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  • Cases input switching (ASP-1, ASP-2)
    Cases input switching (ASP-1, ASP-2)

    ISD - (device input switching) - used to build the input switching the reception and distribution of electric power in AC voltage of 380/220 V and a frequency of 50-60 Hz.

  • Cases power distribution cabinets (SRS)
    Cases power distribution cabinets (SRS)

    Power distribution cabinets (SRS) is used for the reception and distribution of electricity. Designed to work with rated currents of 630 A and a rated voltage up to 380 V three-phase alternating current frequency of 50 Hz.

  • SM6-36 series modular switchboards
    SM6-36 series modular switchboards

    SM6 - 36 is a metal cased modular switchboards filled with sulfur - hexafluoride gas. SM6-36 type switchboards, which are installed in medium voltage distribution network and distribution transformer substations (DTS), play an important role in power distribution.

  • Elkon Emergency Switchboards
    Elkon Emergency Switchboards

    Elkon Emergency Switchboards are intended for electric energy distribution in case of failure of the main electrical power supply system.

  • Gersan Busbar Systems
    Gersan Busbar Systems
    Gersan Elektrik

    This system allows to sustain the minimum losses of power while distributing electricity-streams to long distances.

  • VRU-1M Cabinet
    VRU-1M Cabinet

    VRU-1 distribution cabinets are used for assembling electrical panels.

  • TP IP55 Remote Control Floorboards
    TP IP55 Remote Control Floorboards

    The TP IP55 remote control floorboards are sealed enclosures on the basis of control panels that allow to assemble any kind of industrial installations and equipment.

  • Mobilbox Switchgear
    Mobilbox Switchgear

    The T.plast switchgear is applicable in areas where external power distribution is required. Due to the high degree of protection IP 67 it can be used, both indoors and outdoors.

Check the ranges of a number of electrical panel board manufacturers. Buy power distribution boxes wholesale. And source a huge range of other electrical cabinets all in one place - WorldBuild365. This directory is continually updated, and always contains items which are:

Suitable for the space available, so that even areas with limited space can have systems installed.

Spacious enough themselves in order to allow all cabling and other components to fit inside smoothly.

Designed to match all official standards, including laws on electrical systems and their function.

Because they're rated for different systems, it's important to consult several electrical distribution board manufacturers before deciding on the one that's right for you...

Distribution Panels

Make sure that the distribution board manufacturer you're dealing with stocks the correct model for you. Some of the most popular configurations include...

Electrical panel boards for buildings are generally available from electrical board manufacturers in one of two basic types: factory-set boards allow for rapid installation, reduce ordering complexity, and allow swift construction to proceed, while still delivering reliable and effective solutions for light commercial projects. Most electrical panel suppliers also stock custom-setting panels. Ordering these latter units tends to require significantly more information about the system they're to be installed in, as well as a high level of specialist knowledge regarding distribution panels in general.

Light panel boards are designed specifically for lighting and appliance branch circuit protection. The electrical panel manufacturing company you place your order from will most likely stock several different varieties, including fusible lighting board panels.

Column width panel boards are provided by several different distribution panel manufacturers for areas where space is a concern. This can even mean inside an I-beam if necessary.

Elevator control panel boards are, as the name suggests, specifically for use in the control of the electrical components and communication systems that operate elevators. Most models are suitable for hooking up to more than one elevator in the same elevator core. They offer significant space saving advantages and a dramatically reduced installation time compared with traditional loose breakers or fusible switches.

Mains event distribution boxes are mainly for use in the events and entertainments industry. These are portable event power distribution units stocked by specialist electrical panel builders manufacturers. They're quick and easy to install, and generally come with handles and other components which make them easy to set up and transport. The switching equipment itself tends to be protected by plastic covers - most often polycarbonate shutters which can be flipped open easily when inspection or adjustment is required. These boxes come in a broad range of sizes, with some power panel manufacturers offering custom rigs for specialist needs.

Electrical Equipment Cases

Keep modular or board systems safe and contained, with the large variety of containers available from many distribution board suppliers...

Equipment boxes, cabinets, and cases are used to house modular electrical equipment like servers. Most are designed to protect against accidental electrical discharge, and to offer the building that they're placed in additional protection in the event of an electrical fire. They're most often placed in educational buildings, public buildings, in some residential buildings, and in operations like server farms. They generally form part of the range of larger or specialist distribution box manufacturers.

You might also be looking for server cabinets, server cases, equipment cabinets, or equipment cases if you're searching for these items.