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For all architectural lighting needs, visit WorldBuild365's complete online directory. See outdoor lighting manufacturers & landscape lighting manufcaturers
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Find Commercial Outdoor Lighting Suppliers On WorldBuild365

The design of lighting systems within architectural fields includes natural light and electric light to serve everyday needs. WorldBuild365 gives you access to everything you might need - whether you need to find a trusted LED floodlight supplier, an LED luminaire manufacturer, or reliable landscape lighting suppliers. The best architectural lighting manufacturers will offer lighting that’s:

Modern and stylish.

Supportive of visual demands.

Environmentally advantageous.

Wall Lamps

Fixtures affixed to walls...

LED wall lamps are used extensively as they have so many benefits, including this type of bulb's ability to last over eight times longer than a conventional bulb, making great savings. Outdoor lighting manufacturers will supply LED lights that are completely safe, as they’re encased in plastic, and so are harder to break. As LED lamps use a wavelength that isn’t hot, these wall lamps don’t attract insects and other pests.

Linear Lamps

Light-Emitting Diodes...

LED linear lamps have broad spreads, meaning signage can be captured with just one lamp. Exterior lighting manufacturers will ensure lighting is efficient and long-lasting. Many housing colors are available, with anodized aluminum being a popular material for construction.


Large powerful lights for illuminating larger areas...

LED floodlights used to illuminate outdoor areas can be provided by several commercial outdoor lighting manufacturers. These lights have a long life span and lower energy consumption, providing vast amounts of light in an economic and safe manner. Spot floodlights are generally available in a range of body colors. Other spot floodlights with varying power supplies and voltages can be seen here.


Complete electrical light units...

LED luminaires can be installed in difficult-to-light places, making them an ideal innovation for shops, public buildings, hotels, and restaurants. The latest state of technology is embodied by the top commercial LED lighting suppliers, guaranteeing not only excellent manufacturing standards, but exceptional lighting quality in illumination of facades and outdoor areas.

LED recessed luminaires can be purchased from several architectural lighting suppliers on this site. LEDs in each luminaire vary in number, as does the required power supply.

Light Strips

Flexible tapes populated by light-emitting diodes...

Light strips are versatile and very flexible. They can serve as continuous roof lights, and are mainly used to provide maximum illumination for large areas as they’re extremely cost-effective, consuming much less electricity compared to fluorescent strip lights. The latest outdoor strip lights are shock proof and water resistant, and consistently function extremely well. These lights can be used to produce subtle lighting, and are perfect in both domestic and commercial settings. Discover where to buy LED strip lights wholesale on this digital platform.

Other architectural lighting options include street bra feuille, backlights, and street front lamps. One quick search through the landscape lighting manufacturers listed on WorldBuild365 should be enough to find the product you need.