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WorldBuild365 is a comprehensive online directory that features many companies, including specialist LED floodlight & lamp suppliers & many others. Light Emitting Diodes enable effective lighting, which features low voltage requirements, lack of harmful effects and incredible longevity.

LED Lighting Wholesale Suppliers Who Can Provide Many Products

  • LED Light GRA32-14 for offices
    LED Light GRA32-14 for offices
    New Light

    LED light32-14 is the perfect variant for replacing the traditional lights on the base of the luminous tubes. While saving the luminous power, the energy reduction makes about 60%. The light plastic body frame makes the mounting really easy. Three optical boxes with the comfortable steady lighting. The maximum competitive price upon the condition of the high quality of the product.

  • Surface – mounted LED lights of GRR series
    Surface – mounted LED lights of GRR series
    New Light

    Surface – mounted LED lights of GRR series are used both for the household usage and for the lighting of the commercial and industrial objects. Thanks to the high protective level (IP65), some of the models can be used outdoor (entrance lobbies, porches, etc). The light is resistant to the voltage variations and to the influence of the low temperature.

  • Anti-vandal LED light SSW15 – 05 for housing and public utilities
    Anti-vandal LED light SSW15 – 05 for housing and public utilities
    New Light

    Anti-vandal LED light SSW15 – 05 for housing and public utilities of the capacity only 8W is the equivalent to the glow – lamp of the capacity 75W according to the luminous power. The cast grid, which is a part of the body frame of the light, provides the protection of the optical part. Having accomplish the lighting system of the entrance halls on the base of the lights of this model, it`s possible to achieve 90% of the energy reduction of the residential houses lighting.

  • LED Zante Q
    LED Zante Q
    Relco Group

    Ceiling light for places requiring no particular light control: normal rooms, corridors, stairways, laboratories, meeting rooms, shops, etc.

  • Recessed ceiling light DL 30LED
    Recessed ceiling light DL 30LED

    Recessed ceiling light DL 30LED lighting for office and retail space. Installed in suspension, rack or plasterboard ceilings. It provides excellent color reproduction, even for comfortable lighting.

  • LED Floodlight FL LED 50
    LED Floodlight FL LED 50

    LED Floodlight FL LED 50 is designed for use both indoors and outdoors, where the most important requirements for brightness and high color rendering, and the protection against moisture and dust.

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Light Emitting Diodes enable effective lighting, which is:

Low voltage, and has a high energy efficiency of approximately 80-90%

Not harmful to the environment because they emit almost no UV whatsoever

Incredibly long lasting - up to 11 years of continuous use

The various LED lamp suppliers, LED floodlight suppliers, LED lighting wholesale suppliers, and LED panel manufacturers listed on WorldBuild365 know the importance of the benefits above. And they can provide all different kinds of lighting. Including, but not limited to, the items described below...

Lights for Interiors

LED light manufacturers can offer items such as...

Lamps suitable for tables, desks, and other pieces of furniture in hallways, living rooms, and other parts of a residential property. LED lamp manufacturers offer taller units for low lying furniture, smaller products for tall pieces of furniture, as well as thinner lamps for narrow furniture.

Panels that are a good choice for homes, as well as hotels, bars, restaurants, and similar buildings. These panels feature high quality reflective panels and a sealed design, and they’re made of a shock-resistant resin that’s very hard to damage. As a result of these factors, they can achieve a higher brightness than standard lighting units. In addition, the LED light panel suppliers in this directory can change a device's color according to individual requirements.

Ceiling lights excellent for not only rooms, corridors, and stairways in a home, but places like laboratories, meeting rooms, shops, museums, and showrooms too. They give off no UV radiation whatsoever and won’t discolor or heat the objects they’re fixed above. Note: the manufacturers of LED lights listed on this site can supply flush, drop, and recessed ceiling units.

Wall lights that are great décor and interior lighting solutions. But these wholesale LED lighting products aren’t just decorative. They’re also very practical – they’re highly energy efficient, and give off the same amount of light as table or floor lamps without taking up the same amount of space.

Lights for Exteriors

LED light suppliers can produce products that comprise...

Swimming pool spotlights which can provide excellent light coverage of almost all kinds of pools. They’re easy to install and maintain, and comply with all current water safety and resistance regulations. What’s more, the suppliers of LED lights in this online catalogue can supply units of varying powers and sizes when and where needed.

Floodlights which have been designed for high light output, energy efficiency, and thermal distribution – meaning they don’t emit heat. When activated, the units provided by LED floodlight manufacturers will start up immediately, and they can be used outdoors as well as indoors in places such as hospitals, hotels, universities, offices, and stadiums. Lifespans are normally up to approximately 50 000 hours.

Architectural and landscape lamps which have been made to artistically light structures. LED manufacturing companies can provide those with special in-built covers that protect them against dust and moisture, and are perfect for wide, open areas.

Industrial and utility lights which can illuminate facilities like warehouses, technical areas, and production facilities from a height of 12 meters. These units, delivered by professional commercial LED lighting manufacturers, are perfect replacements for incandescent lamps.

Additional Technologies

Wholesale lighting suppliers can sell:

Advertising bins that have integrated frames covered in an LED light source. This source is well protected in a highly durable cover. LED products suppliers have units with added waste buckets and cigarette butt collection devices.

Scrolling text displays that can be used to distribute information to people in public buildings and vehicles when driving. LED lighting manufacturers sell models which can display both alphanumeric and graphic details.