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When you want to incorporate climbing plants into a garden they'll need support. Buy trellis wholesale to keep the price down and free up your budget for the greenery. Build beautiful & practical gardens with the help of suppliers & manufacturers advertising on WorldBuild365. Find a watering & drainage systems supplier.

Compare Systems From a Number of PVC Garden Pipe Manufacturers

  • Trellis

    Trellis - a beautiful sliding and lightweight design, which serves as a support for climbing plants. Secure the trellis to the uprights pergolas (arbors or corridors of espalier), the walls of buildings and structures, or establish independently as separate facilities.

  • Outdoor drain AVZ101-R101
    Outdoor drain AVZ101-R101
    Alca Plast

    Outdoor drain 100 mm without frame and with a galvanized T profile grid. For drainage of sport areas, lawns, green areas, domestic driveways, private lands and areas reserved for pedestrians and cyclists.

  • Pressure Hoses
    Pressure Hoses

    Applicable wherever required lightweight, portable communication system.

  • Automatic watering system
    Automatic watering system
    Smart Rain

    Automatic irrigation system is a network of pipelines engineering, control cables, irrigation and devices, pumping stations and control systems.

  • PVC Watering Hose  RTI
    PVC Watering Hose RTI
    Factory Rubber Goods / RTI

    It is used for watering gardens, vegetable gardens, lawns, footpaths, car washing (without working pressure)

  • Irrigation tape Hirro Tape
    Irrigation tape Hirro Tape

    The company Pestan introduced in the development of pipes for irrigation systems. The Hirro Tape drip band will find its application in many climatic zones, but especially in desert conditions. Drip irrigation ensures the supply of water directly to the root system of plants.

When you want to incorporate climbing plants into a garden they'll need support. Buy trellis wholesale to keep the price down and free up your budget for the greenery.

Your new plants will need watering too. But that's no problem when you use the WorldBuild365 product directory to compare PVC garden pipe manufacturers and choose your watering and drainage systems supplier...

Vertical Gardening

Make the most of a small space, hide ugly structures, and add interest to outdoor areas with vertical gardening options...

Trellises - Use trellises to support climbing roses, clematis, sweet peas, ivy, wisteria, and other climbers. Find a trellis manufacturer in this directory and you'll find a company which produces a number of models, including PVC trellises which can be joined together to expand to any desired width or height. Attach the trellis to walls, fences, or into pergolas to create planted arbors.

Other products that serve a similar function include lattice fences panels, PVC covered wire fencing, and folding garden season fences, useful for annual climbing plants. If you're looking for professional help with vertical gardening you'll almost certainly be able to find a suitable landscape design and building firm here.

Delivering Water to Your Plants

Efficient water delivery keeps plants healthy and cuts down on labor. Compare garden hose pipe manufacturers here to select the best products for your needs...

Watering hoses - The pipe is made of a flexible PVC, and is generally available in 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch sizes. Your chosen garden pipe manufacturer will also supply the full range of accessories needed to use this hose. Some models have a colored stripe to prevent the hose from being lost in the garden.

Narrow gauge clear plastic pipe - Available in 2.7 mm, 3.5 mm, or 4.5 mm diameter, and in lengths from 150 to 300 feet (approximately 46 to 91 meters). This pipe is usually connected to a wider gauge irrigation system to deliver water to small areas or even individual plants.

Pressure hoses - Are capable of transporting water under pressure, and can be connected to either electrical or fuel driven pumps.

Automatic watering systems - Include a network of pipelines, control cables, irrigation devices, pumping stations and control systems, allowing the user to pre-set watering or to manually override the automatic settings.

When you're looking for water delivery systems, it's also sometimes worth checking for sprinkler systems, irrigation systems, hosepipes, watering hoses, or hydraulic hose suppliers.

Drainage Systems

When you need to make sure that water runs away from your garden, you'll find drainage systems suppliers here to provide the components you need...

Outdoor drains - Usually supplied without frame and with a galvanized T-profile grid. This type of drain is designed to remove water from sport areas, lawns, domestic driveways, private land, and other outdoor locations.

Beyond Water

You may also wish to deliver liquid fertilizers or pesticides to your plants, or to apply weedkillers to specific areas. You'll find suppliers and manufacturers here with products to enable you to do this quickly and safely...

Five liter pressure sprayer - This is a pump action pressurized sprayer. This sort of unit has an adjustable nozzle to allow the spray pattern to be controlled and a pressure release valve which will trigger if the sprayer is over-primed.

Eight liter pressure sprayer - As above, but with a larger capacity.