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The specialist outdoor landscape lighting manufacturers listed on WorldBuild365 can provide you with a range of high-quality units of varying designs. Find durable landscape lights, energy-saving garden lanterns, powerful façade lights and anything in between.

Get Garden Lanterns & Other Items Wholesale

  • 91370 L 3 BG
    91370 L 3 BG
    Oasis Light


  • Self – contained LED light with the solar batteries OCR60 – 32 (SOLAR)
    Self – contained LED light with the solar batteries OCR60 – 32 (SOLAR)
    New Light

    Self – contained LED light with the integrated solar battery and internal rechargeable battery. The light makes it possible to perform the street lighting. It`s a perfect variant for the lighting of the petrol – filling stations, parking, camping and other places, which are situated quite far from the electric power systems. In order to be provided with the additional information concerning the conditions of the operation, reach out the specialists of the «New Light» company.

  • Floraled lighting post
    Floraled lighting post
    FV Group

    Innovation abounds in this new concept. Imagine a light source that consumes little energy, that is less traditional and which looks like a tree: the natural luminaire. Ideal for your energy saving, environmentally friendly projects and durability.

  • Calima solar lighting post
    Calima solar lighting post
    FV Group

    Light is energy. Sunlight that brightens the day our planet can be reused to illuminate the night of our cities. Calima lighting system, proposed in two versions, is also this: the Green version is equipped with a solar panel with battery and charging system. Calima and Calima Green contribute to reducing CO2 emissions because they are equipped with energy-saving and renewable energy technologies.

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Outdoor and urban lighting units must be...

Powerful and able to illuminate large spaces.

Energy-saving, and therefore cost-effective to use.

Durable and resistant to weather conditions.

The outdoor lighting suppliers and outdoor landscape lighting manufacturers on WorldBuild365's online directory can offer many quality products like garden lanterns, and sell them wholesale.

Lights for Outside Residential Properties

Outdoor lighting manufacturers can offer...

Landscape lights that are ideal for illuminating pedestrian areas and parking lots. In addition, some of the units provided by the landscape lighting suppliers on this site can be used to artistically light structures. These devices have in-built protective covers designed to prevent damage caused by both dust and moisture.

Garden lanterns of many different types that can be used to light not only residential areas, but stress, roads, parks, and carparks too. These wholesale outdoor lighting products are of the highest quality, and some units are even solar powered. Consequently, they’re incredibly energy efficient and cost-effective to operate.

Façade lights which offer modern and stylish ways to draw attention to certain areas of properties. They have limited maintenance requirements, are reliable, and can be easily installed on almost any kind of surface due to their light weight. Also, the exterior lighting manufacturers we work with can provide both strong and soft lights, and easy-to-use controllers will be provided.

Lights for Outside Industrial Structures and On Roads

Exterior lighting suppliers can provide:

Floodlights perfect for covering sports pitches, stores, hospitals, offices, and other buildings. They’ve been designed to be resistant to high temperatures, not to emit any heat of their own, and to be completely protected against dust. Moreover, they offer a high light output, energy efficiency, and thermal distribution.

Street lamps that are both modern and highly efficient. These LED units can be used to illuminate many different kinds of areas including, but not limited to, streets, squares, parks, and more. They’re made of highly durable steel, and painted with a powder-polymer coating that protects against corrosion for up to 7 years. Note: the street lamp suppliers in this catalogue can deliver units ranging from small to very large sizes.

High bay lights that are good choices for buildings with high ceilings – around 20 to 40 feet in height. This is because they’re very powerful and can illuminate large areas even when they’re installed very high up. These specialist outdoor lighting products can be bought wholesale.

Low bay lights that are better suited to areas where ceilings are between 15 and 25 feet. They’re not as powerful as high bay lights, but will cover areas they’re installed in well.

Road lights that can be fixed to midblock, intersection, and crossing points in order to provide safety for both drivers and pedestrians by improving visibility. These units are highly durable, resistant to weather, long lasting, and emit bright and powerful lights.

Lighting Posts

Exterior lighting manufacturers can deliver...

Floraled lighting posts are exceptionally innovative – they’re light sources that consume little energy and don’t harm the environment. All styled in the shapes of trees, these poles can be supplied by outdoor lighting manufacturers in various heights and shapes.

Solar lighting posts which are extremely cost-effective. There are several different types, but all are equipped with quality energy-saving and renewable energy technologies. These devices don’t require electrical wires and are therefore safer than the majority of other lighting posts. Moreover, the street lighting manufacturers featured on WorldBuild365 are happy to supply units in different styles and colors.