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Most distribution board manufacturers stock systems that are specially designed to function with lighting installations. Buy smart lighting control systems wholesale or connect with the top distribution board manufacturers in the industry! WorldBuild365 has ready links to both.
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Lighting Control Systems Suppliers - Trusted and Reliable

Most distribution board manufacturers stock systems that are specially designed to function with lighting installations. Get connected with some reliable lighting control system manufacturers with no messing around through the WorldBuild365 directory. Here is where you'll find:

Systems designed for all scales of lighting installation - so any design requirements can easily be met.

For all buildings and events too, so the needs of both residential and commercial structures can be catered to.

Extra features, such as touch-screen control panels or attractive surface designs to disguise an otherwise potentially ugly box.

Searching this vast online directory gets you swift access to some of the top lighting control manufacturers in the business. Choose your product type and get searching for...

Lighting Control Systems and Distribution Boards

There are huge variety of control systems available...

Lighting control systems are available in a large number of different sizes - both in terms of the scale of lighting installation they can service, and physically in the size of the distribution box itself. Some models come fitted with intruder alarms, motion sensors, and other security devices to enable safe and reliable functioning without unwarranted interruption. Other optional extras include thermostats for temperature monitoring.

Custom lighting control systems can be ordered from many a room lighting controller supplier. These units can often be purchased with an aesthetically pleasing decal or pattern on the case, which can help the unit to blend into the surrounding environment. This design or logo is usually printed onto high-strength tempered glass which has an anodized aluminum frame. Other options might include it being printed directly onto the fiberglass of a more standard distribution panel box.

Touch panel lighting control systems represent a step forward in home automation technology. Their generally minimalist design means they can be easily integrated into a front-of-house or lived-in portion of the building without being intrusive. Your touch lighting control systems supplier will likely offer several different models, but most will be suitable for integration into any smart home build.

If you're looking to purchase smart lighting control systems wholesale, or are looking for room light control systems, or full building lighting control systems, this is the category of products you should search in.

Distribution Panel Boxes

These can be bought individually without the accompanying internal components. This is an ideal choice for system upgrade and improvement work, or when a specific custom system layout is required...

Distribution boxes are usually made out of a material such as a GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic, or fiberglass) because of its UV and electrical insulation properties. This one-piece box will also serve to protect the components inside against heat and dust penetration. They're suited to housing transfer of load boards, compensation boards, distribution boards, automation panels and control panels, as well as lighting system control boards.

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