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The WorldBuild365 directory gives you one simple place to search for plastic extrusion manufacturers and aluminium extruded profiles manufacturers - along with all the related equipment you need to create your own products. Search through the ranges of plastic & aluminium extrusion wholesalers, & get the best deals on extrusion machines, formwork, & profiles - via WorldBuild365

Find the Extrusion Supplier That's Right For You

  • Profile extrusion line
    Profile extrusion line

    Profile extrusion lines is mainly used in PVC door&windoor profile, wide door board, extrusion of multi-holes tube for passing throudh lines. For different sectional surface and die head, twin parallel or conical screw extruder of different specifications

  • PE Pipe extrusion line
    PE Pipe extrusion line

    PE pipe extrusion line is maimly used in the area of agricultural water supply system, architectural water supply system, pavement oa cables, etc. Pipes diameter from 16 to 1600 mm.

  • PVC pipe extrusion line
    PVC pipe extrusion line

    PVC pipe production lines mainly used in the area of adricultural water supply system, archtectural water supply system, pavement jf cables, etc. as well as PVC pipe material of all sorts of pipe caliber and wall tickness.

  • MG2-T

    Extraction system for aluminium and PVC swarf with single suction nozzle, designed for cleaning machines and the work environment or extract swarf from work units that require high vacuum values.

  • Stiff Extrusion Dies
    Stiff Extrusion Dies
    Zmb Braun

    ZMB BRAUN‘s SVP50 is characterised by its special design that guides the flow of clay from round to oval and finally outputting the brick‘s typical rectangular shape. The shortened pressure zone helps to reduce friction therefore reducing energy costs.

  • Extruder
    Global Sterling

    Nylon Film Extruder

  • Block Cutter Cube
    Block Cutter Cube

    Block cutter CUBE - 4 columns automatic electronic block-cutting machine for marble.

The WorldBuild365 directory gives you one simple place to search for plastic extrusion manufacturers and aluminium extruded profiles manufacturers - along with all the related equipment you need to create your own products. Easily source and get the best deal on equipment that will let you:

Extrude different materials - including PVC, PP, PE, and aluminium.

Create a variety of items, such as pipework, formwork, as well as door and window frames.

Get the best value for money, because you'll be able to quickly compare and contrast offers from the market leaders.

Search the aluminium extrusion wholesalers listed here now, or enter a short search to find the custom plastic extrusions manufacturer matched to your requirements...

Extrusion Machines

Here you'll find a list of plastic and aluminum extrusion press manufacturers who stock a range of high quality machinery...

PVC pipe extruders are available from several plastic extrusion machine manufacturers. They vary in design, but all are made with the purpose of creating a variety of modular PVC pipes. These pipes go on to be used in building or agricultural water supply systems, as protection for cables, and in a huge range of other situations. Most types of machine can make pipes of any diameter and thickness, as they will have an internal length measuring meter and saw blades fitted. Ask your extruder machine manufacturer for further options - most can be fitted with drawing machines with different numbers of claws, suited to every need.

PE pipe extruders are very similar to the above PVC pipe extrusions machines, and are sold by many plastic extruders manufacturers for very similar purposes. These are highly efficient production units, with automatic computer control systems allowing for simple operation.

Nylon film extruders are designed by extrusion equipment manufacturers to produce different types of plastic film. Nylon, of course, refers to polyamide plastics. These are heavy duty film blowing machines producing material which is known for its great thermal and chemical resistance and durability.

Two-layer extrusion lines can produce both PE and PP pipes. These are most often used in drainage and sewerage systems. Extrusion press manufacturers make systems like these so that the final finished pipe will have an inner and an outer layer. The line incorporates two separate extruders working independently from each other in order to do this.

Monobloc extrusion machines are built by a number of aluminium extrusion press manufacturers, and companies that make equipment for plastic extrusion suppliers, as all-in-one minimal maintenance units. They are designed for direct installation into the foundation, and to be highly efficient when working. Easy access to all parts of the machine ensures that any repair or replacement work is always easy to carry out.

Profile extrusion lines can be used to make PVC window and door frames, multi-hole tubes, door boards, and other one-piece profiles. Any extrusion manufacturer using one of these machines will have a wide array of options at their command. High quality units of this kind ensure a stable, reliable, and highly efficient production line with a large pulling force. Most units will incorporate automatic operation controls, and optional powder and dust extraction functions.

Aluminum extruders can be used to create items with very complicated cross-sections, as required. Both hot and cold aluminum extrusion machinery is generally available from the companies which supply most extruded aluminum manufacturers. Aluminium is the most commonly extruded material, and products made from it are used in frames and rails, tracks, sinks, and heat sinks, amongst others.

Other Machinery

As well as providing everything required for the extrusion manufacturing process, this category of equipment also covers a variety of other machinery...

Block cutter cubes are for the cutting of marble and other stone-like substances. They can turn blocks of marble into partially finished strips. Designed to be sturdy and tough, they're well able to withstand the demands of the job.

Extraction systems are a key part of the extrusion process, and a vital purchase if you're buying a profile extrusion line wholesale. They are designed to extract aluminum and plastic swarf - the fine chips produced by machining operations - allowing the material to be safely collected and disposed of. The best models will be equipped with anti-static filters, and will have automatic vibration functions as well as a collection tank cleaning system.

Formwork and Profiles

In addition to plastic and aluminum extrusion manufacturers, this category contains linked products such as...

Formwork panels make construction of walls and foundations simple. The smallest modern lightweight units are designed to be handled by a single individual, while larger units can require a team or vehicle to get into position. It's simple to get a great deal on a formwork panel wholesale when you consult a huge directory like this, full of the leading names in the industry.

Extruded aluminum suppliers commonly stock a wide variety of extruded aluminum goods, such as spars, bars, and vehicle and machine parts. Many aluminum extrusion profiles suppliers are specialists, but most will have a wide and varied range, or offer the purchase of a custom die for the creation of specialist products. Getting an aluminum extrusion supply has never been easier!