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Upgrade any home, hotel, or conference center by installing a winter garden. Or grow your market garden to a year-round business with a high quality heated greenhouse. Compare costs and specifications from commercial greenhouse manufacturers on WorldBuild365. Browse greenhouse wholesale options & buy a glasshouse online
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Check Out Some Commercial and Residential Greenhouse Manufacturers

  • Interior gardens (Conservatories)
    Interior gardens (Conservatories)

    Before preparation of the design, the type of garden you are going to build should be clearly defined, since this construction requires the strict calculation. Thanks to the faithful static and dynamic calculations, which take into account all the factors that influence an interior garden (wind and snow loads, fluctuations in the soil, interaction with the foundation).

Upgrade any home, hotel, or conference center by installing a winter garden. Or grow your market garden to a year-round business with a high quality heated greenhouse. Within this directory you'll find a conservatories supplier for small or large projects. Check out the products available online from:

• Commercial greenhouse manufacturers

• Residential greenhouse manufacturers

• Companies offering a large choice of green house supplies

Conservatories For Homes and Commercial Buildings

Whether you're seeking to expand an existing building or to integrate a sun room into a new construction, you'll find a conservatories manufacturer here who'll make sure you get exactly what you need. Some of the options include...

Wood and glass conservatories - using wood as the building material for your greenhouse is an economical choice, and some clients prefer the natural effect.

Aluminium profile conservatories - using aluminium means that you'll need less thickness of building material, and so be able to create a more open structure than is possible with wood.

Semi-walled conservatories - conservatories incorporating a base wall and panes from mid-level to roof. This can be a cost saving measure, as smaller glass panes are less expensive, and also make the space easier to insulate and heat.

Conservatories are sometimes referred to as sunrooms, solars, orangeries, or glass atriums, depending on their design and use.

Glass Options For Conservatories

As with glass for home or office glazing, glazing for conservatories has benefited from modern innovations and technology. Some of the options for your glass house include...

Heated glass - a real advantage in cold climates, heating the glass prevents fogging and condensation, and cuts down on the loss of heat from the structure reducing the amount of energy required to maintain an optimal temperature.

Double glazing - or even triple glazing, cuts down on winter heating bills and reduces the risk of overheating in the warmer summer months.

Self-cleaning glass - glass coated so that when it rains dust and dirt is removed. Using self-cleaning glass eliminates the risks associated with trying to access the conservatory roof for cleaning.

Commercial and Residential Greenhouses

Conservatories are primarily intended to be enjoyed by people, and are generally attracted or incorporated into a building. In contrast, a greenhouses manufacturer will offer self supporting, separate structures designed for the comfort of the plants propagated and grown within them...

Widehall commercial greenhouse - a classic design for market gardens or garden centers. Widehall green houses are available in widths from 6 meters up to 17 meters, and can incorporate two-sided roof ridge ventilation or wall ventilation.

Greenhouse for botanical gardens or laboratories - the greenhouse wholesale suppliers in this directory can include those who work with institutes needing technologically advanced greenhouses. Some of the features which can be incorporated include computerized central greenhouse control systems, specific light spectrums, or hermetic sealing.

Polycarbonate greenhouses - polycarbonate as an alternative to glass is becoming more popular due to its performance at both high and low temperatures. Greenhouse building supplies for polycarbonate greenhouses are usually available through this directory. Most companies will be willing to will work to your exact specifications to ensure you get a construction that meets your needs.

Products similar to greenhouses include hothouses or, at the smaller end of the scale, cold frames.

Economy Greenhouses

Along with high-end and custom pieces, WorldBuild365 is also the place to connect with greenhouses wholesale suppliers who carry lines suited to small gardens or roof gardens...

Self-supporting flatpacked greenhouses - plastic or metal framed, with plastic sheeting. Available in a range of sizes, with or without roof ventilation

Three-sided greenhouses - as above, but designed to be fitted to a wall or fence.

Greenhouse for patio or roof gardens - small enough to fit into the tiniest of outdoor spaces. A wood framed glass cupboard, with three shelves and openings at the front and top. Perfect to get herbs and other seedlings off to an early start.