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LED Lighting Wholesale Suppliers Who Can Provide Many Products

  • Wall-mounted light
    Wall-mounted light

    Wall-mounted light Olive

  • LED Swimingpool Spotlight Aquaviva LED001-546led
    LED Swimingpool Spotlight Aquaviva LED001-546led
    Aqua Group

    LED Spotlight Aquaviva LED001-546led provides excellent coverage of swimming pools and SPA. Spotlight is easy to install and maintain. Complies water resistance IPx8. Cable length of 4 meters. LED lamp: 28 W Brightness: 2129 lumens Number of LEDs: 546 pcs For installation in concrete pools and laynernye Type of installation: Wall

  • LED display scrolling text
    LED display scrolling text

    LED display scrolling text - is intended to visually inform citizens in state institutions, public buildings, vehicles. E-tickers are intended to display alphanumeric and graphic information.

  • LED lamp Gauss
    LED lamp Gauss

    LED lamps are made of environmentally friendly materials, contain no mercury, lead and phosphor, emit no toxic substances and do not require special disposal procedure.

  • LED panels ULP-Q101/ULP-Q121
    LED panels ULP-Q101/ULP-Q121

    For the internal lighting of the office and residential buildings, shopping halls, cafes, restaurants, educational and medical institutions.

  • Sisifo Lamp
    Sisifo Lamp

    Scott Wilson is Chicago designer, who created a table lamp, which is very convenient to use in the work.

  • DooYoung DYSL 300W LED
    DooYoung DYSL 300W LED
    DooYoung T&S

    DooYoung High-Powered LED. Low power consumption, high efficiency, uniform light intensity, with a duration of 50,000 hours. It is used for large areas: football fields. factories, parks, etc.

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