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Search through a whole range of vehicles and heavy-duty equipment suitable for road building and other construction tasks, via this massive online directory. Browse the ranges of a number of road construction & heavy earth moving equipment manufacturers all in one easy-to-navigate place - WorldBuild365.

Get Earth Moving and Road Construction Machinery Wholesale

  • PR 716 Litronic Bulldozer
    PR 716 Litronic Bulldozer
    Liebherr International

    With powerful hydrostatic transmission and a comfortable control system withjoysticks Liebherr bulldozers differ unsurpassed maneuverability, economical fuel consumption and high performance.

  • Compact Crane LTC
    Compact Crane LTC
    Liebherr International

    Compact crane LTC has excellent driving characteristics of classic all-terrain cranes and thanks to its compact design is the ideal mechanism for lifting work in cramped conditions, for example, on the factory floor.

  • Excavator CPH
    Excavator CPH

    Designed to eliminate the need for manual processing of drilling tools on the construction site.

  • XENTRIX Concrete mixer
    XENTRIX Concrete mixer
    Simem Solution

    A mixing equipment for concrete and other chemical compounds. It allows to process the entire range of concrete, industrial waste, glass, chemicals and fertilizers.

  • Heavy duty bracket G
    Heavy duty bracket G

    G heavy duty bracket is designed for the construction of concrete structure parts in cantilever and at significant height. As well as for the construction of pier caps and pier heads (pier segment).

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Search through a whole range of vehicles and heavy-duty equipment suitable for road building and other construction tasks, via this massive online directory. Here you'll find the road construction equipment manufacturer that provides just the right kind of tools for the job you have in hand...

All scales of work - from hobbyist up to industrial-scale improvement, mining, or road building.

Mobile or stationary, suiting any needs that a construction company or private individual might have.

In the right cost bracket, with many suppliers offering road construction machinery wholesale

WorldBuild365 is always being updated and added to as various construction machinery suppliers alter their ranges. Keep checking back to see the latest offerings from the top heavy equipment suppliers in the business. They have product ranges which feature:

Heavy Duty Machinery

Whether it's a road construction machinery manufacturer you need, or more general construction machine manufacturers, this always-changing product list is a great place to start...

Asphalt mixing plants are available in a number of basic types, but are always used in the manufacture of coated road stone like asphalt or macadam. The most common are stationary asphalt mixing plants and continuous asphalt mixing plants. Both are generally designed to be put up and dismantled quickly, and can be supplied as mobile stations by an experienced asphalt mixing plant manufacturer. You might also require repair parts or additional features to add to a unit you already have. One quick search of this directory is usually enough to find an asphalt mixing plant supplier suited to your needs.

You might also require a drummed asphalt melter or an asphalt emulsion plant.

Compactors will be sold by your chosen compactor manufacturer with the express purpose of reducing volumes of a given material. A particularly popular type of compactor is a baler-wrapper compactor. These are designed to reduce material volumes ready for easier shipping. The design of compactors vary from hand-pushed models that resemble domestic garden lawnmowers to large truck units for industrial or road construction purposes. These large units are most often used in the waste and recycling industry, but are also used for a variety of purposes in the construction industry. Here they are variously known as "jumping jacks" or "wacker plates", and are generally available from any good hydraulic hammer manufacturer.

Heavy earth moving equipment manufacturers supply a large range of products. This range of vehicles, trailers, and other units can include land levelers, pull scrapers, heavy trucks, bulldozers, backhoe loaders, excavators of various designations, graders, diggers, pavers, dump trucks, pipelayers, timber vehicles, trackloaders, and a wide variety of others. When you need to buy wholesale construction machinery, the WorldBuild365 directory is always a good place to commence your search.

Vehicles, Trucks, and Trolleys

Search for a reliable concrete pump supplier. Navigate through a list containing concrete mixer truck manufacturers. The WorldBuild365 directory is updated on a day-to-day basis...

Concrete mixers manufacturers usually supply a wide range of sizes of machinery suitable for different scales of task. All are designed to turn cement, water, and sand (or gravel) into concrete. The size variance starts at the small end with on-site and portable concrete mixers - designed for domestic repairs and renovation work - through concrete mixer trailers which need to be towed by a vehicle, up to the full in-transit mixer trucks. The type of concrete truck manufacturers which supply the latter kind of vehicle units are usually heavy machinery manufacturing companies with large product lists.

Often incorrectly called "cement mixers", a search for a cement mixer manufacturer or cement truck manufacturers will redirect you to any concrete mixer suppliers listed here.

Concrete pumps transfer quantities of liquid concrete to the desired location. Most concrete pump truck manufacturers will supply units mounted either on a semi-trailer, or on a truck of its own. Units come in one of two general formats. One that has its own articulated robotic boom arm which can be swayed into place. This allows precise delivery of a very heavy throughput of concrete. The second type is a line pump. This type will require flexible metal hosing or another type of suitable pipework to be used to offload the pumped concrete. This additional necessary installation phase means that they will usually be recommended by your concrete pump manufacturer for lighter construction jobs.