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Search for the leading wholesale lighting suppliers - & manufacturers of other high quality light bulbs & halogens - on the dynamic WorldBuild365 directory.

The Place to Go For Wholesale Lighting Suppliers

  • LED lamps
    LED lamps
    TDM Electric

    Application For general lighting For interior lighting Accent decorative lighting Workplace lighting Standby and emergency lighting

  • Sodium vapor lamps HPS
    Sodium vapor lamps HPS
    TDM Electric

    With long life and high luminous efficiency, HPS lamps have been used in lamps that are used for lighting and urban construction projects.

  • Ixia 4U LED Bulb
    Ixia 4U LED Bulb
    Hansa Green Led

    Energy saving LED Bulb with high luminous efficiency. Safe and environmentally friendly product. Instant start and frequent switching.

Find the LED lighting manufacturer with the right product for you. Locate reliable wholesale lighting suppliers quickly and easily. Get connected with a cost-effective wholesale lighting supply hassle-free. WorldBuild365 offers a continually expanding directory of the top companies in the industry. This means you'll always find...

Lighting which matches the situation - whether this means emergency lighting, a large space to illuminate, or gentle mood lighting.

Energy saving options, so that power and environmental targets can always be met.

The quantity you need, with many top-rated light bulb suppliers offering wholesale deals and more!

When you need to search for a manufacturer of LED lights, a general light bulb supplier, or a trusted CFL supplier, you'll find it simple to do so here...

LED Lighting

WorldBuild365 has a constantly updated list of leading lamps and lighting wholesalers. Consult the product ranges of the market leaders and you'll find it easy to buy a wholesale LED lamp, and a huge quantity of other high quality lighting...

LED lights(Light Emitting Diodes lights) are widely used in both residential properties and business premises. They're just as suitable for use as decorative, emergency, or subtle accent lighting as for general lighting, depending on placement. These bulbs tend to be made of aluminum, plastic, and decorative glass, and have an incredibly long service life - generally around 30 000 to 50 000 hours. Low heat and voltage supply means there's almost no risk of electrical or fire hazards, and the units also have a high vibration and shock resistance. Also, because these items are able to function in a wide range of temperatures - usually from -30°C to +40°C - most LED light bulb manufacturers suggest their products are suitable for both interior and exterior use. Purchase wholesale LED light bulbs with ease, via WorldBuild365.

LED tube lighting, with an approximate service life of around 50 000 hours, makes a reliable choice for almost any commercial or industrial property. Hotels, hostels, motels, hospitals, universities, colleges, and offices all widely use these items. They activate instantly, and do not emit heat. This is particularly useful in cramped offices, or other rooms where there is already a significant amount of electrical equipment producing heat. Buy an LED tube light wholesale to get the best value for money when re-stocking or renovating buildings - there are a wide range of companies, so you'll always be able to find the LED tube manufacturer that has the right model for you.

Lamps and Bulbs

Whether you need to buy CFL bulbs wholesale, locate an LED lamps supplier, or source any kind of wholesale light bulbs suppliers, searching the vast WorldBuild365 is always a good place to start...

Sodium vapor lamps produce a strong light and have a long service life. Fluorescent lamp manufacturers usually sell sodium vapor lamps - also known as High Pressure Sodium or HPS lamps, or Low Pressure Sodium, LPS lamps - for use in lighting construction sites and other large outside areas. The function of this type of lamp relies on a system of gas discharge, where the sodium is put into an excited state in order to produce light.

Halogen lights will almost certainly be available from your light bulb manufacturer. They're hugely popular because not only do they come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and cap types, they also have an increased lifespan and greater light emitting capacity than the products of traditional fluorescent light suppliers. This is due to the fact that the tungsten inside the lamp is burned off on the filament instead of onto the glass during use.

Energy saving halogen light bulbs, also known as halogen candles, will also likely be purchasable from your wholesale lighting suppliers.

CFL bulbs - Compact Fluorescent Lamps - are specially designed energy saving alternatives to the products of regular electric bulbs suppliers. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, most of which are designed so as to fit with a particular type of existing fitting so as to make green replacement easy. This means there are many models, such as CFL globes, CFL reflectors, CFL candles, CFL golfballs, and CFL striplights.

CFL bulbs are entirely safe. Though they do contain a tiny amount of mercury, of which an even smaller amount is released if the build were to be broken. The amount of mercury vapor this could potentially release is not harmful even to a very small child. You can get your CFL wholesale with ease through this directory.