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Lighting & Electrics Lighting and electrics can be used on different occasions to create the desired atmosphere. The success of a lighting scheme relies on the use of several layers: general, natural, task light and accent. Each type can enhance the living space in a different way.
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Lighting & Electrics

  • Knife-Switche Р-2 250А
    Knife-Switche Р-2 250А

    Knife-Switches P Series with hand actuators with slow-action contact are designed for infrequent (no more than 6 per hour) non-automatic switching of electrical circuits AC, 50 Hz, voltage up to 660V.

  • Advertising Bin With Light Box AB 04K6 Energy
    Advertising Bin With Light Box AB 04K6 Energy
    Multilindo Global Lautama

    Features : Integrated waste bucket Independent cigarette butt collection box Independent waste batteries collection bins Tubing reinforced integrated frame Integral feet panel protective cover Tempered glass Hot air ventilation cover Led light source (38 watt) Lighting power timing controller Solar Power Conversion System

  • Wat-TEE Electrical Motor
    Wat-TEE Electrical Motor

    Wat-TEE electrical motor Which is manufactured from ARÇELİK A.Ş., known as the highest quality AC electric motor in Turkey.

  • Voltage Stabilizer Garant 220V, СН-400
    Voltage Stabilizer Garant 220V, СН-400

    Voltage stabilizers Garant 220V, СН-400 are an effective means to ensure the quality of any voltage consumers, the corresponding power. This device is suitable for automation systems, domestic heating boilers, circulation pumps, and for the supply of various electronic devices and personal computers.

  • Dunlite generators
    Dunlite generators
    Power Technology Asean

    Dunlite generators are designed and built in Australia to meet harsh conditions, utilising either Honda or Yamaha engines for proven reliability and performance. Dunlite generators are Power Technology’s go to brand for robust power at an affordable price.

  • Resistors

    Research and production complex "Almaz-Therm" produces a range of non-inductive power resistors. As the ceramic substrate used Al2O3, AlN, Si3N4. For resistors with a given precision adjustment of the laser used. There are compact body type TO-247 (PA6 resistor) and original body (PA7), designed to work in harsh conditions. Resistors are capable of operating at a power of 20 to 500 watts.

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Lighting and Electrics

Lighting and electrics can be used on different occasions to create the desired atmosphere. The success of a lighting scheme relies on the use of several layers: general, natural, task light and accent. Each type can enhance the living space in a different way.


Lighting and Electrics for Specific Occasions

To create the right ambience when hosting a party or any event, appropriate lighting should be used. The mood of the room can change to romantic, vibrant or energising, simply by using the right kind of lighting and electrics. Accent lighting is creates a warm glow by using subtle light sources. Creating an emphasis on different spots in your home is a good way to enhance living space. Another trick to add a festive sparkle is to use reflective surfaces to bounce light across the room.


Electric systems can be used to aid the lighting of certain areas in the room. Most often the highlight falls on the fireplace or the ceiling. Drape lights can be mixed with dry flowers, bouquets to present a festive shimmering glow. Different colour lights can represent different occasions, especially when using bulbs with adjustable light intensity.


Large rooms with high ceilings can be given a warmer atmosphere by installing small lamps on clusters. Also, playing with shadows creates patterns on the ceilings and the walls.


Hanging mirrors opposite the windows also brightens up a room. Light reflective surfaces and pale interior finishes and carpeting can also add more natural light to a shadier room.


Decorative Lighting

When there is a lack of natural light indoors or a certain room needs more light than necessary, most people resort to decorative lighting.


Interior lighting comes in different categories. First of all, ambient lighting, also called background lighting, can be used to substitute for the lack of daylight indoors. A central pendant light is the most commonly used interior lighting, but this can create a blurry, flat effect – so it is often substituted with ceiling mounted bowls, uplighters or wall lights. 


Accent lighting, another form of interior lighting, is made by halogen spotlights, up or down-lighters and table lamps. It is used to add depth and shades, to give focus and texture, or to redirect light to a certain object.


Task lighting is the lighting required for a specific activity, such as reading, working or cooking. Task lighting should be brighter than any other lamps in the room, so it should take at least a 60-watt bulb. The placement is also crucial; the lamp should be placed opposite the working hand to avoid shadowing. The light should fall on the surface being worked on, not on any reflecting surface such as a computer screen.


When placed strategically and with proper electric systems, exterior lighting can significantly enhance outdoor areas. Regarding the type of bulb, solar lights are a good option to help reduce energy consumption and costs while keeping the outdoor area well lit. Security lights deter unwanted visitors, while garden lights can be used to light up paths and walkways, making them safer to use at night.