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Find building equipment of the highest quality offering safety feature, high resistance and precision controls. The specialist building equipment listed on WorldBuild365 is produced by a variety of concrete batching plant & welding machine manufacturers, & others.

Rotary Drilling Rigs & More from Expert Manufacturers

Building equipment needs to be of the highest quality if it's to be of use. It must have:

Safety features that allow them to be handled properly by many different users.

High resistance to differing temperatures, and therefore be suitable for use on construction sites.

Precision controls that enable users to cut, mix, and prepare a variety of materials.

The online directory WorldBuild365 lists multiple professional welding machine manufacturers, concrete batching plant manufacturers, concrete batching plant suppliers, PVC welding machine manufacturers, and other specialists who all know the importance of the above attributes. They offer:

Welding Machines, Plotter Cutters, Production Beds, and Geotextiles

This comprises...

Welding machines of various types. These units can assure high production capacity as well as the highest possible standards – they can be controlled via a tried and tested electronic system that allows precision welding. Furthermore, there are specialized products available from welding machine suppliers that have been specifically designed to facilitate the welding of particular materials including PVC and ETFE.

Plotter cutter ribbon machines featuring a system of vacuum supports. These machines can be easily and efficiently managed by way of a numerical software program. This allows a user to allocate patterns, minimize throw-outs, and so much more.

Production beds that can be tailor-made to suit individual user requirements. They can be constructed onsite and have many benefits. This includes excellent savings in transport and material costs, as well as an underlying layer of concrete that increases thermal conductivity.

Geotextiles that have been specially made of virgin polypropylene fibres by highly regarded geotextiles manufacturers and suppliers. These products have strong elastic bonding and thermal protection, and are ideal for many different civil engineering applications – separation, filtration, drainage, protection, stabilization, reinforcement, and that’s not all.

Mixers and Mortars

This covers:

Concrete mixers of small weights that can easily be transported through regular-sized doorways, and into apartments and other similar structures – concrete mixer manufacturers and suppliers offer units that are easy to both assemble and dismantle.

Mortars for the preparation of numerous concrete mixtures and solutions. The devices on offer from the multiple mortar manufacturers and mortar suppliers on this site are also suitable for those mixtures that require the most careful stirring. For example, one containing dyes, plasticizers, and additives.

Plants, Rigs, and Distributors

Other units available include...

Gas power plants available in two models – conventional hood and noise dampening – both offer considerable cost-efficiency. Moreover, all the components and elements of these specialist plants have been fitted on to a single, robust structure. Consequently, they can be placed almost anywhere without any special preparation. Also: to make the maintenance of the units simple, the various filters and accumulators are arranged in directly next to the instrument panel.

Concrete batching and mixing plants for the dosing and subsequent weightings of materials including marble-chips, marble powder, and white cement, in order to prepare the first and second layer of mortar. Production capacities range from between 50 and 150 liters per minute.

Rotary drilling rigs that cover multi-purpose units suitable for many different kinds of foundation work. Attachments included with the products provided by the rotary drilling rigs manufacturers on this site include premium depth vibrators, trench cutters, winches, an advanced electronic system, counterweight elements, tried and tested safety rails, and so much more.

Asphalt distributors that can be installed onto a vehicle, and then mounted onto the back of high load bearing lorries. These coordinated and thermal insulated electro-hydraulic systems consist of tanks, measuring control devices, and specialist pumping equipment .