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Machinery, Equipment & IT Processing and industrial equipment both fall under the umbrella of building machinery. The various sub categories vary depending on their application: earth moving equipment, construction vehicles, construction/building equipment and material handling apparatus.
Sub Category

Processing and Industrial Equipment

  • Lines for Insulated Panels
    Lines for Insulated Panels

    Kronn is a highly qualified team with years of experience in the field of the lines for manufacturing insulated panels. The mechanical processing is executed with CNC machines of the latest generation; the design (with 3D programs) and the electrical and

  • E&L series
    E&L series
    Olivotto Glass Technologies

    Olivotto Glass Technologies is the leader Company in the production of blow-blow machines. The E series, which features the complete electronic process control, has been in production for more than 15 years and it has been the natural evolution of the T s

  • STM Glass wool lines
    STM Glass wool lines
    STM Technologies

    STM offers complete glass wool production lines employing latest-generation technology to manufacture boards, rolled blankets and pipes for residential and industrial thermal and acoustic insulation needs.

  • STM Rock wool lines
    STM Rock wool lines
    STM Technologies

    The rock wool production line consists of a series of sections where the raw materials are transformed into thin fibers, collected, and packed into the final insulating products.

  • STM Microfibers
    STM Microfibers
    STM Technologies

    Microfiber production capacity ranges from 1.2 to 5 tons/day, for diameters from 0.8 to 3 microns. Products are DIN compliant. Microfiber is a primitive fiber produced with a variety of glass formulas.

  • Tunnel Dryers
    Tunnel Dryers

    SABO constructs a wide range of tunnel dryers starting from conventional ones equipped with reversing fans to modern two-side-ventilated, multiple-zone dryers.

  • Rapid Dryers
    Rapid Dryers

    SABO provides rapid dryers with suspended cars which have a daily capacity of 250 to 1200 tons.

  • Jetdryer Dryer
    Jetdryer Dryer

    Ideal for drying low-concentration and thin-wall pieces, the JETDRYER provides a 3 to 8 hour drying cycle. This high performance allows the optimisation of resources allocated to the drying process.

  • Mestral Dryer
    Mestral Dryer

    Suitable for drying all kinds of ceramic pieces, the MESTRAL dryer also adapts to the requirements of all clay types. This flexibility is by no means incompatible with rational use of energy resources.

  • Fornthermic Furnace
    Fornthermic Furnace

    The FORNTHERMIC model is based on a classic and dependable firing installation concept, constructed with top quality elements which guarantee a long productive life.

  • Macring Steel Sheet Systems
    Macring Steel Sheet Systems
    Macring Group

    Macring has designed, manufactured and delivered more than 600 roll forming and cutting lines as well as production units for quick-assembly construction all over the world.

  • Macring Rain Water Systems
    Macring Rain Water Systems
    Macring Group

    Rain water system production plants designed and delivered by Macring are in operation in 9 different countries. Macring has made altogether 20 rainwater system deliveries.

  • Geotextiles
    Fibertex Nonwovens

    Fibertex Geotextiles are used in building and construction works for separation, filtration, drainage, protection, stabilization and reinforcement.

  • Equipment for Gas Cleaning
    Equipment for Gas Cleaning

    CTPTeam S.r.l., part of Bedeschi Group is an Engineering and manufacturing Company with 40 years of experience in dust treatment and gas filtration technology and the most reliable international partner in gas cleaning solution.

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Machinery & Equipment & IT

Processing and industrial equipment both fall under the umbrella of building machinery. The various sub categories vary depending on their application: earth moving equipment, construction vehicles, construction/building equipment and material handling apparatus.


Different Types of Building Machinery

Earth moving building equipment covers a number of machines, including:


• Excavators 

• Loaders 

• Bull dozers 

• Trenchers

• Motor strappers

• Motor graders 

• Wheeled loading shovels 

• Compressors

• Hydraulic excavators

• Much more


When the need arises for the shifting of large amounts of earth, digging of foundations or large-scale landscaping projects, this machinery is essential. 


Heavy duty construction vehicles are purpose built for civil engineering and performing tasks such earth moving and building work. Different types of construction vehicles include tankers, trailers, tippers and dumpers.


Material handling construction machinery covers:


• Cranes 

• Hoists 

• Conveyors 

• Forklifts


Construction/building equipment includes: tunnelling and handling equipment, road rollers, concrete mixers, hot mix plants, road making machines, stone crushers, pavers, slurry seal machines, spraying and plastering machines and heavy duty pumps.


Warehouse equipment is also important in the storage of all materials used – the efficiency of the entire material flow often depends on the design of the warehouse system.


Building equipment products are vital when working on large-scale construction project. The proper use of the right construction equipment ensures higher quality, safety, economy, cost reduction and aids the timely completion of the project. About 30 % of the total project costs stem from machinery and equipment, so selecting the right options is of utmost importance