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Multicore cable suppliers, general cable & wire manufacturers, & more all showcase their products on WorldBuild365 - the vast online business directory.

A Huge Variety of Wholesale Electrical Cable Purveyors

Searching for a trusted and experienced control cables manufacturer? A ready supply of wholesale electrical cable? WorldBuild365 contains an ever-growing directory of the top names in the business. Here you'll be able to quickly find:

Wires and cables for all situations, with heavy duty versions and fireproof options available.

Single core and multicore cables for all purposes, as well as a range of different wires.

Extra components and add-ons, such as cable ladders and wire connectors.

Talk to the cable assembly supplier or telecommunication cable manufacturer you need today. It's always easy to get the best value for money through WorldBuild365...

Wires and Cables

Cable and wire electrical wholesalers choose to display their products on WorldBuild365 because it gets their products noticed. Consult this dynamic online directory to quickly source...

Triple insulation wire, used for purposes like charging electrical devices and switching transformers.

Fiber optic cable is used to transmit data along a glass or plastic wire - or fiber - in the form of light impulses. Compared to ordinary copper wire, it is significantly less likely to suffer interference from outside sources, and can carry much more information.

Silicone cables are designed by industrial cables manufacturers for use in low and high temperature environments.

Heating cable is for use in heating systems, where it will not overheat or burn. Your heating cable manufacturer will have specific temperature usage recommendations for each product in their range.

Single core cables generally consist of a single copper wire surrounded by PVC insulation. PVC is preferred because it's resistant to flame and gives off little smoke when burning, while still remaining flexible. An example of a single core cable would be the H05V-U.

Multiple core cables are similar to the single core version, but contain multiple individually insulated copper or aluminum wires. An armored alternative may be available from your cable wire manufacturer. Armored versions are often used in switching panels and urban networks where there could be a risk of mechanical damage. Most multicore cable suppliers suggest that these cables can be used in standing water.

Control cables are generally a type of multi-core cable. They come in a broad range of different models. Most control cable suppliers stock at least NYY, NYY-fl, NYY-LS, NAYY, NAYY-fl, and NAYY-LS types, suitable for installation in stationary electrical appliances running on both Alternating Current and Direct Current. They fit through narrow gaps, channels, and tunnels, and most commonly consist of a copper or aluminum core surrounded by a flame-retardant PVC layer of insulation. When installed underground, the products of the best cable manufacturing companies will last for around 15 years, and up to a decade longer in larger but still confined spaces like tunnels.

Signal control cables, such as the LIYY - specially designed for office machines and computers - are another type of usually multi-core cable available from many cable and wire manufacturers.

Instrumentation cable is generally used in power plants and other locations linked to the chemical or petrochemical industries. It's available from a number of different instrumentation cable suppliers.

Flat cable is suited to application directly under plaster. It's often used in both dry and damp rooms, as well as in areas which may have fire or explosion hazards, but is rarely used underground. Consult your flat cable manufacturer for recommendations on specific products.

Conductors and Other Elements

Electrical cable wholesalers often stock useful extra components for use in conjunction with the cables and wires they sell...

Extension cables are used in all sorts of properties. Designed to be a portable and easily transferred option for moving electric sockets around the room, or extending the capacity of a socket so it will accept more plugs, they're one of the most popular types of cabling supplies currently available.

Other search terms linked to this item include electric extenders, electrical cable extenders, extension cords, and extension leads.

Cable ladders, cable trays, and elements range from light to heavy duty versions. Many industrial cable suppliers stock them as logical extensions to their main product range. These items are designed to be modular and easy to assemble so that they can fit many needs.

Wire connectors are suitable for a wide array of electrical devices and wiring. They're generally completely reuseable, and will almost certainly be present in the range of your chosen wholesale cable supplier.