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Various socket & switch suppliers have signed up to WorldBuild365 & all their products can be found in this directory - rubber sockets, digital switches and much more. Discover stylish products that function seamlessly and offer easy maintenance.

Safe Items from Highly Regarded Socket and Switch Suppliers

  • BIT1 Daily and weekly digital time switches
    BIT1 Daily and weekly digital time switches

    The time digital switch "BIT" operates the lighting and the power down of electrical load setting up in an intuitive way a program by the keys of which the device is provided and also by the graphic display on which it is showed.

  • CD Series Switches
    CD Series Switches

    The CD range harmoniously integrates into any living area trough its design. The CD offers a great deal of space for a demanding colour design.

  • Deco Interiors Switch-lever
    Deco Interiors Switch-lever
    Deco Interiors

    The switch is made in the form of a lever, an extremely convenient and reliable device that will facilitate the control of home lighting equipment. The product has an attractive appearance, with the color of dark chrome.

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Switches and sockets enable precision control over a building's lighting and electrical system. They have to...

Function seamlessly so that a user can save power, activate lights, and give power to a device at any time they like.

Clean easily and therefore be kept in the best possible condition for a long period of time.

Offer style and practicality, because even if a switch or socket has an attractive finish it must still fulfill its main purpose.

The switch manufacturers, switch suppliers, socket manufacturers, and socket suppliers on WorldBuild365 know that the attributes and advantages described above are vital, and that’s why they offer all of the following, and much more...


Wholesale orders of a particular switch type can be made – this covers products including, but not limited to:

Decorative switches such as those lined with glass or python skin. These finishes may purely be for aesthetic effect, but the switches themselves are still of the highest quality and can be used as normal. Although they'll require a further amount of maintenance than traditional white or chrome switches.

Chrome switches which are stylish and decorative, yet highly durable and practical – they’re easier to clean than traditional white switches, have a smooth texture, and come in a wide range of finishes, shapes, and sizes. This covers elements such as smoothly rounded edges, a professionally polished effect, and much more. It should also be noted that certain chrome switches available from the manufacturers on this website can be snapped in place instead of screwed in.

Dimmer switches that allow a user to adjust the voltage provided to a specific light fixture. In effect, this enables precision control of brightness. Despite their function, the switches listed in this directory are very safe and efficient. And they bring many other advantages: bulbs don’t have to be used at their full wattage, and therefore energy can be saved – and the bulbs will last longer too. In fact, this lifespan can be extended so much that a lamp that would normally need to be changed every 5 or 6 months could easily last for several years.

Digital switches which allow users to operate the lighting in a building in a modern, intuitive way. These switches feature a special display which shows the current time and date and enables the input of personalised light settings – users can turn on lights and have them turned off after a certain period of time, not unlike a sleep setting on a television set. Furthermore, the switch can be told to reserve power and turn lights on at certain intervals. Note: despite all the additional elements to this switch, the base product remains durable and easy to maintenance.

Button switches offer a simple press activation instead of the flick operation of traditional and rocker switches. They have smooth, flat surfaces that can fit with any interior décor, come in a variety of different colors and finishes, and can be easily cleaned due to their design.


Socket manufacturers can offer:

Adapters that enable a single socket to power multiple devices via a number of separate plugs. These are available from the suppliers on this site in two-plug, three-plug, and other variations. They’re durable, look surprisingly attractive, and function seamlessly.

Decorative sockets including those with special effects including artificial wood, metal, and so on. These designs make the materials look real and polished while still remaining strong and functional.

Rubber sockets that don’t conduct electricity in any way, shape, or form. This makes them totally safe and ideal for use.

Socket-Switch Combinations and Accessories

Other items that can be supplied cover:

Socket-switches which are special products that combine the attributes of both types of electrical fitting. The housing of these items are highly resistant to heat and sunlight, and can function as turnkey solutions for lighting control in kitchens in new buildings, and more.

Accessories that include plug, socket, switch covers, and a variety of other items.