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You'll find a whole host of electrical equipment manufacturers and electrical materials suppliers here in the WorldBuild365 directory. Wondering how to locate trusted electrical equipment manufacturing companies? WorldBuild365 connects with the best in the business, so you don't have to.

Connect With the Most Suitable Electrical Wholesale Supply Company

  • Plastic boxes SCHRN-P
    Plastic boxes SCHRN-P
    TDM Electric

    For mounting modular equipment; To protect personnel against electric shock during operation; For additional protection from the fire at the premises of spontaneous combustion in the wiring box.

  • Cable Trunking Systems
    Cable Trunking Systems

    Dimensions: 12х12/15х10/16х16/20х10/25х16/25х25/40х16/40х25/40х40/60х40/60х60/80х40/80х60/100х40/100х60; Qty. in pack: 40/20/10 pcs; Packing with barcode

  • Stabilizer PC-SCR 2000VA SIM. White
    Stabilizer PC-SCR 2000VA SIM. White

    Stabilizer EC POWER. The best choice for long-term and uninterrupted operation of household appliances, lighting and electrical engineering. Reliable protection; Power; Quality; Stable work.

  • Voltage Stabilizer Garant 220V, СН-400
    Voltage Stabilizer Garant 220V, СН-400

    Voltage stabilizers Garant 220V, СН-400 are an effective means to ensure the quality of any voltage consumers, the corresponding power. This device is suitable for automation systems, domestic heating boilers, circulation pumps, and for the supply of various electronic devices and personal computers.

  • Resistors

    Research and production complex "Almaz-Therm" produces a range of non-inductive power resistors. As the ceramic substrate used Al2O3, AlN, Si3N4. For resistors with a given precision adjustment of the laser used. There are compact body type TO-247 (PA6 resistor) and original body (PA7), designed to work in harsh conditions. Resistors are capable of operating at a power of 20 to 500 watts.

  • Cable Channel White
    Cable Channel White

    Double lock cover tightly connects with a cable channel, which increases the rigidity and protects the cable from damage.

  •  VD4 vacuum switch
    VD4 vacuum switch
    ABB India

    VD4 circuit-breakers are used in distribution systems for the management and protection of cables, overhead lines, transformer and distribution substations, motors, transformers, generators and capacitor banks.

  • Mikrol Router for dispatching and control RIO-GSM
    Mikrol Router for dispatching and control RIO-GSM

    This product is a device for implementing various systems for wireless data collection and /or management using the MODBUS RTU protocol, using GPRS packet data transmission technology in GSM cellular networks. Independently, without the use of external commands, establishes a GSM/GPRS connection and performs data transfer.

  • Mikrol Microprocessor thermostat MTP-8H
    Mikrol Microprocessor thermostat MTP-8H

    The microprocessor thermostat is multifunctional and is used in such areas as the systems of motorized automatics, multichannel systems for digital indication of process parameters, remote communication devices with the display object. Each of the channels of the thermostat MTP-8H can independently perform any of the listed functions.

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You'll find a whole host of electrical equipment manufacturers and electrical materials suppliers here in the WorldBuild365 directory. Getting the lighting and electrical supply needs you have met by the best in the business means you always get:

The highest reliability, with products designed to last for thousands of working hours.

The quantity you need - this is a full electrical wholesalers catalogue!

A vast range of high quality products to choose from, so all project requirements can be met.

Finding a well-stocked electrical wholesale supply company that will deliver to you has never been easier. Simply choose your product type, and get searching amongst the most trusted names in the electrical equipment manufacturing industry...

Trunking and Cable Housings

There are a number of electrical component manufacturers to choose from, supplying a number of electrical and linked products, such as...

Cable support systems, also known as cable trunking systems, are designed to organize outdoor wiring and keep it safe. All kinds of information and power lines, low voltage communication lines, and many others will all benefit from high quality cable trunking. Connect with some of the leading electrical trunking suppliers currently operating, via WorldBuild365. You'll easily find models suitable for residential and commercial properties, for industrial buildings, and for new-build construction or renovation work too.

Flexible cable housings come in a number of different gauges. They're used to house all kinds of electrical wires, protecting them from dust and moisture, as well as high and low temperatures. Because of their flexible nature, these cable channels can match any design requirements, taking on any shape to fit the available space. Flexible plastic corrugated channels will be available from your chosen plastic materials manufacturer, while stainless steel designs are also available for tougher situations where even higher levels of durability are required. These systems are designed by most electrical equipment manufacturing companies to be modular, and thus will be easy to install and require zero maintenance after they've been fitted.

Cable channels with covers are similar to standard models, but have secure but easy-to-access covers. This makes maintenance and repair tasks exceedingly easy to perform. Because they're required to be rigid for the covers to function correctly, this type of trunking is highly resistant to UV light and mechanical damage. The most modern kinds will also be very environmentally friendly, and will not give off harmful substances if ignited. Using WorldBuild365 makes sourcing this kind of electrical equipment and supplies extremely easy.

Electrical Devices

Locate a reliable voltage stabilizer supplier and purchase other handy add-ons for your electrical projects...

Voltage stabilizers, otherwise known as electrical stabilizers, reduce the variance in voltage from a given electrical power supply. They are designed to be fitted before another piece of equipment that may be susceptible to damage or poor function if dramatic changes in supplied voltage happen. Stabilizers are a solid choice to ensure the correct, long-term function of household appliances like dishwashers, dryers, and washing machines, as well as being suitable for use in the engineering industry and with lighting installation.

Voltage regulators, though very similar to the voltage stabilizers listed above, have the additional advantage of being able to correct for changes in load as well as variations in voltage. They can be self-cooled or force air-cooled, depending on design.

Electrical ignitors are used to fulfill the same purpose as an ignition transformer, and will be sold by any manufacturer of electrical products to achieve the same goal. The way they achieve this aim is different though - they ignite at high frequency, and thus are far more efficient.