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The dynamic WorldBuild365 directory is constantly updated with products from the top names in the industry. Consult the leading protection relay manufacturers & top suppliers of other types of electrical relay. One click to WorldBuild365 is all it takes to connect!
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Buying a Relay Wholesale - The Top Manufacturers and Suppliers

The dynamic WorldBuild365 directory is constantly updated with products from the top names in the industry. Search for and find a leading relay supplier or a control and relay panel manufacturer whenever you need one. The ever-expanding list of companies here means that whenever you need to buy a relay wholesale, you can always find a product which allows:

Any input via control switches, rotary knobs, several switches in parallel - whatever your system requires.

Easy installation, suiting the needs of all kinds of system in almost any kind of building.

Protection or smooth operation, with models for system safety or to allow different control inputs as required.

Consult the full relay manufacturers list with just a few clicks! You'll find items including, but not limited to...

Types of Relay

This directory contains a huge number of interface, solid state, automotive, and general purpose relays. Quickly connect with a relay manufacturer who can supply you with...

Control relays are created for the purpose of controlling and signalling electrical power. Basic independent switch units are designed to be flexible. Your relay manufacturer may supply lighter and heavier duty models for commercial or industrial usage, or for usage in higher or lower temperature operating environments. These switch units are available in a wide array of formats from different control and relay panel manufacturers, including switches, push buttons, with indicator lights for change or extension, and many others.

Multifunction time relays can be used in conjunction with a large number of different electrical appliances. Many relay manufacturing companies supply models for controlling heating systems, lights, pumps, and fans, amongst others. Most come with a selection of different time ranges and functions. These can be controlled either by voltage input, control input, or latching relay. Because of their multiple functions, almost all electrical relays suppliers stock units with mounted LED status panels to give the user clear feedback.

Memory and latching relays are used in systems to replace three-way switches or cross bar switches. Most power relay manufacturers supply units which allow any number of control inputs, connected in parallel. The "memory" aspect relates to the fact that this type of unit will remember the last state it was in prior to supply failure. After it has been deactivated, it will re-activate and return to its memorized state automatically when it receives power again.

Electromechanical relay manufacturers supply products which are designed to isolate circuits or batteries after an electrical switch has been flipped. They can be used with the purpose of detecting faults on transmission and distribution lines, or to control high power circuit using a low power signal.

Protection relays protect a system in the event that a fault such as over-voltage, over-current, or over or under-frequency, is detected. They trip the circuit breaker and should prevent any damage. Most protection relay manufacturers stock several models. Older types are electromagnetic devices, while newer models feature microprocessors and digital displays. Though some systems have been upgraded - mainly because newer models can conduct the work of several of the older electromagnetic type - the vast majority of relays remain fit for purpose for a great number of years.

A common search in this category is microprocessor digital protective relays.

Reed relays use an electromagnetic to control a set number of reed switches (see below). They are generally sealed within glass tubes, and do not require an armature in order to be moved.

Reed switch suppliers usually also stock the above reed relays. Reed switches are a type of electrical switch operated via a magnetic field. The pair of contacts - usually made by reed switch manufacturers out of copper, or occasionally gold - can be bought together using the magnetic field, and will reset after the field is withdrawn.