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Lighting and illumination is an industry devoted to manufacturing, selling, and installing lighting. Use WorldBuild365's comprehensive online directory to source where to buy wholesale landscape gardening, & any other industrial lighting contacts needed.

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    The ST ALOX range of luminaire is suggested for general illumination of such a workshops, workrooms and industrial halls where different chemical materials (acids, alkalies) can be found in the air-space. (e.g.pig-plants,dairy plants, slaughter-houses or


    The ST INOX range of luminaire is suggested for general illumination of such workshops, workrooms and industrial halls where different chemical materials (acids, alkalies) can be found in the air-space. e.g.pig-plants,dairy plants, slaughter-houses or me

  • PRELUX 760
    PRELUX 760

    The PRELUX 760 range of luminaire is suggested for general illumination of unearthed workshops, workrooms and industrial halls as the luminaires belong into the contact protection Class II.

  • LED lights of ISK series
    LED lights of ISK series
    New Light

    LED lights of ISK series, which suggest the balance of the price and quality, are recommended as the ideal variant for the lighting of the industrial objects of the different purposes. The model range suggests the lights with different capacity and dimension – types, the versions with the built – in emergency power supplier and explosion – proof models. The adaptation according to the requirements of the Customer is possible.

  • LED lights of IHB series
    LED lights of IHB series
    New Light

    Thanks to the possibility to be packaged with different types of deflectors, suspended LED lights of IHB series will become an ideal variant for the lighting of the industrial sections, warehouses and those places, which need more stylish decisions, such as automobile showrooms and shopping centers.

  • Balinessa D7 Prima
    Balinessa D7 Prima

    The height of the chandelier can arbitrarily change the recommended maximum power consumption to 100W diode lamps. Chandelier can be supplied without the upper diode lamp

Lighting and illumination is an industry devoted to manufacturing, selling, and installing lighting. WorldBuild365 is the online directory to visit when you need an outdoor lighting supplier, an industrial lighting supplier, or LED street lighting manufacturers.

Industrial LED lighting manufacturers ensure that lighting is:

Energy-efficient for eco-friendly results.

Rapidly evolving to keep up with technological advances.

Practical enough to complete all project designs.


For all necessary arrangements...

Road lighting for the lighting of road highways and road junctions plays a very important role in reducing accidents, and provides guidance through conflict areas, such as interchanges. Operating costs and environmental impact must also be taken into account. The development and implementation of these lighting projects is taken on by experienced street light manufacturers.

WorldBuild365 is an easy way to get access to products provided by a reliable street lighting supplier - one which understands the importance of quality.

Industrial lighting is specifically designed for the illumination of industrial areas, airports, and railway terminals. The optical systems use LEDs and LED modules to solve a wide range of lighting design tasks. The outdoor lighting manufacturers listed on this business platform will provide further advice.

Sport lighting from the best outdoor lighting manufacturers provides professional lighting for sports arenas, stadiums, and courts. Smooth remote control systems adjust the brightness of each lamp, guaranteeing the uniformity of the illumination, and a low rate of energy consumption. For details on how to buy wholesale landscape lighting, one quick search of this site is all that's required.


Brightness from electrical devices...

LED bulb lamps are surface mounted and intended for installation on the ceiling or the wall. The lamps are suitable for light industrial, office, commercial, or home environments - see the list of residential lighting manufacturers you'll find here for more details. These products can also be installed in garages, underground car parks, and basements. Mounting brackets are used to support and suspend the lamps. Energy efficient light bulbs save money over the life of the bulb as they don’t need replacing so regularly.

Alternative lamps include globe lighting fixtures, lamps with sodium steam, sodium vapor lamps, street lamps, and suspended lamps.

LED lights are available from many industrial LED lighting manufacturers with different types of deflectors, making them the perfect solution to lighting warehouses, car show rooms, and shopping centers. LED lights are extremely energy efficient and long lasting – quality LED light bulbs are more durable and offer better lighting than other types.

Industrial LED lights are recommended by industrial LED lighting manufacturers to achieve lighting of high quality at reasonable prices. Different models have different capacities and dimensions. Some versions have built-in emergency power suppliers, and others are explosion-proof. Adaptations can be made according to individual requirements.

Lighting masters with LEDs have a high service life of up to 50,000 hours. This unique heavy duty lighting system is available from many of the exterior lighting manufacturers found on this digital platform.


The complete electric light unit...

Luminaires are suitable for general illumination of workshops, work rooms, and industrial halls where acids and alkalis can be found in the air. The body of the luminaire is stainless steel, with stainless metal cables, and stainless clips. The gear tray is a white painted steel sheet, with a highly polished aluminum reflector sheet. Luminaires can be fixed onto the ceiling, or suspended.

Road lighting luminaires are resistant to heat, and are sealed to make the dustproof. The body of the unit is made from polymer and glass reinforced plastic. These lights are ideal for use in residential areas, streets and roads, as well as parks and car parks. The systems offer sharp and controlled light distribution while optimizing the efficiency of the lamp.

A wide range of exterior and interior luminaires may well be available from the industrial lighting supplier you select, including industrial luminaires, luminaires with diffusers or louvres, and street luminaires.