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Landscaping & Urban Design Products

  • Panel collision wall
    Panel collision wall

    Purpose: fencing areas (garden areas, industrial zones, etc.)

  • Column

    The column is used to set the welded mesh, panel fencing, used in conjunction with fasteners.

  • Trellis

    Trellis - a beautiful sliding and lightweight design, which serves as a support for climbing plants. Secure the trellis to the uprights pergolas (arbors or corridors of espalier), the walls of buildings and structures, or establish independently as separate facilities.

  • Interior gardens (Conservatories)
    Interior gardens (Conservatories)

    Before preparation of the design, the type of garden you are going to build should be clearly defined, since this construction requires the strict calculation. Thanks to the faithful static and dynamic calculations, which take into account all the factors that influence an interior garden (wind and snow loads, fluctuations in the soil, interaction with the foundation).

  • Conservatories with heating glazing
    Conservatories with heating glazing
    Thermo Glass

    In rooms such as conservatories, the problem of "crying" glasses relevant even in the warmer months. The use of glass with heating function allows you to move the dew point, thereby preventing fogging and condensation. The humidity in the room in General is high, because it is a necessary condition for plant life.

  • Bench beam
    Bench beam

    Wood-polymer composite (WPC). Perfect for building benches, stalls, playgrounds, stairs. Environmentally friendly product. Made in Kazakhstan. Warranty up to 15 years.

  • Strip of board
    Strip of board

    Full-bodied Plank of wood-polymer composite, is a versatile building material. Suitable for garden tiles, decoration and finishing of suburban areas. Made in Kazakhstan. Warranty 10 years.

  • Stone fence
    Stone fence
    Farbet Gruppe

    The traditions of the production and use of paving slabs to cover the streets and roads go into the depth of centuries. For a long time paving slabs used in Europe not only as a building material, but also as a decorative element. The lack of high-quality products for the improvement of the Russian market led to unite the efforts of Russian and German experts to build a modern enterprise.

  • Pot Artemis
    Pot Artemis
    Farbet Gruppe

    The modular and monolithic flowerpot Artemis, made of white granite and conglomerate of marble stones. He secured a supply of water and drain the water system. He is the foundation of a self-leveling system. It is ideal to create a combination with a bench Demeter in different versions.

  • Metal fencing panels
    Metal fencing panels

    There are metal fencing panels with 2.5 meter width and 2.5 meter height are produced at the Facility of production of Metal Fencing Panels of "AZERTEXNOLAYN". As in manufacturing of fencing panels there are used galvanized wires, they became steadier to corrosion.

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