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Find an electricity meter supplier who can provide the items needed to fill specific needs, including measuring voltages & currents, on WorldBuild365 today. Browse the products below and identify the most suitable electricity meter supplier for you.
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Locate Providers Who Can Sell Specific Types of Electricity Meter Wholesale

Pick an electricity meter manufacturer who can make units that are...

Capable of making precision measurements.

Suitable for use in a variety of industrial and residential locations.

Feature good-sized screens that will enable ease-of-use.

Browse the products below and identify the most suitable electricity meter supplier for you now:

Multi-Meters and Electrical Meters for Domestic Use

Source power meter manufacturers who can provide:

Universal digital multi-meters can be used to measure voltages, currents, and resistances – they’re particularly effective when utilized to troubleshoot electrical problems in a wide array of industrial and household devices. The various electricity energy meter manufacturers on this site can provide units with basic accuracy ratings of 0.02% and additional features including the capability to display and input statistics, and perform relative calculations.

Residential electricity meters on this site come in two forms: single-phase and three-phase. As high-end smart meters, they come equipped with an assortment of communication modules, and can be used to perform 4-quadrant metering, power quality registration, and remote disconnects – firmware updates will be provided remotely. What’s more, these units have been specially prepared for at-home applications, are optimized, secured against tampering, and even have ultra-low power consumption. Finally, the data stored on these meters can be accessed daily, hourly, and even quarter-hourly if needed.

Standard multi-meters, voltage meters, current meters, resistance meters, handheld devices for troubleshooting electrical issues, home electrical meters, and domestic electrical meters can also be purchased via this catalogue.

Power Analyzers and Oscilloscopes

Find meter suppliers who offer:

Precision power analyzers have very high accuracy as well as many desirable characteristics. This includes a large 8.4 inch LCD and LED display range, saving functions – the time between automatic saves will be approximately 50 milliseconds – and a basic relative error of power measurements below 0.2%.

Mixed signal oscilloscopesare ideal for testing and debugging applications in a variety of embedded systems, power electronics, mechatronics, and automotive devices. The particular units provided by the electricity meter producers featured in this massive online directory have memory capacities of up to 125 million pixels. Frequency responses are at 350MHz, and maximum sampling rates at 1.2 GS/s.

Standard electrical analyzers, electrical analysis devices, standard oscilloscopes, and testing and debugging devices are also featured on WorldBuild365.

Calibrators and Specialist Electricity Meters

Choose an electricity meter provider who can deliver:

Portable handheld calibrators are used to inspect and maintain the accuracy of control devices such as temperature controllers, transmitters, and sensors which are used to process plants, interact with industry machinery, and perform manufacturing tasks. These calibrators have 4 separate wire connections and measure output signals with very high accuracy.

VT/ CT – Voltage Transformer and Current Transformer – electrical meters should be used when precise measurements are required. They can be used in cover substations, transformer stations, wind energy systems, high-voltage applications, and more. These units come with a high quality display and can measure voltages ranging from 58/100V to 240/415V. This type of electricity meter can also be sold wholesale.

Handheld portable calibrators, handheld precision electronic instruments, portable calibrators for control devices, standard electrical meters, powerful electrical meters, and electrical measuring equipment can also be found in this directory.