, including boat building and repair, as well as building construction. These resins tend to be a low viscosity, low styrene emission substance suitable for hand laying or spray manufacturing fiberglass. Most are designed with a specific use or uses in mind, including on flat roofs, special materials for surf board repair, and many others. For example, surf board resins are designed to be completely transparent and offer good sanding qualities.

Isophthalic resin has a higher resistance to chemicals and heat than standard fiberglass resins.

Clear casting resin, also known as clear fiberglass resin, is offered by some glass fibre manufacturers for use in the arts and craft sector to create furniture, kitchen surfaces, models, jewelry, and other ornaments. While it is transparent in appearance, there are several different types of pigmentation and coloring available, making it even more aesthetically pleasing.

GRP mouldings are fiberglass mouldings designed used to create smooth, simple shapes of finished material. The material is called Glass Reinforced Polyester - or sometimes Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) - and is incredibly cost-effective when it comes to creating small or medium quantities of material shapes over the long term.