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Decorative lighting manufacturers in this directory offer lights of many different kinds, including chandeliers, lamps, & more. Discover reliable decorative lighting suppliers, decorative lighting manufacturers, chandeliers wholesale suppliers, and much more. All listed in WorldBuild365's online directory.

Chandeliers and Other Products Can be Bought Wholesale from Suppliers

  • X82-80x80-N Chandelier
    X82-80x80-N Chandelier

    The high-quality and stylish chandelier Diamant collection, Croce series.

  • Ideal Lux Shell Lamp
    Ideal Lux Shell Lamp
    Master Dom

    Ceiling lamp Ideal Lux Shell is a modern lighting device made in the shape of a shell. Light from a lamp of this type fills the room with comfortable and rich lighting. The luminaire differs original appearance and we will approach for interiors of various type.

  • A1511PN-1PB Floor lamp
    A1511PN-1PB Floor lamp

    The A1511PN-1PB floor lamp from the Kensington collection is a high-quality fixture on a round decorative base. The floor lamp is equipped with a socle of E27 format, which will allow you to buy a lampshade as well as a lamp.

  • Fes Lamp 1382-3P
    Fes Lamp 1382-3P

    The Fes lamp model 1382-3P belongs to the Fes collection of the German company Favourite. The chandelier is made in country style, it is designed for central lighting with a radius of 6-7 sq.m.

  • Ceiling light Arte Lamp A2101PL-4CC Venezia
    Ceiling light Arte Lamp A2101PL-4CC Venezia

    The suspended ceiling lamp Venezia A2101PL-4CC is an example of exquisite, high-quality and durable lighting. With this lamp, you will decide, firstly, the task of lighting your room, and secondly, creating an indescribable atmosphere in the interior. The rounded form, combined with an excellent color design, creates a single whole composition.

  • Table lamp Divinare 5001/01 TL-5
    Table lamp Divinare 5001/01 TL-5

    The table lamp Divinare 5001/01 TL-5 is an example of a stylish decorative element, and of course, a quality lighting device. The luminaire has an original external design in the form of a fan, and its excellent technical capabilities for lighting a large area will pleasantly surprise you.

  • Wave collection of design lamps
    Wave collection of design lamps

    Designer lamps. The collection of design lamps of the Wave series embodies the most modern technologies and progressive representations in the field of design.

  • Rive Gauche Collection of lamp
    Rive Gauche Collection of lamp

    The elegant collection of lamps of the Rive Gauche series embodies the style and ideology of the eponymous part of Paris, where the neighborhood of artists and writers is located. Excellent for any interior design.

  • Nimb Penta Suspension lamp
    Nimb Penta Suspension lamp
    Light pro

    Nimb Penta is a pendant lamp with a unique design. The luminaire consists of five luminous rings that resemble the orbits of the planets, and create an even soft light throughout the space.

  • Stars 2740-S Lamp
    Stars 2740-S Lamp
    Loft It

    This decorative pendant light is used to illuminate residential areas with a small area. Elegant plafond in the form of a star equipped with a filament of Edison, which creates an unusual attractive effect.

  • Roots LOFT1714-BL Chandelier
    Roots LOFT1714-BL Chandelier
    Loft It

    The luminaire is used to illuminate residential areas of up to 16 sq.m. The elegant classical chandelier is executed in black color, the interior in a loft style will be original.

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Decorative lighting is suitable for most properties. This lighting is stylish, but must also be:

Practical so it works effectively when required

Energy-efficient so it doesn’t take an inordinate amount of power

Robust so it can last for a long period of time

A reliable decorative lighting supplier, decorative lighting manufacturers, chandeliers wholesale suppliers, and much more are all listed in WorldBuild365's online directory. These professionals offer wide ranging, high quality products. Just some of these are described below:

Attractive Chandeliers

Domestic lighting suppliers can offer:

Standard chandeliers which come in diverse designs, bright colors, and varied finishes. All are high quality products, and the majority of those provided by the chandelier supplier on this site are made of robust plastic and Plexiglas. They may be made in practically any size.

Crystal chandeliers are modern and stylish, and can be made from a variety of different crystals. In fact, the chandeliers wholesale suppliers we work with can provide those made of diamonds, rubies, and more.

LED chandeliers are more energy efficient, have a longer life span, create less heat, and emit more light than other types, however they are more expensive. What’s more, they can be supplied in a huge range of colors.

Cascading chandeliers have a unique style. The residential lighting manufacturers we work with can supply those of the highest quality.

Stylish Lamps

Lamp suppliers can provide a host of different units including, but not limited to:

Table lamps which are suited for use on corner tables and desks in living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and other residential areas. Table lamp suppliers offer tall units for low pieces of furniture, and short units for high pieces of furniture. Furthermore, there are slender lamps available for narrow tables. Also, it should be noted that all these table lamps can be supplied wholesale in a wide variety of different designs, shapes, and sizes.

Floor lamps which are perfect for unlit empty corners and hallways in any given property. They don’t need to be mounted on any other piece of furniture like a table, and are freestanding. The lamps produced by the lighting manufacturers in this directory are sturdy, can provide full spectrum lighting, and their brightness can be adjusted.

Wall lamps which can give the same level of illumination as floor or table lamps without taking up the same amount of space. The units constructed by the home lighting manufacturers in this online catalogue are easy to install, and can be fitted in almost any area including living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and dining rooms. What’s more, a diverse selection of covers and lampshades are available.

Modern Ceiling and Wall Lights

Included in the selection are:

Ceiling lights that can be mounted above staircases, home entrances, hallways, living rooms, and that’s far from all. These come in a range of styles including flush, drop, and recessed. Flush ceiling lights are fitted very close to the ceiling and make the surface look almost totally flat. Drop ceiling lights are extended down from the surface facing the ground. Recessed lights are placed directly against a ceiling without being flush. The ceiling lights suppliers listed on this website can provide all of these types in different colors and styles.

Interior wall lights are normally installed in pairs either side of items like beds, couches, mirrors, and even fireplaces. Having two of these lights will ensure a uniform level of illumination throughout a specific room or area. They are easily installed, but to get the best possible effect they should be fitted symmetrically

Exterior wall lights that can be fixed each side of an outside door, or anywhere else around the front of a house. This provides both practicality – users will be able to see properly when they enter or exit their properties during night time – as well as style.